Air space change application for Manston airport sent back to the drawing board again

Manston airport site Photo Frank Leppard

An air space change application being undertaken by Manston airport site owners RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) has again failed to gain approval for the ‘gateway assessment’ stage.

The seven stage Civil Aviation Authority flight path process has to be completed for a permanent change to airspace usage, such as a change of routes if Manston becomes operational.

Part of the process is the Develop & Assess Gateway which follows submission of an options appraisal. The RSP appraisal was first rejected in April on three points in two criteria areas due to of “errors and inconsistencies.” A resubmission has now not been passed on two grounds in the same criteria areas.

To pass through the gateway stage RSP need to:

  • produce a comprehensive list of airspace change design options;
  • have engaged with relevant stakeholders to explore those options to the CAA’s satisfaction;
  • produce a design principle evaluation that the CAA has accepted
  • produced an Initial options appraisal (phase I);
  • the CAA must have produced and then published an assessment that the options appraisal is satisfactory

The CAA says the RSP resubmission – which is being managed by consultants Osprey – did not meet Criterion 3 and Criterion 5 of the requirements due to options not being “adequately assessed” and the CAA being unable to conclude that the appraisal had been “correctly undertaken.”

Airspace Change process

A letter published by the CAA on August 20 says: “ In our Gateway Assessment, the CAA concluded that the submission did not meet Criterion 3 and Criterion 5 for the reasons set out below:

  • Criterion 3 (Design Principles Evaluation): The development of the baseline (“Do Minimum”) scenario and comparative assessment of the suggested design options against the design principles did not evidence clearly that the design options had been adequately assessed against the design principles. (CAP 1616 – Step 2A Para 128 and Para E21)
  • Criterion 5 (Initial Options Appraisal): In Step 2B, the presentation of the Options Appraisal (which built on Step 2A) did not allow us to conclude that it had been correctly undertaken. (CAP 1616 – Step 2B Para 133 and Appendix E Para E12).

“The Civil Aviation Authority has informed the change sponsor of this decision. The change sponsor is now able to reconsider its submission before resubmitting it for further review by the Civil Aviation Authority at a future Develop & Assess Gateway.

“It is important to note that whether an ACP passes a gateway successfully or not does not predetermine the CAA’s later final decision on whether to approve the airspace change proposal.

“This decision is not an explicit or implicit comment on the merits or otherwise of this ACP. This will come at the decision-making stage (Stage 5).”

Manston airport site

RSP began the process to secure approval from the CAA in 2019.

The Civil Aviation Authority CAP 1616 process for airspace change is carried out in 7 stages, with 14 steps. It also includes four process ‘Gateways’ beyond which an applicant is not allowed to proceed until approved by the CAA. The first is the Develop & Assess Gateway .

The options appraisal for this stage looks at issues including, in the case of Manston, how many flights go over Ramsgate and how many go in the direction over St Nicholas-at-Wade. It looks at what options there are for issues such as the noise impact on health and quality of life: air quality; greenhouse gas impact; capacity’; access; fuel burn and costs for things such as training and operations. It also covers safety assessment.

As part of this RSP is required to produce a comprehensive list of route designs with options that minimise the time spent overland by designing tracks that route over the sea as much as possible. This is required to reduce impact on communities such as Ramsgate and Herne Bay. For Ramsgate it is unlikely that overland flight can be designed out because of how close it is to the airport site.

The appraisal document also outlines expected flight movements, saying: “During the daytime period (between 07:00 to 23:00) Manston Airport is forecast to handle approximately 72 aircraft movements during a typical busy day and during the night-time period (between 23:00 and 07:00) it is forecast to handle an average of seven aircraft movements on a typical busy night.”

According to the DCO submissions: “There will be no flights between 11pm and 6am other than emergency, relief and late arrivals. There will be no departures.”

The document submitted to the CAA states that ‘busy’ is based on winter flights as: “A reopened Manston Airport will focus on freight aircraft and the largest number of flights is likely to be during the winter season rather than the summer season. The majority of the cargo anticipated to be handled at Manston will have no particular seasonality associated.

“The exception to this is perishables (fresh fruit, vegetables and cut flowers) the volumes ( and thus flight numbers) of which will be larger in winter than in summer due to the higher import demand during the period when the UK is non-productive in this sector.”

In terms of arrival and departure routes the document says: “The historical weather data suggests that for an average year approximately 70% of arriving aircraft will arrive over Ramsgate and 30% will arrive over Herne Bay.

“For departing aircraft approximately 70% will depart to Herne Bay and 30% towards Ramsgate.” An equal split is expected for  flight paths going north and south.

Manston airport site Image RSP

A spokesperson for project managers Osprey said: “The CAP 1616 process used by the CAA to manage proposed changes to airspace is rightly challenging, in order to provide aviation and community stakeholders with assurance that proposals are as robust as possible – having been carefully scrutinised by an independent Regulator. In the CAA’s words, they are also intended to ‘minimise any work having to be repeated, particularly in getting the supporting documentation for consultation right’.

“Although naturally disappointing that the CAA have reduced the issues to be resolved rather than allowing the gateway to be passed, due to the nature of this project it is particularly important that we get this stage right.

“An airspace change has never before been proposed for a UK airport that is still in the planning stages.  Indeed, in their initial feedback, the CAA have acknowledged that trying to encompass all the CAP 1616 steps required to progress from no airport to a full all-weather cargo hub is a very complex proposition.  This high level of complexity is reflected in the clarification the CAA requires to ensure that the various elements of the proposal fit with the CAP 1616 process.

“Osprey is working closely with the CAA to determine how the CAP 1616 process should be applied to a unique project such as this, and to establish what further clarification is required within our documentation to allow the project to progress to the next stage.

“Once we have received the comprehensive feedback from the CAA, we will revise and re-submit our proposals for a further Stage 2 Gateway Assessment – with the aim of successfully progressing the ACP to the next stage, which includes a full public consultation.”

Manston airport site Photo Frank Leppard

A Development Consent Order granting approval for an air freight hub at Manston airport last July was quashed in February this year with a new decision now needing to be issued after a re-examination of the Planning Inspectorate evidence.

The action came as the result of a Judicial Review challenge to the decision, launched by Ramsgate resident Jenny Dawes last year, which was to have been heard in the High Court.

The substantive hearing was due to look at whether the Government followed correct procedure in reaching the decision to approve the DCO for airport landowners RiverOak Strategic Partners.

But, last December the Department of Transport acknowledged that the decision approval letter issued from the Minister of State did not contain enough detail about why approval was given against the advice of the Planning Inspectorate and said the Judicial Review would not be contested.

An official consent order from the court was issued to quash the approval and the new decision letter is yet to be published.

The DCO is a separate process to the air change proposals.

