The mural being created on Margate seafront – and who is behind it

The seafront mural Photo Frank Leppard

Have you noticed the mural being created on the hoardings at Dreamland and wondered what it is about?

The project is headed up by artist Ben Connors working with People Dem Collective to create ‘Black British History – Past & Present Icons’ using artwork submitted by Thanet schoolchildren.

Also involved is artist Leondre Ansah, whose first exhibition ‘Colour Blind’, took place at Resort Studios as part of Margate NOW 2020.

‘Colour Blind was an exploration of the questions: If you don’t see the colour of my skin, how can you see me? If you don’t see a person’s colour then how do you see the struggles that black and brown people have been through?’

Since last year’s festival, Leondre has been assisting Ben with the mural at Dreamland.

Photo Frank Leppard

The Black British History – Past & Present Icons’ project began during Margate NOW 2020 with a zine produced by Sprankenstein Studio. This was shared with young people in Thanet, inviting them to respond to and create artwork. The zine acts as a stepping stone for schools as they begin to think about Black British History and the devices that can be used to teach it.

Ramsgate Arts Primary was the first Thanet school to contribute to the project with children creating artwork last autumn.

The project is supported by Kent County Council and KCC member Barry Lewis and will continue to progress through the summer.

Photo Frank Leppard

It is likely that  People Dem Collective – which headed up Black Lives Matter demos last year and launched plans for a cultural centre – will be allocated space at Dreamland via £4million allocation from the Margate Town Deal fund.

The fund money for will be used towards the renovation and reopening the cinema building, turning it into an entertainment and conference centre with space allocated to community use.

Plans for the cultural centre, which was among the projects submitted for Town Deal consideration, include enrichment programmes for young people, the LGBTQIA+ and the older generations to pass down their stories.

Proposals also include  a flexible educational space, a Black British and Roma/Traveller archive, a permanent exhibition and performance space, a radio station and podcasting suite, a family-friendly restaurant and beachside cafe, little learners play area and studios for artists-in-residence.

£4million Town Deal cash towards entertainment and conference centre plans for Dreamland Cinema


  1. Hardly a mystery, it’s the local, woke race baiters/victimhood collective-who else would be doing it?

    • Steve – totally agree with your comments – sick and tired of clap trap being forced on us ordinary folk.

    • I have to say it was a white hipster looking guy doing the painting. A guy who would have no idea what it means to be black. Utterly pointless

      • It has a point for a lot of the black people of Thanet who are finally seeing black people celebrated in public art, and are feeling, possibly for the first time, that it is now socially acceptable to celebrate the achievements of black people in public in Thanet.

        And all of the people in this comment train are here to tell them that they are wrong. Would any of these people have batted an eyelid if it was a sea of white men? No. Because the racist whitewashing of British history is normal to them, because they’ve normalised their racism to the point where they’re unable to even see it. It is so, so embarrassing to have to live amongst these people.

  2. Sick and tired of having this rammed down our throats. It is doing more for division than it is healing of rifts and besides, the BLM movement has turned into a sinister political movement.

    • I agree. I am confused by all the mixed messages supposedly be sent out by black or coloured people (or whatever PC term we are required to use this week). I thought the idea was for integration, acceptance and equality for everybody regardless of the colour of their skin. However, we now have the quote :

      ‘Colour Blind was an exploration of the questions: If you don’t
      see the colour of my skin, how can you see me? If you don’t see
      a person’s colour then how do you see the struggles that black
      and brown people have been through?’

      Surely we need to move forward rather than keep raking up the history of the slave trade, etc. ?

      We now have a mural dedicated to black icons. I hope the names are put up because as an ignorant white person the only one I recognise is Trevor McDonald and possibly Bob Marley. I assume the Mandelas, Rosa Parks and Mohamad Ali are there but as the images are depictions from primary school children they are more difficult to accurately identify.

      • Was Bob Marley a British Icon? No more than Viv Richards was-they aren’t/weren’t British & would have knocked the block off of any black person who said they were. Trevor McDonald? I thought this was about British Black people who did incredible things in history-a newsreader? Please. Again, where is the list of who these drawings are supposed to be? How is this supposed to teach anybody anything if we have to guess what somebody with the artistic ability of something akin of that on display at Turder Contemporary is drawing?

