Thanet GP and covid vaccination programme team shortlisted for national awards

The Thanet GP hub team with site lead Dr Peshen (standing, in blue)

The team behind the GP-led covid vaccination programme in Thanet and the doctor who headed up the initiative have been shortlisted in a national awards scheme.

The Thanet entries for the Primary Care Networks, GP or Community Provider of the Year and for Clinical Leader of the Year have made it through to the shortlist for the HSJ Awards 2021.

GPs and staff from Margate, Mocketts Wood and Coastal GP hub – which has been delivering the local vaccination centre in Thanet – are recognised for the work they have put into the programme, while Thanet Clinical Leader Dr Ashwani Peshen- pictured below- (Clinical Leader of the Year) is acknowledged for this and other work he has done.

Marking the vaccination milestone


Made of up the GP practices working together, the Thanet local vaccination site, first at St Peter’s church hall and then at the Saga Centre, has given more than 100,000 vaccinations through the dedication of the team on the ground. It has achieved more than 90 per cent coverage in vaccine cohorts one to nine.

Dr Peshen (centre) and vaccination staff from the GP hub at Saga

Dr Peshen said: “We are absolutely delighted to have made it to the shortlist of these awards. We had a very simple vision to ‘get the vaccinations done’ as quickly and safely as possible within best practice guidance.

“Our programme was designed with the support of our staff; we walked through the whole patient journey as a team. It’s really helped build relationships with our partners – we had to work at speed and, most importantly of all, have delivered a vaccination programme to be proud of.

“I would also like to take a moment to recognise the enormous hard work of all colleagues involved in the vaccination programme in Kent and Medway.’’

Dr Ash Peshen (right) with GP colleagues Mocketts/Margate team: Dr Subbiah, Dr Sohail, Dr Reddy

The Thanet primary care networks:

  •  ran the local vaccination site at the Saga centre in Ramsgate
  • set up multiple pop-up clinics, including Westwood Cross Shopping Centre in Broadstairs and the Open Golf Championship in Deal
  • set up roving teams to get to harder-to-reach communities
  • set up a call centre for booking patients who could not book online
  • responded to patient feedback, including changing the way reception worked
  • responded quickly to any vaccine supply issues so patients did not miss out.

In his category, Dr Peshen is recognised for being an outstanding clinical leader, ‘whose vision for the improvement of patient experience has galvanised teams across organisations to work together to make changes and improvements in the safety, quality and experience of the patient journey’.

His work has included:

  • development of an enhanced primary care service and GP home visiting service
  • development and delivery of the complex response team in Thanet, which supports patients in staying at home and to get the care and support they need in their own homes
  • leading the vaccination programme in Thanet
  • using digital innovation to provide better patient access and experience
  • transforming the primary care model in Northdown GP practice in Margate, including recruitment of more healthcare professionals, such as an advanced nurse practitioner, mental health worker and advanced paramedic practitioner
  • development of the GP streaming service in Thanet.

More than 1,000 entries were submitted to this year’s HSJ Awards, with 205 organisations, projects and individuals making it to the final shortlist.

Winners will be announced during the awards ceremony on 18 November.

Details for walk-in clinics can be found at

GP hub vaccination clinic at Saga reaches 100,000 dose milestone


    • I don’t think the volunteers are up for the award, probably because they are industry awards. There have been an army of volunteers helping at the clinics (mentioned in many of our articles) including Thanet Lions, and I agree they have made a vital contribution.

  1. Why would you award people for not giving informed consent to the participants? Indeed, lawyers are serving notice of this to vaccinators. Why would people not be told that the jabs are experimental, on emergency licence, in trials until 2023, with no long term safety data or knowledge on the effects on pregnant women or fertility in general, or on the young or ill? Why would freedom of information requests for the complete list of the ingredients in the jabs be turned down for big Pharma competitive reasons? Why would all legal liability for vaccine damage be waived for the drugs companies involved? Why would the drugs not be withdrawn when the official UK MHRA yellow card reporting system (always a great underestimate) shows an unprecedented amount of damage and death, not seen in any previous vaccination programme – currently over 1,151, 768 serious side effects and over 1,596 deaths? Why are the dangers of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) being hidden (Natural Library of Medicine has the papers). Why would mainstream media across the world completely censor any opposing views from the many top level doctors, scientists, medics and lawyers speaking out? Why would you not hear of this study:
    “A groundbreaking preprint paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, includes alarming findings devastating to the COVID vaccine rollout.