The site is in ownership of RSP after a £16million buy out from previous owners Stone Hill Park who had hoped to gain permission for a multi-use housing, business and leisure development.

RSP aims to create aviation at the site with a cargo hub and associated business.

Find the CAA airspace change application progress chart here


  1. Much like the 1st DCO application RSP have once again failed.
    Reading on Thanet Elections their chief moderator Liam spinning this puts me in mind of a certain propaganda chief in 1930’s Germany
    The word you look for Liam is failed
    Failed to impress PINS
    Failed to impress the CAA
    Failed to impress anyone except in the Cult’s echo chamber
    BTW what have RSP spent that £8.5M on Mickey Mouse and associates

  2. 72 flights a day and 7 at night.

    Coming in directly over the harbour at 700 feet and at 200 feet by the time they reach Nethercourt.

    It is appalling this plan even got this far and the ongoing absurdity of it all is a monstrous insult to Ramsgate in particular.

    Our tourism economy, housing market, our health, environment, peace and quiet are all under grave threat.

    • true so wheres the no night flights if they are expecting 7 a night after 23.00. to arrive at that number they must be scheduling delays just to take advantage of low traffic at that time of night for delivery of goods

    • I’m directly on that path and the last house before the runway I was never consulted about any of it only what I’ve read. To me it feels like they only want the views of people surrounding the area and not that on the flight path. I welcome the employment of jobs and to build the economy back up but feel let down with everything else!

  3. How many times does this project have to fail before people wake up and realise they have been hoodwinked by the RSP lies? This site could have been up and running with housing, manufacturing, recreation and a heritage strip for our avid plane spotters with SHPs plans but it’s still got tumbleweed rolling over it whilst large areas of farmland are concreted over. Wake up Thanet!

  4. I think the CAA CE0 needs to be sacked and someone with brains put in charge. It amazes me that the Wright Brothers were ever given permission to build a plane let-alone be allowed to fly one. It’s not like Manston Airport is a new build for gods sake. I’m in London next week I will see if I can rattle a few cages and wake these pathetic civil servants. up.

    • I am thinking more each day that ‘Ann’ is a parody account. What other rules do you think they should break to get this farce of a project through?

      • It is hard to believe anybody could be a bigger cheerleader for yet another failed airport-like every other one there since WW 2, noise & air pollution with the usual lies about huge employment numbers than Roger ‘I write letters of support for a sex offender friend of mine to try to unlawfully influence a judge’ Gale, but here she is year after year shilling for this abomination.

    • When will the penny drop Ann, its not happening. Nobody but fools want it, and it would never be commercially viable anyway and they could never pull work away from the airports currently taking freight, you clearly have no clue about business. Haha, going to London so you will rattle some civil servants cages that is the funniest thing I have read on this site. What are you going to do, try and bribe them like all the other conmen connected to the RSP joke. Get your head out the clouds and stop embarrassing yourself.

      • Exactly right RL. It will never be commercially viable and existing airports handling freight such as East Midlands, Stansted and Heathrow have lower costs and are better located so Manston has little to no chance regardless of the outcome of the DCO or this application to the CAA.

    • Are you serious thanet does not want a damaging and polluting airport. We are sick of roger fails continually supporting this and being so naive thinking this will benefit thanet after the thing has been a failure for 40 years

    • You sound so fabulously delusional, like Thanet’s answer to Norma Desmond!!! Those pathetic civil servants have been warned!!! Keep up the fun posts its makes my day, I really thank you

  5. Sir Roger of RiverOak’s lies are exposed yet again. No night flights they say, but they’ve applied for 7 each and every night. 72 flights a day. This is nothing like the old airport, and will destroy Ramsgate. SMA wake up and smell the coffee. You will be responsible for consigning Thanet to the fossil fuel dark ages while the rest of the planet goes green.

    • No idea what is going on lately-but lots of planes over Margate every day & the smell of petrol/fuel which is nauseating & irritating to asthma-not sure if they are connected? Maybe they are flying planes out to Afghanistan?

  6. Ann. Not a new build? Where will these 72 planes a day he serviced? By the ice cream van parked near the sink hole?

  7. Don’t worry there will be 2,000 homes going up on the site in the years to come so 1 maybe 2 cars each house so no one has to worry about flights ever happening

    • Yes John you are likely right especially when you realise that 2500 homes were bumped off to go to Birchington, Westgate and Shottendene by the Tories from the draft Local Plan.
      They call those types of moves “creating windfall” so I bet those tories voting for windfall are perfectly happy in building on green fields 1st

  8. It certainly seems a pretty hopeless cause, trying to get an airport back when there is such a history of airport failures.
    (Where is the money coming from to fund all the applications and Court cases!?)
    But fear not airport fans! Brexit may be coming to the rescue, like the US Marines at Kabul airport!
    Because there is now such a shortage of lorry drivers, and farm workers and food processors in this country due to Brexit, it might actually become necessary to FLY in supplies. At huge expense, of course, to the consumer and to the Planet but Brexit was always about sacrificing yourself for the joy of ……something or other.
    Now’s our chance for a bit of self-sacrifice for the good of the nation. Paying price increases in the supermarkets and cheerfully waving Union Jacks all night as the dodgiest airlines in the world rumble low overhead in ancient jets, carrying desperately needed supplies.
    Afghan asylum applicants will feel right at home!

  9. “ I’m in London next week I will see if I can rattle a few cages and wake these pathetic civil servants up.”
    Straight from The Thick of It. Sure, Ann. You go to London and rattle a few cages to ensure we get night flights, which were never ever ever in the mix.

  10. Talking to a lady yesterday she said she had been given a “resettlement fee” to move out of London to this area.
    by a London council, she said it had become so bad where she lived because of gang crime that she could not wait to move. There was a family who lived near her in London who dealt drugs and “ always had police at their door”
    Last week to her horror that same family have also been given a “resettlement fee £12,000” and moved into a brand new house three doors away from her new abode. If Manston Airport has houses built on it will be deeply regretted in years to come it will generate far more problems than any airport could.

    • If she hadn’t spoken to them how would she know it is £12,000 they were given. Sorry but your post is just lies Bill, London councils do not pay people resettlement fees to move

    • Bill you do realise all that London overspill are coming anyway. Due to constant obstruction of the Local plan to keep Manston as aviation the government increased our quota of new builds. Love the story though, good way of arming the SMA to peddle the lies of us being overrun by *checks notes* Londoners who just want a quiet life.

    • Er. Well if it’s already happening with the number of homes already planned don’t think building in Manston will make it much worse

    • The houses planned for Manston are now being built in Westgate, Minster and Cliffsend. The house have to be built so if they don’t go on Manston they go somewhere else but without any infrastructure to support them.

