Disruptive road closure at Marine Terrace could be in place for up to another 8 days

Road closure Photo Isabelle de Ridder

A disruptive road closure on Margate seafront could be in place until February 8.

Marine Terrace was closed by gas company SGN on Saturday (January 29) for emergency repairs to a gas main leak outside Dreamland.

The closure, couple with a traffic collision in Tivoli Park Avenue yesterday – meaning All Saints Avenue to Mere Gate was shut in both directions –and a road closure at Northdown Road both ways from Athelstan Road to Zion Place due to ongoing construction, has caused traffic chaos in the town.

SGN has closed Marine Terrace. between Marine Drive (Clock Tower Junction) and Westbrook Promenade with temporary traffic signals on Tyson Avenue at Westbrook Avenue.

The result has been a huge traffic backlog and reports of drivers u-turning and driving over pavements to go back on themselves.

Photo Isabelle de Ridder

The gas company says: “For everyone’s safety, we need to temporarily close Marine Terrace both ways. A signed diversion will be in place for motorists via Belgrave Road, Ramsgate Road, Margate Road, Park Road, A299 Canterbury Road and the A28.”

Now it has emerged that the closure will be in place for up to 8 more days -including today – with a notice from one,network saying works could continue until 11.59pm on February 7.

Residents have been invited to call SGN on 03000 418 181 to register their comments.

County Councillor Barry Lewis, who represents Margate at the authority, said: “I would ask everyone to phone the number and put in their complaints. I have asked the gas company to explain he necessity for emergency works to take up to 10 days. We need clarification on this.”

UPDATE (4pm Jan 31):

SGN announce plans to reopen Marine Terrace by tomorrow evening


  1. 10 day emergency… oxymoron.
    Shut for safety yet pedestrian access still in place… Are they expendable

  2. KCC should allowed to start a lane rental system. Where you pay by the hour, to close roads. When it is costing the shareholders for extended road closures. See how quick repairs get done.

  3. And King George V is closed – For gas mains work.
    It’s quicker to go to Herne Bay shopping than Thanet, from where I live, and easier to park. Imagine thousands more houses and double that in car numbers and Thanet will be permanently gridlocked

    • It’s quicker to get into Margate going via Herne Bay even if you live in Margate.3hrs to do 3.5 miles today, not acceptable.

  4. SGN say up to 8th February.
    We will see as if it’s like other rd works dig a hole leave it 3-4 days with no work taking place then come back refill and open rd .
    Thanet at present is a complete disaster on rds all down to SGN and southern water .

  5. Nothings changed then I had a gas leak many years ago the hole was dug and pipe was repaired very quick but it was not their job to fill it in.
    A man came every week to change the batteries , his job.
    Four weeks later it started to fill up with rubbish someone came twice to empty it, his job.
    I got excited after about 6 weeks a truck pulled up and filled the hole in but it was not his job to put the slabs back.
    A few weeks later , great the slab man but he put the bollards etc to one side.
    The man came as usual on the Friday to change the batteries.

  6. Phone up and complain all you like.
    You have no idea of what the problem is, nor the steps needed to fix it. You say no work is being done. How do you know? Perhaps there is a need for tailor-made components, manufactured off-site. Would you be happier seeing a work gang just sitting about?
    Complaining won’t speed things up at all.
    But look on the bright side. When a SW sewer burst near Cliffsend a couple of years ago, it took about a year to fix, along with road closures, diversions, and fleets of tanker lorries clogging up the road.
    Be thankful for small mercies.

  7. Absolutely ridiculous that Kent County Council allow this abuse of power to keep the main route closed. Today Monday it looks like nobody is working there and the road is just closed, but not to pedestrians. This has no safety bearing to it or they would not be allowed to walk past it.
    The town cannot cope without this road being open as Victoria traffic lights are one traffic jam. KCC need to get this sorted today.

  8. Because of this closure on Saturday my bus from Westgate was half hour late then it took 20mins to get from Westbrook bridge to Cecil square then another 30 mins from Cecil square to Broadstairs, I could have been to London in that time

    • You should have gone to London Richard… it’s safer there than Thanet…
      London sent all its dregs of druggies and alki’s here, so it can remain safe.

  9. I raise permits for this type of work in London and Essex, I can tell you these works are not as simple as they seem. What do people want? A gas explosion. There is a difference between people walking near the site and vehicles driving near it with vibration to the works and a danger of any gas igniting. Calm down people it will be done ASAP.

    • Yes Mike, a discarded cigarette butt by someone walking past is no safety issue is it? Looks like KCC has demanded it gets finished by tomorrow now anyway as the work was finished. Just proves it was closed for nothing and SGN were ready to keep it shut until they were ready to bother themselves.

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