  3. Margate is becoming a home for all these activist who hate us. Enough is enough. Just get on with being who you are. We all have struggles and what happened hundreds of years ago doesn’t happen now. Be happy with equality and stop trying to take revenge for things and swap them around to make us suffer for what others did. It is doing more bad than good and is not in our control to change history.

    • Who is “us”? Are you a member of the Fuschia growers club? Or perhaps a choral society? You are equally vague about “these activist” (sic). You should really make it clear or you run the risk of being misunderstood and accused of all manner of prejudices.

    • A lot of people here are fighting against racism. Why is it so important to you that fight against that? Why are you so in favour of the racist status quo in this area? Is it because you enjoy it? Perhaps you benefit from it?

      Just stop. You don’t have to be less racist, you don’t have to change, you don’t have to fight racism in this area. But at least don’t fight against people who ARE trying to make a change.

  4. Well I am Black and a resident of Margate, and I absolutely LOVE all this inclusivity. Come on people, it is HIGH TIME!

    • Inclusivity-expect for the 95% of white people in the area who are not woke/full of white guilt & being presented as the enemy.

      • The only people being represented as the enemy are people who are racist, and who are standing in the way of the fight against racism.

        What are you doing to combat racism in this area Steve? Anything at all? Seems like you’re fighting against that change. Maybe you like things the way they are. Maybe the racist status quo is beneficial to you. What would that make you, I wonder?

  5. I love thw mural an think its really important to educate our youngsters about black british role models. It’s part of acwuder global movement and proud that Thanet is playing its part.

    • And who are these Black British Icons? Looking around online & there doesn’t appear to be a list of names. How is anybody supposed to learn about them if we have no idea who they are?

  6. I preferred the only fools and horses one that got removed.
    That said, is this graffiti like so much that we see in Margate but is so called art?

      • No – the Only Fools and Horses artwork was initially taken down to provide a temporary access to the Arlington site.

        When the boards were put back up they were reversed and thus provided a blank canvass for the local taggers to deface.

  7. It’s great that organisations like People Dem Collective are encouraging non-defensive dialogue on cultural differences. I have learned so much about my own unconscious bias and privilege after last year’s march. Let’s keep the conversation going, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

    • Why do you hate being white so much? I bet you are less privileged than the duo who dreamed this vanity project up in reality.

      • I don’t hate being white, that seems binary, that I either am proud to be white or hate being white. Largely I don’t think about my skin colour, because no one has ever directly attacked me for being white, that makes me lucky. However, in the last year, the BLM movement has helped the scales fall from my eyes, and I’m starting to see how others (and not just people of colour) experience oppression because they are different.

          • I think you misunderstand me. I mean others with differences to me ie: sexuality, gender, disability, neurodivergent, race, religion, level of education etc. etc, are treated differently to me. That needs more conversation and movements like BLM are encouraging that conversation.

  8. Another thread full of racists and bigots and ill informed little Englanders. It’s time to recognize that the world is moving on from your small minded bigotry. Embrace it.

  9. The ordinary people of Thanet – most of our quite near ancestors – lived in abject poverty and were oppressed by the landowners.

    They had no more ‘freedom’ than their cousins from Africa and the Caribbean, will someone apologise to them?

    This is from William Cobbett’s description of Thanet in 1823:

    The labourers’ houses, all along through this island, beggarly in the extreme. The people dirty, poor-looking; ragged, but particularly dirty. The men and boys with dirty faces, and dirty smock-frocks, and dirty shirts; and, good God! what a difference between the wife of a labouring man here, and the wife of a labouring man in the forests and woodlands of Hampshire and Sussex! Invariably have I observed, that the richer the soil, and the more destitute of woods; that is to say, the more purely a corn country, the more miserable the labourers

  10. An interesting quotation, showing (among other things) that there were already few trees/ woodlands in Thanet by 1823 because of the type of farming.

    Most labourers in Britain during the Industrial Revolution, whether adults or children, were also very poor and scarcely free at all in our sense of the word. They did not, however, suffer the cruelties that slaves endured, nor were they forcibly removed from their families and homelands, and considered by many to be less than human.

    • There was a substantial amount of forced migration from England by landowners keen to avoid the burden of contributions under various poor laws.