  11. Has anyone noticed the one thing all the people who are pro Manston airport have in common……They all constantly lie!

    Whether it is the convicted fraudsters that are directly involved in the joke that is RSP, or the people commenting here. All they do is lie, lie and lie again.

    • There are a lot of similarities to the MAGA / Trump crew in the US. No matter how much evidence is presented, they still favour the views of amateurs over sector experts.

      the Planning Inspectorate’s aviation assessor report will be crucial on the DCO decision – will they be influenced by the minsters decision previously!

      • I have a lot of faith in the accuracy and impartiality of the inspectorate. Not so the Secretary of State, who has already ignored their expert advice once, presumably under pressure from his buddies Gale and Mackinlay (or maybe he’s just an idiot). Whether he will try to pull the same stunt again is anybodies’ guess.

    • Their top man is an MP who was just found guilty of unduly trying to influence a judge by writing letters extolling the virtues of his sex offender buddy Elphicke, although his ‘punishment’ was he had to miss parliament for a day, so a reward for bad behaviour basically.

      • I know the whole lot of them are just rotten to the core and are everything that is wrong with this country today. Pure greed at the detriment to everyone else, none of them could care less about the damage that there lies will have on others lives so long as they make money, disgusting.

    • Hahahaha….. we’re not all liars and not all connected, you’re very offensive. Much rather an airport than thousands more houses. Three cheers for the airport 🙂

  12. I wouldn’t get excited or agitated about it. It’s never going to open as an airport. It’s dead in the water.

    Only complete imbeciles actually think this has still got legs.

  13. Seems who ever authored the air space change and other documents is not up to the job !

    The decision to reopen the lovely airport has become high level political whiff waff, other Uk airport expansion is in discussion.
    SOS Shapps kept manston airport alive for a reason.

  14. Manston has had more than moaners and CAA thrown at it and bounced back as it WILL open again.
    Six heavy attacks, the first at 0600hrs (TBC) when approximately 80 aircraft crossed the coast to Thanet, left Manston unserviceable after the heavy raid at 1520hrs, despite its many tunnels and underground shelters the RAF decided to evacuate the airfield and left for all but emergency use.

    A raid on Ramsgate ‘The Murder Raid’ described at the time as “the world’s worst assault from the air”, killed 29 people, destroyed 78 houses, left 300 not fit for habitation and 700 damaged. More casualties would have been likely if not for the Ramsgate Tunnels.

    • More lies Ann, just lies, lies, lies!

      What has a bombing raid in WW2 on Ramsgate got to do with the re-opening of Manston as a dirty, filthy, job destroying freight hub. You haven’t a clue have you, have some respect for those that lost there lives, just desperate and a joke!

      • RL read the history, if the planes stationed at Manston had not been there to fight the Luftwaff targeting Thanet, Ramsgate would have suffered a lot more than it did so perhaps all you anti airporters should thank your lucky stars that Manston and it’s planes were there when needed I do not know how many times I Have to say this to you and people think I’m ruddy thick ye Gods! you’re all too intent on calling people names rather than looking at the facts Manston airport has a place in Thanet I am saying no more on the subject there’s only so many times I can bang my head against a wall

        • But during the war Manston was used by the RAF- completely different from being a commercial airport. Its history is irrelevant to the current situation.

        • Lesley, sorry to point out the facts (I know how you pro-mantson supporters don’t like the truth), but the Luftwaffe wouldn’t have been near Ramsgate if it wasn’t for the Manston RAF base, that is what they were here for, to bomb Manston RAF base

          So if Manston had no RAF base, Ramsgate would not have been bombed as the Luftwaffe wouldn’t have been here, it’s a real mind bender I know, but carry on trying to twist everything to fit your lying agenda.

          • If you say so know all and I am not a liar takes one to know one if ,if,if, what happened is history no ifs or buts it happened get over it what is the matter with you men can’t you hack women knowing more about Manston than you miserable lot do?you are just the same with Ann grow up, my days of dealing with children are long gone.

          • Stop embarrassing yourself Lesley, so Ramsgate would have been bombed if Manston RAF base wasn’t there? You haven’t a clue.

    • Ann stop disrespecting the memories of those who perished in the bombings, by comparing it to this farce of a business. Stop embarrassing yourself. Haven’t you got cages to rattle?

    • Please tell me how this is relevant Ann, you’ve lost me. Are you trying to compare Ramsgate to Dresden?

    • The airport existed for our war effort as did many others. Whilst the location of Manston Airport was spot on for a war effort it’s not located in an ideal place for mass commercial operation being just 1 mile from Ramsgate with as RSP now acknowledge no alternative but for planes to fly directly over it at very low altItudes, just a few hundred feet. It’s good at last to see acknowledgement that there will in fact be night flights, something RSP, Sir Roger Gale, Craig Mackinlay, SMAA airport supporters group have always said there would not be. As stated in this article there will on average be 7 night flights every night of the week so that’s Saturday and Sunday too and that’s an average so some nights there will be more. Big cargo planes at 3am in the morning at 300ft over Ramsgate every night, how will our children be expected to perform at school with little sleep and that’s of course if they can hear their teacher with a plane booming every 10 minutes during the day. Manston Airport is in the wrong place.

  15. Is there any particular reason (Jimmy Saville?) why Sir Roger hides his BBC career in his biog? Just asking. Seems sex offenders, even the very worst in the world, don’t offend him any.

    • I think Sir Riveroak tries to cover up the fact that between being an MP and working for the BBC he has been paid by the tax payer all his life. Sucking on the public teat for so long isn’t a good look for a free market Tory.

  16. so….gatwick, heathrow etc which are struggling for passenger business now and will be for years to come, are just going give up their freight and let Manston take it on… come on, its not going to happen. its a pipe dream–no one has ever mentioned where this business is coming from–no operators, nothing. Its only flimsly hope would be if it did get permission for dozens of night flights–you can see it now… “we cant make it work, were pulling out unless we can fly all night…..”–

  17. Bring back Manston as an airport, jobs not houses. Thanet isl already full, if you get on a bus, there are only so many people that can ride on it!
    Get real, noise is not an issue with me, but the economy is!
    More people means more crime, longer waiting times at Hospital’s , Doctors, Dentist, School places etc.
    People apposed to an Airport are selfish in my opinion.

    • What are you on about David ?

      Thanet is full ?

      Well if and it’s a very big IF do you really think that thanet has the skillset to run manston ?

      IF manston reopen it would gave to important staff to operate it from Heathrow, Gatwick etc.
      Thanet people might get the crappy jobs etc.

      Anyway it wont open anyway

    • It won’t create jobs, a modern cargo hub would be mainly automated, with minimum staff for maximum profit! Look at the industry and how it works, 20,000 jobs, honestly you believe that. It won’t even create 200.

