This is What Menopause Looks Like exhibition opens in Ramsgate

Catrin Osborne and Tindara Sidoti-McNary at an exhibition showing in Thanet Photo by Stephen Daley

By Charlie Barber

Menopause: Power of Connection:  This is What Menopause Looks Like exhibition with Catrin Osborne and Tindara Sidoti-McNary has finally arrived in Ramsgate.

What a way to start the first weekend of the Power of Women Festival.  On display from Saturday, March 5 through to Sunday, March 20, Catrin Osborne is showcasing portraits and interviews of 70 women’s experiences of menopause. There are also  video installations by Tindara Sidoti-McNary.  These experiences have been captured from women up and down the country.

Photo Charlie Barber

Menopause has certainly been a topic of conversation recently in the news, and what a way to keep that conversation going.  Catrin, a Ramsgate based artist, wanted to celebrate women going through the menopause and as such had captured this through her photography.

Photo Charlie Barber

Going through and struggling with the menopause herself, Tindara wanted to highlight that women still have so much to offer, even though they might be facing difficulties with menopause symptoms.  Having spent some time at Westwood Cross asking the public ‘What does the menopause look like’ both males and females had their responses recorded and people can see these at the Hold Creative Spaces studio in Albion Street.

Photo Charlie Barber

The candid tales of menopause told through photography, conversation, and art installations can be seen in Ramsgate at various locations on an art trail from Hold Creative Spaces- Albert Street, Eats ‘n’ Beats Cafe – Addington Street, and Union Yoga + Cafe – Queen Street.

Both Catrin and Tindara will be taking the exhibition around the country showcasing their work in the coming months.

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