      Indeed not as overtly brutal as the triangular slave trade but certainly shocking to modern sensibilities. Agricultural Labourers were considered to be chattels and nuisances to the landowning few. East Kent, as the centre of agricultural unrest, saw many transported and forced to migrate in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

  11. do we really need all this nonsense in an old seaside town like margate ? most people just want to get on with thier lives, and know little and probably care less about things that happened centuries ago , and i dont belive margate was at the forefront of the slave trade ? . i think they need to be careful because they might be stirring something up that people are becoming very tired of.

    • No we don’t, but no doubt there’ll more of it , just look at the “historical links” that were dragged up in order to justify the proposed name change of the granville. Though perhaps of more concern is the way that the council effectively promotes such projects with its “allocated space” and asset transfers.

      The most extreme racism i’ve seen was in Guinea west africa, the inter ethnic violence during the presidential elections was something to behold. Plus the views of some many eastern europeans towards coloured people is conveniently overlooked as that reflects poorly on the multicultural ideal. Also never forget the attitudes of arab africa towards black africa, or the multiple examples of grooming gangs around the country. None of which seems to figure in the black/white fixation far too many seem to have.

    • There are a lot of people in this town fighting racism in the area, there’s a need to do this because racism is endemic in this town, and black people here experience it every single day. If you are blind to this, then you are part of the reason that this type of art needs to be here.
      Imagine that this was just a row of white mens faces, would you be upset about it? Would you bat an eyelid? Would you care? So why is it so important to you that black people shouldn’t be represented in public art.
      Just don’t fight it. The world is changing, celebrating black culture is acceptable now, let it happen.

  12. It’s criminal damage like all graffiti and should be painted over. If they think they are artist they should ask the Turner Centre to rent them an inside wall.

  13. TerryTutan, A landowner cannot give permission for an illegal act, graffiti is criminal damage why should others be expected to look at it and it’s a distraction for drivers and has no planning permission.

    • When you say things like this, do you know you’re lying or do you actually convince yourself that what you’re saying is the truth?

    • Indeed – you could have a valid point regarding planning permission.

      Several Thanet houses have problems with TDC’s planning department because they have painted their property the wrong colour.

      So where is the planning consent for painting this frontage ?

    • Temporary signage/artworks/advertising do not need planning permission. It’s not graffiti, it’s a painting, painted with the landowner’s permission.

  14. Every single black person I know in Thanet has experienced racism here. Racism is so endemic in some people in this area thay they consider it “normal”, and see any attempt to make them even slightly less racist as a personal attack.
    This thread is an example of this. Who here, decrying the “woke culture” that The Sun has so easily trained them to fear, would be upset if this wall was filled with child’s drawings of white men? None. Because that’s “normal”. Because whitewashing the history of this country is “normal”. Because ignoring and diminishing black people is “normal”. Because racism, in Thanet, is normal.

    Sadly, almost none of the closet racists who read this will take it even slightly on board. They will find a way to reject it. They will say “yeah but I ain’t racist because I’ve got a black friend” or claim they are “colourblind because race don’t matter”. They are wrong.

    You, you who are reading this who are already feeling defensive. Do not worry, you are too stupid to realise how truly stupid you are. Don’t fight it, just let the world change for the better, without you.

    • Just as anyone who has travelled to a foreign land has experienced racism , it’s not that it happens because it always will to some degree just as there will be someone somewhere who has a prejudice against just about anything you care to name. It’s the frequency and extent to which it happens that’s important. Keep stretching the description of what is considered racism and you’ll keep getting more examples , though that’s probably the intention as it then paints a picture of a worsening situation and sustains the narrative.
      That the equality lobby now have to continually harp on about unconcious racism/bias in people could perhaps be a reflection of how much society has changed for the better and that racism is nowhere near the problem it was. However if a person has been mugged 3 times by a black person, is there unconcious wariness of similar situations racism or a natural reaction to previous experience?
      If you want to see some blatant racism visit the shell garage at cobham services on the m25, in all the years its been open and i’ve used it there has only been one ethnicity that has ever worked there and i’d hazard a guess from the accents that its a particularly small area. But that’d never be flagged up as racism or failure of integration.
      The racism hobby horse is getting tiresome and has become so self righteous and derogatory to anyone that questions it that it is just alienating those to whom it wishes to engage with, but then again perhaps this is also a contrived means to show that all is wrong in society.
      Why not instead govto Marbate beach on a busy weekend and discover how many different nationalities/religions and ethnicity’s are enjoying themselves on the same piece of sand. Any problems will most likely be as a result of alcohol, antisocial behaviour etc. Just because in the heat of the moment a “descriptor” is used in an argument does not make the whole matter racist.