      The tourism industry is starting to pick up here however and is creating jobs that actually exist and in much larger numbers that the airport would ever create. That would be killed outright if this insane idea happened. Stop believing everything these people tell you, has Brexit (look at the diss-aster that has been and all the lies that are now proven true) and Boris and his boys club taught you nothing!

      People pro airport are clearly selfish and are the Torries and RSP’s dream as you believe everything you are told and act like minion to them while they ruin everything around you for there own gain. The airport would destroy Thanet as a area people want to visit and all the business that go with that meaning more unemployment in an already high unemployment area. You keep believing what you are told though and lap it up.

      • when the airport shut in 2014 unemployment actually dropped in fact more people were employed at the Pavilion that were made redundant at the airport

      • RL and you know all this bull how? I can’t be bothered to discuss this anymore with you as a know all you will never ever listen to any one elses view and let me make this perfectly clear to you I AM NOT A LIAR recognise yourself do you?

        • I know this Lesley because that is how modern cargo hubs work, so how is that “bull” as you put it. It’s the truth, look at modern cargo hubs round the world.

          I know the tourism industry is picking up because I can see it with my own eyes and the money that is being spent and the jobs created by that.

          I know the the Torries lie because Boris and all his chums lied non stop throughout the C19 pandemic and it was one rule for the public and one rule for them. Boris and his chums lied about the realities of Brexit and the damage it would cause for there own gain. They are the most untrustworthy and useless Eton boys club government this country has ever had.

          But as said you keep lapping it up and let them wreck everything around you for there own gain. Those houses you keep going on about…….thats them too, not the people of Ramsgate

    • The issue is not “airport or houses”
      For the 94,000,000,000,000th time, we get the houses anyway (now being built on Greenfields).
      The issue is: “Does the UK need a dedicated freight airport, and if so, is Manston the right place for it?”
      According to *ALL* the experts (except Sally Dixon) the answer to both questions is “No”.

    • For goodness sake! WE GET THE HOUSES ANYWAY!
      They’re being built on greefield sites round Birchington and so on.
      If we get the airport, then we get that IN ADDITION to the houses.
      People in favour of an Airport are selfish in my opinion.

        • Lesley, it’s so funny that you go on about pollution yet you are wanting a cargo hub using ancient heavily polluting planes with the cargo then transported with diesel lorries causing yet more pollution. You can’t have it both ways Lesley, pollution is pollution wether it is the fumes from cars, planes or lorries.

    • David, the 2500 houses planned for Manston are now being built at Westgate, Minster and Cliffsend. We’ll get the houses whatever happens but now without the schools, gp surgeries which could have been built at Manston. It’s not airport or houses it’s airport and houses somewhere else in Thanet.

  18. Unfortunately some on here don’t seem to know anything that is fact. London councils are moving many families out of London because they are of many reasons some as a result of the cladding on their buildings some for other reason. It’s been going on since Thatcher “ Dole by the Sea” days. Grow up don’t act like children.

    • Good god Bill, you lot just clutch at straws don’t you. Face facts houses are coming anyway, no airport ever is as it is never going to be commercially viable and the infrastructure is not here and even the people at RSP know that. Honestly look at there track record hardly trust worthy are they…….

  19. Wow, what negative comments. Do you really want to live here in Thanet or for that matter or care about the economy!
    Nothing in this world is for free,
    Mr X, I am not on anything other on the side of reality!

    • Think you will find David, the people that care about the economy DON’T want the airport as it will destroy it here in Thanet, you know the one that is growing year on year called tourism.

      Carry on believing what RSP tell you though, jobs for all and prosperity for everyone in Thanet! Or maybe not when you understand that cargo hubs are automated as much as possible to keep overheads down and maximise profits. As said above the airport will not even create 200 jobs and those will mainly be minimum wage, zero hour ones. While the knock on affect of destroying the growing tourism industry here in Thanet will create more job loses ad run the area into the ground.

    • RSP would not be paying huge wages for their staff in any case as they will be trying to keep their costs as low as possible, so minimum wage sound right. If they are going to try and compete with the other airports serving the freight industry then they would need to cut costs to the bone, and then some. So, you think Thanet should put up with this huge carbuncle of a polluting freight hub with pitiful wages for the few workers in spite of residents peace and health along with the upsurge in tourism which would all be destroyed? Makes no sense that.
      Manston has never been a successful airport so you cannot compare what use it had in the past to what is planned. Only Ann, Roger, Beau and Tony want to live at the end of the runway in Jackie Pallo’s old house so they can sniff the toxic fumes while wiping clean their bins to wave at the pilots. Maybe Grant Shapps will be the first to come in his offshore registered private plane that he undermines the CAA with for the more lax US regs on aircraft licensing. What an example he is as Transport secretary. Keep rattling those cages Ann, you never know what will pop out!

    • Think you will find tourism was growing in Thanet long before C19 happened as were the jobs that go with it. As normal for pro-manston supporters you are ignoring the facts, keep believing the hype though from the snakes, they have your interests at heart.

        • So are you telling me that the economy in Thanet wasn’t growing prior to C19, look at all the places that were and still are opening up. (I don’t mean polluting cargo hubs) Look at the growth over the last 10 years.

    • You mean like before the pandemic? you know, when passenger flights at Manston failed over and over again.

  20. RL when was the last or fist time you heard that someone had died from poisoning by aircraft fumes? whereas millions are suffering from lung diseases linked to car fumes I know what I would sooner have and it is not the extra traffic and you would too if you had any sense

    • You sound desperate, what are you talking about, millions in Thanet suffering from lung disease due to car fumes, ok if you say so, didn’t think we had millions of people living in Thanet? Exhaust gases from cars or aircraft are bad for humans and the environment, that is a given which is why we are facing a climate emergency.

      People are switching to electric and low emission cars though, can’t say the same for gas guzzling ancient cargo planes though that are incredibly polluting and harmful if you are near the airport, look up strokes and illnesses of people that live near airports.

      Also how do you think the cargo would get from Manston airport to its destination, thats right, diesel lorries. So yes I agree there is another reason that the airport is a bad idea, the pollution from the lorries. As you say millions suffer from lung diseases from the fumes, so we wouldn’t want them in Thanet

      So your point has proven you have no idea what you are talking about and like Ann will come up with anything to try to justify manston airport, but you have provided another reason for Thanet not needing this joke of an idea, well done. What is it with all the pro-manston supporters clutching at straws and acting so desperate today, its embarrassing.