    The study found vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.”

    And before anyone trots out the ignorant and tired old ‘conspiracy theory’ phrase – remember that the CIA framed this term at the time of the JFK killing to shut down any questioning of the official narrative. Works to this day eh. And that information above is from official government statistics, and that the damage and deaths recorded across Europe (EMA) and the US (CDC) are far worse. As an MIT University, Boston, study said, the skeptics have been shown to be far more widely researched and knowledgeable on this subject.

    • The meaning of “conspiracy theory” has obviously changed since the 1960s then. Nowadays it tends to be used to describe totally bonkers stuff eg Prince Philip being a sort of alien lizard.

  2. Cannot say more than democrat has. I fear that these same people getting an award now will be getting a different kind of distinction at the Nuremberg trials which will happen when the people eventually wake up.

  3. Always love the dialogue from the “pro-disease” lobby!! The world was such a better place with the old fashioned reasons to die. I can hear them now “It was much better when we were young kids used to get polio not these namby pamby illnesses, kids don’t know they are born these days.” “individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated” Well that’s the idea of a vaccine. It must be working. And I thought democrat meant choice?? Not the view of one.

  4. Kathy, can you do something about the misinformation and outright disinformation in the anti-vaxx, conspiracy theorist posts. This copy and paste disinformation campaign prays on the vulnerable and makes millions for the people that orchestrates these movements. The made up tropes these posts contain do real harm.

    • I quite agree.
      Many platforms (Facebook, Twitter for example) have been taking down the anti vax fake news comments posted on their sites.
      I think it is high time that IoTN removed postings by the likes of Democrat, Trete, 10Ten and others.

  5. Isn’t it chilling that some want to shut down free speech based on individuals own writing researched from government statistics. Doesn’t this smack of the Nazi and Stasi and Marxist playbooks? Zouzou is quite correct about Nuremberg mark 2 trials. The less informed don’t seem to know that this is precisely what lawyers are working on in Germany just now gathering thousands of testimonies from top scientists and medical professionals worldwide on the massaging of statistics and harms of the current gene therapy programme. Since when did big Pharma experimental drugs trials call for a completely one-sided censored narrative? The Sunday Times insight team was instrumental in bringing the dangers of thalidomide to a wider public after many concerns were trampled on and censored for 2 years. NHS workers with vaccine damage from the Swine flu jab had to go to the court of appeal to get any justice. Read about that in the Guardian. Those who advocate censorship of facts live in a very sad and dangerous world. And when they try to belittle others that is even more telling of their moral bankruptcy.

  6. I agree with Violet-Elizabeth and Andrew. People who don’t want to be vaccinated can always try to persuade people they actually talk to, after all, even if they are banned from IoTN.

  7. This is how censorship works. Perhaps Southern Water shareholders contact editor Kathy Bailies and ask her to disappear any news about sewage accidents. Perhaps that was all a conspiracy. That might have the likes of Andrew, Marva and Violet Elizabeth (does she scream until she’s sick?) foaming at the mouth. Social media corporations are deep in the mire. Bill Gates is a big Pfizer share holder. I’d be more tempted to ban uniformed people from commenting.

    • Disappear sewage accident news? There is plenty on this site (and in our print editions) about sewage spills so I’m rather baffled by your comment

      • I’m not suggesting you did this, but it’s an illustration of how censorship from the big corporations can work i.e. corporations running social media (who are drugs company shareholders), big Pharma companies with enormous advertising spends, similar advertising spends from the government, the Melinda Gates Foundation donations to the BBC, Guardian and the Telegraph etc. Some would think any attempted interference over a sewage spill story was very bad and yet the same people would like to censor people with opposing views on the safety of this jab. It was an attempt to make people think of where their own thin lines are.

  8. I notice that none of the GP’s from my Surgery were in the photo, still wondering why I still can’t get a Doctors appointment at my Surgery after 18 months.

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