      • Thankyou LC, for a wonderful example of how a racist person will try to defend themselves. This entire reply is full of racism. I could tell you this, but you’re going to dismiss me as “woke”, because you’ve been trained to by people who are smarter than you are. Black people could tell you this, but you’re going to dismiss them because.. well because they’re black, and you’re a racist.
        Obviously as a racist you’re going to do absolutely nothing to combat racism in Thanet, I understand that you will not lift a single finger, make even the slightest effort to reduce racism around you. But how about you at least don’t make racism worse, by trying to stand in the way of those who are seeking to combat it? How about just remove yourself from this battle. You’re not equipped to fight it, and society is lessened by your participation.

        • You’ve not a clue about me what i do or what i’ve seen, i’ve had the opportunity to work in over 40 countries , worked with the labourers , dealt with government ministers, eaten in african mud huts, carefully avoided the brazilian favellas, worked with a chap who had to go to work the day after his son died in a fight over a prostitute because he had to support the rest of his family, another chap who was in debt to his extended family for the forseeable future because of the cost of an operation to save his childs life. A carribean island where walking alone at night meant you would get mugged. Another carribean island that had the best KFC ever, where on entering after a few visits we’d be greeted with something along the lines of “hey girls, its dem skinny little white boys, they must like us big black girls” , could be taken as loaded with all sorts of racial undertones , whereas it was nothing but harmless good natured banter ,In every one of those countries there were those looking to profit from those who were different be that financially or in status, fortunately again in every one of those countries there were far moregood decent people who just wanted to get on with their lives.
          By all means deal with the blatant discriminative racism and adiscrimination but at least do so across the board and be able to tell the difference between intentional harm and what is often little more than ill judged language. You use the word “woke” , if its a label you feel fits then by all means wear it , but its become just another divisive term by which the self proclaimed good and great separate themselves from the uneducated masses they so dislike in exactly the manner you you’ve just used it.
          As for my intellect, like everyone else i’m in the mix thats considered the normal range and as such there are those who are sufficiently better equpped to scholl me , you i’d hazard a guess are not one of them.

          • It makes me so sad that you’ve been to all these places and it hasn’t stopped you being as racist as you are.

            Why don’t you just stop LC? Why is it so important for you to fight against people trying to reduce racism in Thanet? Is maintaining the racist status quo so important to you?

            Just stop. You can continue being just as racist as you want to be, you don’t have to fight against racism. Just stop getting in the way of people who are.

    • David, it is unwise to assume that anyone with an alternative view to yours is less intelligent.
      Such high self-regard will prevent you from considering another possibility – that you might be wrong.

      • If someone chooses to ignore black people when they say they are experiencing racism, they are racist, or they are unintelligent. Probably both.
        And I could be wrong, it could be that the close personal friends of mine who have told me that they experience racism are lying to me, and that trying to reduce racism in this area is pointless. But I doubt it, and am going to try to reduce racism in this area anyway. How about you, what are you doing to reduce racism in this area?

        • David my cuckoo comment was for you ,you have lost it mate why don’t you preach your hate to those who want to listen and not on a public web site such as this? answer me this why is it always white people that are racist huh?the coloureds need to remove the ruddy great chips on their shoulders and stop blaming the whites of today for what went on many many years ago, with comments like yours you are alienating the Thanet white community all on your own

          • Hey Keith, the “coloureds” aren’t blaming “the whites” for what went on many years ago. However black people right now, today, are upset about the racism that they still encounter on a day to day basis. They’re trying to fight against racism, and lots of people are trying to join in that fight.
            We’d have to fight a lot less hard if racists like you would just stop fighting back. I’m not asking you to join in the fight, obviously you won’t, you think the current day-to-day level of racism that black people experience is totally fine. They don’t, but why would that matter to you? Racists don’t care about the experiences of black people after all. No Keith, you don’t have to change, you don’t have to be any less racist, you don’t have to fight against racism. Just don’t stand in the way of people who are ey?

    • David most people just want to get on with their lives without having all this racist business rammed down their throats tell me what would happen if a mural of white people was put on a fence or hoarding in an area where 95% of the residents were black or coloured? they wouldn’t like it would they? it works both ways you know?

