Man assaulted in Broadstairs suffers head and face injuries

Emergency services at the scene of an assault and a fire in Albion Street (Photo Aram Rawf)

Detectives are appealing for information after a man suffered head and face injuries in an assault in Broadstairs last night (February 18).

At around 11.50pm a man in his 30s was assaulted by a man in Albion Street, close to junction with Harbour Street.

Officers were joined at the scene by South East Coast Ambulance Service, who treated the victim for head and facial injuries before he was conveyed to hospital for further treatment. His condition is described as stable.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service, who were in the area due to a chimney and rafter fire in the street, also provided assistance.

The suspect is described as being white, with a large build and brown hair.

Officers believe there are several witnesses who saw the incident and may have information which can be of assistance. They would also like to speak with anyone who has privately recorded video, including CCTV, dashcam and mobile phone footage, which captures the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/32713/22.

You can also contact Crimestoppers in Kent anonymously by calling 0800 555111 or by filling in the online report form available via this link:


    • Really? check out the crime figures, in today’s world it is still a safe and enjoyable place to live. Given the time of the attack was after the pubs closed I’d suggest that alcohol was involved and I’d like to know (if the attacker gets caught) where he comes from. I’m not for one moment saying Broadstairs is perfect but it is certainly one of the better places to live in the world. Penelope, I would guess that you do not live in Broadstairs?

  1. Bloody hell this is becoming a daily thing.

    What is the matter with people ? Why are so many people in that angry? It seems everyone wants to fight at a drop of a hat, be it in cars, pubs, or just the street.

  2. this is hardly news , why dont they say ANOTHER attack or assault in thanet. and regarding the qoute from phyllis quot , i still think ramsgate has the edge on the slapometer.

  3. i was thinking – rather than qoute my opinion of the state of this area ,perhaps it would be useful if someone started an official league table of crime and violence in thanet, and of course it would help anyone considering moving here or even if they are silly enough, having a holiday.

  4. This individual, a well known local drug dealer, was reported to Police at 9pm aggressively walking around Broadstairs with a weapon. No Police response and two hours later someone is seriously hurt.
    Clearly they did not want to deal with an armed crackhead!

  5. Think you might find Sarah the wind it was a blowing and every call probably went to Kent police first as the council were tucked up in their beds????

  6. still sugar coating every act of violence and street crime , you can rely on marva to put a spin on it . are you on craigs payroll by any chance ? = just an observation.

  7. glad I sold up years ago and moved over to Essex . at least people there know how to behave themselves, not like the trash heap Thanet

    • I think you’re as big a wind up merchant as the other reall world. Essex is stuffed full of places far more trashier than any place in thanet!

  8. Another day in paradise!

    Once again the drug/drink fuelled idiots make you think ‘is it really worth the hassle” to go out for the evening!

    That corner with especially the Dolphin was always a powder keg for idiots.
    Reading a separate report of a chimney falling up the road just prior to this, youd hope that there was enough emergency vehicles with dash cams recording the area.

  9. Does anyone else just read the headline, skip the story & come to read the comments from the regulars?
    Sometimes it feels like I’ve got secret access to some kind of weird dating site. Hilarious.

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