      • RL you obviously haven’t read my comments on threads before I do not give a toss whether it is an airport or houses are built on it either way no one will be happy the only thing I am desperate for in this life is to live healthily for as long as possible but the selfish residents mainly of Ramsgate are inflicting a death wish on me by wanting more homes ,more cars and the fumes that follow but worse than anything more houses could mean more obnoxious people living in the area,but what really gets me is that every one living in Ramsgate knew the airport was there but they still decided to move to the area and what I say now is get on with it perhaps the return of the airport will finish off what the luftwaffe started that’s how much I dislike the place and some of the people

        • Lesley, how many times have you been told that it’s not the Ramsgate residents opposing a polluting cargo hub that is causing the increase in car fumes affecting YOUR precious life. That blame falls squarely on all those pushing for a cargo hub. All the infighting to retain Manston as an airfield resulted in the local plan agreement being delayed and HMG bunged a few thousand more houses into our already crammed area, if you voted Tory that’s your fault, stop deflecting the blame on us who want peaceful lives and something better at the Manston site.

          • HEY RG who I vote for is none of your damned business, thousands of homes at Manston is not a move for the better and HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS TO YOU LOT I DO NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENS, I DO NOT CARE just remember for you and others more houses will bring more traffic for every one in Thanet to sit in but hey I don’t care about that either because I do not drive so you miserable I want people can get on with it ta ta

      • RLI did not say millions in Thanet have lung disease you have chosen to read what you want in to what I said and you are wrong, people have actually died from poisonous car fumes as I asked how many do you know have died from aircraft fumes? Ido not care what you think there are so many people in Thanet who THINK they know better than every one else well surprise surprise you do not

        • Just stating the facts Lesley.

          Oh and another fact is that it is not the people of Ramsgate that want more houses as you state, it is the government.

          • RL is that why the “people” of Ramsgate are saying houses should be built in place of the airport? Ramsgate is not all about what the residents of that town do or do not want there are other people living in Thanet or do their views not count?

          • Lesley do yourself a favour and educate yourself.

            The houses are coming anyway do you not understand that. The airport isn’t. The reason people are saying the houses should go on Manston is because it is a unused and failed commercial airport so is useless as an airport, so rather than destroy farmland and greenbelt it would be better to put the houses (which the government, NOT the people of Ramsgate, are making happen) on the failed airport space that is Manston. With what RSP are doing you will just end up with more houses as the airport will never happen and it will end up as houses anyway. Do you understand now…..I doubt it as you seem incapable of getting your head round the basics.

  21. To the people who say reopening Manston will stop houses need to read the local plan. Thanks to TDC delaying the LP in support of RSP HMG’s housing quota went up dramatically. Taking that along with houses that could have gone on Manston we now have over 5,000 houses going on greenfield sites. It was never houses or airport.

  22. Reading RSP’s latest submissions to the SOS they are saying they don’t have to prove there is a need for a cargo hub. They already told the DCO examiners they don’t have to show they had the needed investors. They haven’t any freight operators signed up. They also didn’t have a business plan or could prove it was financially viable so you really have to wonder what exactly do RSP have ??

      • It’s quite east to find out, Ms Peeling.
        All you have to do is read the material on the PINS website. It’s all there.
        But to save you the bother, Ramsgate Resident has summarized it for you.
        RSP has no business plan.
        It has no customers lined up.
        It has no money (other than the £8M the govt bunged them for Operation Brock)
        Now it is claiming the it’s unnecessary to show “need” – one of the fundamental planks of the DCO. Which is just as well, because all expert opinion is that there is no need.
        So, contrary to your claim of “make believe”, it’s all there in black and white, and no doubt available in large font too if necessary.
        In a sane world, one would say that the inevitable is no aviation at Manston.
        But as we have seen by the SoS’s decision, “sane” is not a word that fits well in this context.

  23. The usual tripe from the fumes lovers. The London spillover, surely all gang members, getting 12 grand to move to Ramsgate. Yet at the same time each of those households will have 1 or 2 cars…

    The ‘we need jobs for the youth’ yet not one of the fumes lovers has said they need a job (weird, considering there are a million vacancies in the country) and they will work at the airstrip. And what have Roger & Craig done to secure jobs for the area until now? Oh yes, the airport. Opening in 2023…

    Obviously, not one of the fumes lovers has to worry about airplane noise disturbing the education or health of their children, for their children must be 40 by now.

    Lesley, maybe you could pop to London (if you can stomach the Londoners) with Ann to see if you can rattle some cages as well.

    • CS I am not bothered about anyone it’s every one for themselves and if a lot of you on here do not like the fact that some want the airport to reopen that is your problem now please give your moaning a rest and don’t let the fumes get you or yours it’s not very nice gasping for every breath I am shutting you down NOW

      • Lesley, did you take lessons from Donald Trump and Nigel Farage? As you sound just like them here.

        You are a Tory and Brexit voters dream aren’t you, “not bothered about anyone it’s every one for themselves” bet your neighbours love you and what a decent person you sound coming out with stuff like that. You mentioned not liking obnoxious people in another post, well with remarks like that and “I am shutting you down NOW” I think you will find you are the obnoxious one.

          • Lesley, haha, that says it all, you think it’s good that you sound like Trump and Farage.

            And you now even admit that you are obnoxious (the exact type of people you said you didn’t like)

            Let’s just hope you never need anyone’s help in the future as you say “not bothered about anyone it’s every one for themselves”

        • RL is it against the law to dislike people?what my life is like and those who are in it is none of your damned business I certainly will not require help from the likes of you or others like you

  24. Thats the attitude from Roger, Craig and Tony and the rest of the fumes lovers, every one for themselves. Sure, shut us NOW. Thick as a submarine door.

  25. Oh blah blah blah …God do you lot ever shut up? All you armchair aviation experts …who wouldn’t know one end of an aircraft nor anything to do with it from the other. All you want to do is p*ss all over anything ambitious, throw your wet blanket over anything outside of a grey mundane norm, and smother Thanet in dreadfull ticky-tacky houses. If you want to live in a bland horrible Milton-Keynes of a place just sod off to one. Also the funniest things I have read, that I still have a chuckle at (especially when I walk past the grubby duvets in a closed shop doorways) are comments like Ramsgate ‘is booming’ or has ‘come alive’ since Golag’s act of vandalism. What an absolute joke …Ramsgate is a sh*t-hole now! And how on earth can any regeneration come about from …tourism!? Don’t make me laugh yet louder. Go and find something else to do you miserable, ignorant, whining bunch of hair-shirted miseries

    • Yeah, let’s just insult anyone who doesn’t agree with the lies all the airport supporters and RSP come out with.

      Yeah, what a s**t hole Ramsgate is, new developments on the sea front and businesses opening up all over the town providing more work than a cargo hub ever would. Great write up’s in the national press about Ramsgate too and more people spending money in the town that ever. But yeah let’s wreck all that and run Ramsgate into the ground.