      • Lesley most black people want to go about their day-to-day lives without having all this racist business rammed down their throats also. They suffer from racism every in Thanet every single day. And when people try to fight against racism by for example, putting up a mural celebrate black historical figures, guess what happens?
        Racists start complaining about it. Shock horror. As I keep saying to everyone here, why not just let this happen? What is so important to you about fighting against the cultural contributions of black people being celebrated? Is is really that offensive to you to see the faces of black people on a wall?
        You personally don’t have to change Lesley, you don’t have to be any less racist than you already are, you don’t have to fight against racism, which you obviously had no plans to do anyway. Just try not to get in the way of other people who are fighting against it ey? Just let it happen.

        • David you are a racist, if you want to be a good little white boy and fight racism go ahead but do not expect every one to follow you and you really need to stop accusing people of being racist just because you don’t like their comments people by the way who have a hell of lot more life experience than you Trevor Mcdonald ffs a black historical figure? do you need reminding that this country was the fist to ban slavery and what the hell was the toppling of the Coulson statue if wasn’t racist? you and people like you will never change the history of this country it has happened Nor do I understand the uneducated who said that Bob Marley and Sir Viv Richards were /are British icons codswallop and David you know diddly squat about me and until you do I would much prefer it if you kept you racist hatred to yourself

          • Hey Lesley, when you’re trying to have a conversation can you try to remember punctuation? Punctuation helps people understand what you’re saying, which would be useful here because honestly, you’re a little all over a place.
            You’re now saying that I’m a racist, because I’m trying to help fight racism, and you’re not? That doesn’t really make a lot of sense now does it. Would you like to try again?

            How about we go over this one more time.
            1) Black people in Thanet are suffering from racist abuse on a day to day basis
            2) Some people are trying to fight against that, one of the ways of doing this is by celebrating black culture and history
            3) Some people (racists, like you), are trying to stop that from happening because they’re quite comfortable with the current level of racist abuse that black people are suffering from in Thanet, and also just don’t like seeing the faces of black people on a wall. Because y’know, they’re racists.

            So how about you just stop? I’m asking you again, just stop. You don’t have to personally change, no-one is asking you to be less racist, you don’t have to fight racism, which I know you never had any intention of. Just stop standing in the way of people who are fighting it. Let it happen.

  15. do you know what – its hard enough for us mere mortals to get through the week . and pay the bills, if you think im bothered about what happened in some parts of the world centuries ago , well im not . as for all this rubbish going on in margate , in the main its due to the action of one lawman in the states – the yanks have moved on since .

    • Racism is experienced by black people in Thanet every single day. By being publicly unhappy about having to see the faces of black people on a wall, do you think you’re making racism in this area better, or worse?
      Obviously you know you’re not making it better, you’re not stupid. So you’re at best helping to maintain the current level of racism, or you’re actively making it worse. How about.. just not? Just not doing that? How about you take a second to think “Seeing black peoples faces on a wall doesn’t really effect me at all, but it does mean that black people in this area who suffer from racism every day, might just have to suffer slightly less”. Maybe it’ll help you be a better person.

      • racism is experienced by black people every day in Thanet, bull just because you say so David does not make it so,stop trying to whip something up that is not there you and your friends have a choice the same as every one in this world if you do not like the the situation do something positive instead of calling every person a racist you and other little white boys are being used as tool by the likes of BLM to spread the hatred that they so obviously believe in grow,up get a life, and start treating your fellow white man the same as you would your black friends they are not all as you describe them just give the racism remarks and the hatred a rest because you are showing yourself to be a very nasty human being still you have to live with it

        • Hey Keith, when you’re trying to have a conversation could you try using punctuation? It’s very difficult to understand what you’re trying to say when it reads like the frothing ramblings of an frenzied lunatic. Please try harder.
          Anyway, your first point I think I understood quite clearly, so let’s focus on that. You personally do not believe that black people in Thanet suffer from racism. Now let’s work this one through. I could tell you personally that black people suffer from racism in Thanet, but you won’t believe me. You’ll say something about “woke society”, or “cancel culture”, or anything that The Sun have trained stupid people to say, you’ll dismiss me out of hand. How about black people themselves, telling you in articles and marches and activism that they are suffering from racism? Of course you won’t believe them. Why would their testimony about their own experiences matter? You can’t trust them can you, because well.. they’re black, and you’re a racist.
          So is there anything, anything in the world, that could convince you that black people in Thanet suffer from racism? What could it be? What could possibly change your mind?

