Two new arrests made in connection with man stabbed in Dalby Square

Police taped the area off Photo John Horton

Two new arrests have been made in connection with a stabbing in Cliftonville’s Dalby Square on Friday (February 11)

Kent Police was called following a report that an assault had taken place between 4am and 4.45am.

The victim suffered injuries consistent with stab wounds and was taken to a London hospital where he remains in a serious condition.

A 42-year-old man, a 31-year-old woman and a 16-year-old girl, all from Margate, were arrested the same morning in connection with the assault. They have since been released pending further investigation.

On Saturday (February 12), officers made two further arrests in connection with the incident. Two men, aged 49 and 53, were taken into custody on suspicion of assault and have since been released on police bail until February 24.

Detectives continue to appeal for witnesses and urge anyone with private CCTV in the Dalby Square area to call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/27276/22.

You can also contact Kent Crimestoppers anonymously via their website or by calling 0800 555 111.

Three arrests after man stabbed in Dalby Square


  1. Kent police are almost comical, couple of years ago i witnessed and took pictures of an assault in Dalby Square, from the shouting that went with it , you’d guess it was drug related debt. This was about midday. Went in the police station , showed them the pictures and said i’d email them to whoever dealt with the area. Response was that unless the victim came forward they weren’t interested.
    In the pictures , the victim , assailant and his two side kicks were clearly visible. Whilst i can understand that they could do nothing in terms of prosecuting the assailant , surely there is some value in knowing who’s doing what in the area.
    It’d be interesting to know if the council cctv at the bottom of the square was operational and manned at the time of the stabbing.

    • Great idea. Waste police time investigating a crime that won’t go anywhere. If the victim wasn’t fussed, why are you? The police are probably more than aware of the people you had in your video. You would be the first to complain if the service you received from the police fell below par because they were investigating something even the victim wasn’t bothered about. Do think before you post such drivel.

      • Really, someone punching the living daylights out of another in broad daylight in Dalby square, clear pictures of those involved and almost certainly drug related and no one is going to take the slightest interest, i wasn’t expecting an investigation just an interest in who was doing what to who.
        By all means lets abandon the area and let it get ever worse , after a period of stability cliftonville is going back downhill , how far is it to go before any real action is taken and how much harder will it be by that time.
        There’s already a group of teenagers that need dealing with , a kid that took to shooting at peoples windows with a bb gun in the early hours. The drug dealing is rife. Policing is as much about intervention and deterence as it is reacting to crime after the event.
        Whilst not a huge number , there are a disportionate number of lifes least desirable people in the area, they can’t be allowed to do what they choose.

  2. The total lack of interest in crimes or even in stopping it before it starts by doing investigations is appalling here in Thanet. There is no proactivity whatsoever, it is all reactive. Cliftonville West has been left to get on with it because the authorities don’t think the people are worth serving and protecting. It’s unsafe to go out at night on some of the streets. The police know about the fears of people but don’t talk to anyone. They will continue to self gratify their successes in public though at every chance. They need to go talk to people instead of just walking past on the way to somewhere else.

  3. Yes, I have found Margate and a beautiful village by sea spectacular views fantastic beaches maybe more patrols always having a presence of would make People feel more secure Margate needs soup kitchen at night,more sport initiatives positive outlifor the bubbling well of young energy, needs to be CV channeled, creating self esteem in achieving certification volleyball, football, badminton, softball,boxercize funding for equipment and permission to use the open spaces maybe we ca have a summer of content

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