      You are living in the past, no airport will ever open again at Manston. If you want to live near one why not move or “sod off” as you put it to Hatton Cross, you will be right under the Heathrow flight path, with all the health issues that it brings

        • I have stated the truth. Are developments not happening all over Ramsgate? Are new successful businesses opening up? You just can’t understand it because it is beyond your mental capacity to accept that times change and places do too.

          Go and buddy up with Farage and Trump and talk about the good old days.

      • RL the good old days were far better than those of recent times and now, you probably haven’t got the life experience needed to be social particularly if you call every one who disagrees with you a liar. I am not keeping on this debate with you yo are not worth it ta ta

        • Lesley are you on drugs?

          It is you that keeps calling everyone a liar. You even called someone a liar that directly quoted RSP’s own documentation. You called me a liar when I told you how modern cargo hubs operate. I called you a liar when in your dream world you tried to say that Ramsgate would have been bombed in the war even if Manston wasn’t here and Ann a liar for trying to say the same even though it is documented that the Germans were here to bomb MANSTON not RAMSGATE.

          I have presented FACTS and so have others you just have no idea what you are talking about and seem to just resort to petty insults or tell people to shut up or as you say”shut them down”

          You are right about the good old days when we were in the EU and could actually trade properly with the rest of the world and we weren’t the laughing stock of Europe. How did taking back control go again?

          Please stop you are just embarrassing yourself, Trump and Farge would be ashamed!

          • RL stop insulting my wife what sort of an arse are you? proud to verbally attack a disabled person are you?as my wife has said previously your Mother must be so proud of you constantly calling people liars and insulting them,you are truly disgusting if you were a son of mine I’d disown you every single person has a right to an opinion and just because you don’t like those different from yours does not give you the right to call them anything let alone a liar now I am asking you to stop your comments to my wife you are a bully

          • Keith, if someone lies, I will call them out for it, that is not insulting them. Your wife said if Manston was not here Ramsgate would have suffered a lot more in the war, when in fact the only reason Ramsgate was bombed was because of Manston, so therefore a lie. It has nothing to do with the current situation anyway.

            The only person being verbally abusive is your wife to others and myself, take a look at the name calling.

            I am far from a bully, I can’t stand bullies of any kind. I wish your wife and yourself no harm and I am in no way a nasty person, but if you enter into an online debate and start dishing it out, you have to expect to reap what you sow.

          • RL every one who has opinion that is different from yours you call them a liar you are a bully and a charmer in the loosest sense of the word Lesley wo]ill not back off from some one like you will not back off from some one like you she has an opinion and you have no right whether she is right or wrong to call her or anyone else a liar what you see with my wife is what you get and if you don’t like her comments don’t bloody answer t it’s not rocket science you are a bully RL in fact you are an altogether an unpleasant person now again I am asking you is it for the second time ?to stop replying to my wifes’ comments you really do not understand being asked nicely to stop it so for the third time of asking please stop it

          • Keith, I refer you to my previous post above. The only time I call anyone a liar is when they are lying, different views I have no issue with.

            Just after you wrote your reply, look what your wife wrote at 12:27am. So you think she should be able to insult and say whatever she wants to me and other people with no come back. Life’s not like that.

            If you dish it out in life or on the internet expect to reap what you sow. It is her that can’t cope with differing views or you for that matter as you are asking me to not reply to her when she comments on everything I write. I tried to reason with you but to honest, whats the point.

            Look at your wifes level (posted at 12:49am)………..”you are a big girls blouse I do not need people to back me up and what you are referring to I was asking Kerry to remind me where she knew me from got your facts wrong again haven’t you? make it up as you go along b Iam not asking any one to back me up why would I when I can annoy you on my own? you are pathetic ta ta”

            Sorry who’s the bully again Keith?

    • Not wanting a bloody great 24/7 cargo hub near Ramsgate does not mean wanting to “smother Thanet in …ticky-tacky houses”.

      Regeneration requires a variety of industries, including tourism.

    • Yeah Wild Blue Yonder, belch some more brain farts. Ramsgate is booming but you cannot afford to see it, you are too busy waiting for your handouts. If Ramsgate is such dump what are you still doing here? What a pillock.

      • I am sorry, I must concede defeat to such incredible logic, reasoning and mastery of language. Good thing Oscar Wilde never met you …he might have just given up lol

      • To what are you referring as ‘booming’ in Ramsgate Green one? …The dossers in derelict shop doorways, the 9 a.m drinking club in the town square, the graffiti, crummy decrepit buildings, raft of minimum wage jobs, 4 month per year tourist trade (with temporary P/T jobs), benefits culture, what shops are left open losing pride and not even cleaning their frontages. A veritable image of prosperity!

  26. Shame RSP can’t pay up the costs they were legally obliged to pay when, along with the DFT, they conceded the judicial review. The DFT have paid up. Not like RSP haven’t got the money after getting £8.5 million for FA off the DFT

  27. Wild Blue Yonder. Oh dear.

    What part of “houses are coming anyway” do you and others not comprehend? Had TDC had a local plan instead of years of incompetence, the housing target set by the Government would have been lower. Due to TDC obsession with cargo aviation, ably assisted by the MP for Riveroak then your housing target would be lower, and some of it could be on the brownfield land of the dormant airstrip rather than on prime farmland.

    By the way, Manston was up for sale when it last went bust for nearly two years. Funny how Tony wasn’t interested then isn’t it. In fact nobody was, or is. Apart from Tony, Roger and a whole lot of anti housing voices.

    It is a shame you have such a negative view of Ramsgate. A town where unemployment declined since the airport closed, and a town that had the highest growing house price index in Kent in 2020 and has the largest tourist and creative economy in Thanet. All coastal towns are a magnet for the vulnerable in society and there are projects operating such as the RISE project which are doing great work in this respect.

    What would you prefer? A dirty great cargo plane barred from landing anywhere else in the UK coming in over the harbour at 700 feet 72 times a day? Really?

  28. Lesley Peeling – indeed. It is like someone left the gate of the funny-farm open whenever anything Manston Airport comes up here. Also, a bit like having a jar of ants …shake it and they all go crazy lol 🐜🐜🐜🐜🤣

    • You are right, all the pro airport brigade come across as brain dead as they even deny what RSP state in there own reports, I mean what a bunch of idiots! And yeah, they all go crazy when the truth is pointed out.

  29. Has everyone commenting on here actually read the article? See above, and for your convenience, cut out below.

    SEVENTY TWO during the day
    SEVEN at night

    The IOTN hasn’t just made it up. It is from the appraisal document.

    The appraisal document also outlines expected flight movements, saying: “During the daytime period (between 07:00 to 23:00) Manston Airport is forecast to handle approximately 72 aircraft movements during a typical busy day and during the night-time period (between 23:00 and 07:00) it is forecast to handle an average of seven aircraft movements on a typical busy night.”

