George Michael inspired cabaret at Ellington Park kicks of Ramsgate Festival of Sound 2021

Busk at Dusk Photo Frank Leppard

Ramsgate Festival of Sound kicks off this weekend with a George Michael inspired event at Ellington Park.

Let’s Go Outside is an evening of cabaret from Screaming Alley and will feature the songs of the former Wham! and then solo star.

The newly restored bandstand will host acts Pink Suits, Sophie Cameron, Charlie Partridge, Lunatraktors, Blanche Dubois and THEY DON’T CARE. Host will be the “compere without compere” Dusty Limits.

The show is free but donations will be gladly accepted either in advance or on the day. Donations help to ensure more accessible events for all.

Everyone who donates will receive a specially made commemorative badge.

Donate at:

This show takes place on Friday (August 27) from 6pm.

On Saturday (August 28), also at Ellington Park, Baby Sensory hosts a day of fun for little ones from birth to 13 months from 11am. This is followed by Toddler Sense, for 13 months to 5 years, starting at noon and then the RamFam Disco from 1pm.

The same day Taiko Dunlopo present a drumming workshop at the park from 2pm. Bring anything you can make a noise with – drums, flower pots, plastic tubs.. and a couple of sticks – cut up broom handles work just fine, or any other kind of things-to-bash-a-drum-with.

Radiophonic Travel Agency will be at the Ellington Park bandstand on Sunday and Behind The Vale will take place on the same day at Vale Square for a celebration of music and song and more!

Historical talks and Sonic Trail sound installations will take place during next week and jazz lovers be sure to put September 3 in your diary to hear the legends Nina Simone and Ray Charles performed by Sabina Desir and Jessica Lauren and band.

The final festival weekend of September has children’s theatre with ‘Shakespeare’s Royal Company’

Hear the People Sing at Winterstoke Gardens is on September 5 from 2pm and Busk at Dusk with more than 20 performers at the sun shelter and along the Marina Esplanade on the same day runs from 5pm-9pm.

Local historian Jaqui Ansell has also narrated three soundwalk podcasts as part of the Heritage Action Zone Seafront Project – these will be available via the website.

Headline act Nadine Shah will perform her critically acclaimed album ‘Kitchen Sink’ at Ramsgate’s Winterstoke Gardens on Saturday September 4, but this event is sold out.

A downloadable brochure and details for events that need to be pre-booked can be found at

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  1. No other parents concerned after a 2 min ‘sex noises’ song thing, or coaching little children to say the word ‘bitch’?
    This was enough for my late teenaged son who was dog walking, and said it was frankly weird behaviour in front of families. Or maybe I’m not woke enough to understand how this passes as entertainment from the public purse?

      • No, it’s not normal to expose children to adult sexual humour, just because it’s becoming more and more acceptable.
        Society’s role is to protect children, not willingly corrupt them.
        I don’t care what humour is directed at those over 18, but this? You want this for 6 year olds? How about you start caring about the continual downturn of social mores?

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