    • Lesley clearly hasn’t….. when someone stated that her comments were

      “where do you get your ridiculous information from Alice ? book of make believe perhaps? Manston is not Gatwick or Heathrow 72 times a day really? ffs you lot are silly”

      She shows that these pro airport supporters really know there stuff, judging from her comments.

        • Boy? Who do you think you are?

          Just imagine if I wasn’t English, that would really get your back up wouldn’t it. Especially when I have a better grasp of the English language than you do.

          However maybe you don’t understand English, as you tried to call someone a liar when they were actually stating RSP’s own documentation. Maybe that’s why you haven’t read any of the available information and just keep making stuff up and throwing insults at people?

          • RL kid yourself don’t you ? ideas above you station in life you need bringing down to earth boy preferably on a plane landing at Manston and who says you have a better grasp of the English language? you? you are lying to yourself all the time you insult me boy I will do the same to you you are nothing but a know all for the umpteenth time of saying it dumbo ciao au revoir get lost and don’t forget your parachute on second thoughts do

          • Why would it boy? you tell me as you know everything or think you do and when are you going to understand I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE AIRPORT YOU OR PEOPLE IN GENERAL now if you have a problem with that it is exactly that your problem have you got that boy or has the fog settled in again? you boy are a troll your mother must be so proud of you and if I called someone a liar it’s because I learnt it from you ciao, au revoir, bog off, ta ta, get lost

  30. I have to say, I used go work with Lesley and can the girl has not changed a bit, same wit! She was a right old laugh on a wirk nite out. Leave her alone you lot ffs

  31. Good God, if you lot – or rather few had a brain between you, you might be dangerous lol! The airport is not due to open until 2023, so how can you be changing ATC patterns now?? It is obviously a pre-emptory application …putting out feelers ‘priming the pan’ so to speak. The airport is coming (not houses lol …that fallacious old chestnut), and the CAA with RSP need plenty of time to get things ready, rather than an application right on top of commencement of operations from Manston. This is the way this kind of thing goes …multiple applications from well in advance to in the end get there. There is no need for the tiny anti airport claque to wet themselves. Make a noise, you always do. But all you are saying is same old time-worn mantras …and the media spin their stories as always. These recent events present no real support for your case

    • You have no idea, 2023 is less than 18 months away. Do you know how long these thing take. The back end of summer 2021 is not plenty of time for 2023 it is already too late! It’s too late for 2025 even.

      They have no potential customers, no money to build the infrastructure and nobody interested that has money. Oh and they keep getting turned down.

      Stop talking rubbish! Your post shows you are a troll that knows nothing.

      • see RL you are obviously unable to help yourself you just insulted the man and I think you are the troll again you do not like someones comment so you rubbish them you nasty sad human

        • Have you seen all your comments that you wrote under mine and other name calling? And you have the nerve to say I insulted someone!

          I’m rubbishing them, as what was stated is not possible. There will be no operational airport in 2023, it is already too late for that to happen in terms of time frame. Stating the truth is not insulting anyone, why can’t you understand that.

          Oh and how do you know Stratonaut is a man? Unless you know them of course?

          • Hullo RL, you should have seen what Ms Peeling said about Welsh people! (But Kathy Bailes has deleted it, as it was undoubtedly racist!)

  32. …And you airport objectors will continue your rhetoric from where the sun never shines. Never have I seen such a clutch of folks with so much to dictate about a subject they clearly know nothing. But then there are also clearly undercurrents of interests elsewhere. Why not just say I don’t want an airport because I stand to make money from housing. That would be more honest, and maybe on one level would make you look less foolish

  33. Yes RL, you are clearly a pillock. A pompous old pillock, who arrogantly and freely insults people. How dare you airport opposers state how disagreeable airport supporters are, when you throw your toys out of the pram in such an undignified manner when your fallacies are challenged. Entitled. This situation is quite clearly the start of a process by which the Manston TMA and integration into the greater air traffic setup will be established. Also remember the absurd carry-on with the daft JR from Ramsgate. Obviously the application to the CAA cannot be passed until this nonsense is kicked into touched and the DCO back on track. You people really do look fools constantly trying to dream up reasons against the airport. And it is the same series of mantras trotted out in sequence as each one is found false. It convinces no one. As I said, you would look much more credible if you simply said you just did not want the airport for whatever personal reason you may have. You want what you want, at the price of what others want and the economic prosperity of the area

    • Is that you Tony Freudmann, hit a nerve have I?

      The only people throwing toys out the pram are the supporters, look how they (you) speak to people when called out, they even deny the actual written documents by RSP. The main reason the airport won’t happen is because there is not a cat in hells chance that Heathrow, Gatwick and East Midlands will lose any contacts to Manston. Also there is no money to develop this project, no infrastructure, no fuel supply, and the demand is not there all the aviation experts even say it.

      The economic prosperity of the area is not in a few hundred jobs on minimum wage provided on zero hour contracts by a filthy cargo hub. That would wreck the economic prosperity of the area, taking people that can afford to move with it.

      See if you can write a comment next time without name calling, would be great to see if an airport supporter is capable of that. I always find that as soon as someone resorts to name calling like you have (and many airport supporters do) they already know they have lost the battle and name calling is all they have left.

  34. There are plenty of reasons for not wanting this particular airport and indeed airports in general. There is plenty of evidence showing the environmental damage done by aviation.

  35. And railways like HS2, roads and cars Marva Rees. Better to fly over habitats than uproot, dig up, build on top of, concrete/tarmac over. Anyone who opposes the airport yet is not worried about/supports (because its on the ground!) HS2 is a hypocrite or fool. Also any airport opposer who is a consumer junkie, or who doesn’t recycle

  36. We’ve only got one planet, and we’ve just about used it up.
    Here in this neck of the woods, we might not be so concerned about HS2 (which comes nowhere near us, but we do care about local issues. Such as an airport on our doorstep.
    One would be a hypocrite if one opposed an airport, but regularly flew.

  37. And aviation is cleaning up its act. Billions are being invested in electrification as well as other clean power sources. Please don’t scoff that it would never work …that really boils my blood! Scoffers have absolutely NO evidence there and know nothing on which to base their scoffing. What they ought to say in honesty is they DON’T WANT it to work. Anyway we digress, this business with the CAA is a preliminary hiccup only, and you moaners need not get excited

    • A hiccup? An endless list!
      CPO application with TDC (Labour) – rejected
      CPO application with TDC (UKIP) – rejected.
      DCO allocation launched – and withdrawn because it failed to meet criteria.
      DCO allpication rejected by Planning Inspectorate after vast amounts of evidence considered.
      SoS absurdly overturns PI decision.
      A Judicial Review is applied for – and granted.
      SoS (and RSP) withdraw at the 11th hour, admitting that the SoS’s reasons re need were rubbish.
      Meanwhile, RSP is struggling to get that most basic of documents for an airport – a licence to operate.
      Some hiccup!
      I note that the application says there will be 7 night flights each night.
      Proponents of the airport – Sir RogerOak, SMA(a(Aa)) and Tony Freudmann himself assured us there would be no night flights. They were (to say the least) misleading us.

  38. Preliminary hiccup? Hilarious.

    An incompetent plan led by a the person who led the previous Manston experiments to failure. No customers. No flight traffic approval. No endorsement from the planning inspectors. No endorsement from any of the expert reports ever commissioned on Manston. No viable business case. No investors. No credibility.

    What did I miss? Electric planes? Dream on. The first ones are only in prototype and can carry about 10 people. Hardly a cargo revolution. Come back in 50 years for an update.

  39. No aviation fuel grind, tick

    No railway, tick

    No decent roads, tick

    Wrong location, tick

    Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, Southend, Midlands etc etc all have lots of spare capacity. Plus all in a decent location with good infrastructure.

    I know that’s open an airport at manston that needs hundreds of millions spending just to get it up to modern standards lolol.i really dont understand how the pro manston ignore all the above FACTS !

  40. Never in all my life have I encountered so many disagreeable know alls you RL in particular have no right whatsoever to call people liars or anything else for that matter Lesley may have her faults and she will admit that she has but who hasn’t?might I suggest you look back over the postings on here and count the number of times you have called people liars just because their view differs from yours,twice you have twisted comments made by Lesley to suit yourself.Reading comments on here has certainly opened my eyes to how rude some people in Thanet can be.There are trolls and people who mock others because they want to look after their health but it is so blindingly obvious that some have such a high opinion of themselves they actually believe they know it all and anyone that does not agree is either a liar or an idiot look to yourselves people before you start with the insults and before you say anything about Lesley doing the same as you she has a perfectly good reason for being the way she is what’s yours?If people are unable to give their opinion without being harassed and insulted then society is indeed in a very bad way particularly it seems in Thanet. Some of you hide behind initials and silly names to hide your true identity if you have something to say at least have the decency to put your given name to it

    • I think if you count up the number of posts on this thread containing the word “liar” you will find that almost all of them will have been written by Ms Peeling.
      Instead of remonstrating with us, maybe a word in Lesley’s ear is in order?

      • Andrew was my last comment too difficult for you to understand? it honestly doesn’t surprise having ng read some of your previous posts you truly are a know all like RL it seems your opinion is the only one that matters and mate Lesley was quoting what RL was spouting you men are so full of yourselves I’d be surprised if there was any room left in your heads for rational thinking you are unable to even get her title right so before you start criticising my wife think about yourself ignorance is no excuse now I am going to bed my patience is fast running out no one can reason with big heads

  41. I don’t see what the (P)peelings existential difficulties have to do with the CAA chucking out RSP’s application for a second time?

    • This nonsense has gone on long enough, Lesley and I have both had enough of you insulting big heads so we are being the bigger people and shutting you know alls and sad people out and down and do not bother to reply you will be talking to n the hand that is not listening got it?as Lesley would say, salt salt salt Andrew salt

  42. correction Marva Rees if you do not believe that I am real meet me anytime anywhere and we’ll see won’t we although why I should prove my existence to you or anyone else for that matter is beyond me but I will just to shut you up you disbelieving old woman get a life get real and get off Lesleys back you are worse than a whelk for not letting go as I have previously said what my marriage has to do with Manston I do not know perhaps you would explain as I am curious to know

  43. I see there is still a lot of animosity on this thread. Well I, for one, do not have a problem with airport supporters. If you are in favour of a 24/7 cargo hub with 72 flights a day (seven at night) then that is your right. If you are happy to put up with the noise and pollution from the planes and the several hundreds of lorries a day to take the freight away then, OK fine.
    I must admit to be puzzled why you want such a thing. I guess the answer I hear most is jobs which is understandable. However, the number of jobs forecast means Manston would employ more people than Southend, East Midlands or Southampton. How they expect to compete with established airports with a larger wage bill is a mystery to me. You must also factor in the jobs that would be lost as a result of opening the airport.
    I trust no one is still daft enough to say they want ‘an airport not houses’ because that non-sequitur has been explained to you several times before.
    Keep it civilised people.

  44. Lots of comments not allowed to appear. Unclear why this is the case as no different from what The Peelings are allowed to post. Umm. Ok. I am sure there is a perfectly legitimate reason. But it smells as bad as the fumes from aviation fuel.

      • so Kathy you are quite prepared to allow people to call others liars and idiots and not have something to say about it? well you have lost two readers of your site and I will pass on to others what you allow to go on I tried several times to stop the conversation but they insisted on carrying on you let trolls harass people without saying anything but because Iobject to being called a liar my posts get binned fine suits me too much about Ramsgate for my liking anyway,So I will not miss your site goodnight

        • Posts in an ongoing argument were binned, to you as well as from you. It was just too much on one thread.

  45. If I am to be stuck with housing apocalypse, I would rather have it with an airport rather than without. If the place is getting built up, it will be ruined anyway. Might as well have the business and jobs

  46. Andrew, you are a know-all berk. All those things you mention that you say ‘failed’ were done in the end somehow. Exactly the same will happen with this last matter. Bring on Manston AIRPORT

    • The only thing that hasn’t succeeded is the airport.
      2019, we were told. 2020, 2023 ….??
      You’ve no need to call me a berk, simply because I point out some facts.
      You could just point out a few facts supporting aviation, for example.
      Shouting “AIRPORT” won’t actually make it happen.

  47. Don’t be so daft! Censored …what rot! You anti airport people are such entitled babies. We have all heard enough of your whingeing …but no one bothers to censor you. One draw-back of a society that values free speech …we have to endure the endless blithering of imbeciles!

    • Nutty Eric says “we have to endure the endless blithering of imbeciles!” We sure do. Funny how the blathering from pro-airport people are unable to gather a single fact, while the antis have a huge wealth of evidence to muster, much of it from RSP’s own submissions. But the pros never let a fact get in the way of a good argument.

  48. Andrew, you are a berk. You wouldn’t know a ‘fact’ if it hit you in your stupid face. The only ‘fact’ here is that Manston Airport has jumped each of the hurdles you love to list …as it will jump this one. Getting your knickers all in a twist will not change that …Berk!

  49. Normally we don’t waste our time on here ‘Ramsgate Lover’ …we are far too busy working towards our aims for the airport, in productive directions. As for you and your buddies? All you have is impotent railing on the tail-piece of an on-line article of a local rag. Every time a Manston article comes up, so do same few names. Now which side cuts a rather sad and pathetic figure?

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