          • David have you got your pathetic answers on replay because yo keep repeating the same old tripe give it a rest you are on your own here, a lone, and sad voice in an area that is 95% white, as you would say just stop it but you can’t can you? is some one paying you to spout this rubbish?just stop it

          • David I do not care what black people, or anyone else for that matter has to contend with, I have enough going on in my own life to worry about other people

  16. David There was nothing wrong with my punctuation in my last post you either are unable to read properly or you just haven’t got a decent argument either way shut up and give the preaching a rest I’m not interested preach to someone that gives a damn and you still have not answered the question what would a 95% black community say if a hoarding painted with white faces appeared in their community? you know as well as I do that it would not go down well same as the mural in Margate hasn’t ta ta yo awful person

    • Hi Lesley, I imagine you’re trying to reply to me right? I understand, sometimes clicking the right button can be hard. I imagine it might be even harder if you’re the type of person that thinks correct punctuation involves not using a single comma or full stop. Are you sure you’re sure there Lesley? Entirely positive? Have you read any books recently where people type like you? Could you send them to me?

      Anyway. In answer to your question, I don’t have a clue what a 95% black population would do if a mural of white people was put up. Also why on earth do you think that matters? How does that impact the suffering of black people in Thanet today? What tenuous link does that have to black people in Thanet being called a nigger on the street? Being spat on? Having things thrown at them?
      All these things have happened to close personal friends of mine. They are not alone. Black people endure racism on the streets of Thanet every day. You can deny that as much as you want, it doesn’t stop it from being true. Now why on earth are you so happy with that situation that you are standing against people who are trying to stop it? What is it about black people being spat on in Thanet that makes you so happy, and why can’t you just stop?

      Just stop Lesley. You don’t need to be this way.

      • David, you are pathetic, sad little white boy trying to earn brownie points with his black friends, you just stop David you yourself don’t need to be this way. give my back side a rest from your belly aching you re a racist towards white people now go away you have had too much sun you lunatic ta ta

        • Oh Lesley! You found the comma key! I’m very proud of how much you’ve grown. It’s a shame you’re calling people names now though, would you like to try again? Maybe you could threaten me with a fight behind the bike shed? Please try harder Lesley, this isn’t very becoming of how grown ups are meant to talk.
          Let’s try again. Racism is happening in Thanet, black peope are being called nigger on the streets. People think that’s bad. People are trying to decrease the level of racism in Thanet. You’re trying to make it stay the same. Why is it so important to you that the level of racism in Thanet stay the same Lesley? What is about black people in Thanet being called a nigger that you like so much?

          • Hey Lesley, I’m having to respond to you here because the “reply” button has vanished. Oh no!
            I’m sorry if I appear condescending, it’s just very difficult talking to someone who can’t type properly, or think properly, or who resorts to insults and threats. Honestly, you snowflakes are the worst. You get your feelings hurt so easily, as soon as it’s pointed out how racist you are. How racist are you Lesley? You still haven’t answered, I really want to know what you like about racism in Thanet that you don’t want there to be any less of it. What about racism makes you so happy Lesley? Oh and if you could try and respond like an adult that would be wonderful. You’ve clearly been “triggered” and lost your temper, but let’s do our best not to use naughty words and insults ok? I believe in you!

  17. so David you are stupid after all a95% black population confronted with a mural of white people would shout racism from the roof tops and promptly deface it and you wouldn’t know that?huh pull the other one you haven’t got a plausible answer so you say I don’t know pathetic now feck off and grow a pair

    • Lesley I already answered your question, you may not have seen it because.. well because you can’t use this website properly and keep replying to the wrong things. Would you like me to show you how to use a computer Lesley? It seems like you’re really struggling. Would you like me to recommend some classes on YouTube? To help you be less like.. the way that you are?

        • Ohh Lesley you’re doing so well with that comma key now! I’m glad you’re enjoying it now that you’ve found it. Commas are good aren’t they? We like good things! And we don’t like bad things do we? We don’t like people getting hurt, that’s bad! Lots of people in Thanet are getting hurt every day, just because they’re black. That’s bad! Some people are trying to make that happen less. That’s good! But some people want to STOP that from happening! That’s bad!
          And it looks like you’re one of those people Lesley, you really like that black people are getting hurt in Thanet, and you want them to keep getting hurt just as much. If you wanted to, you can help them get hurt less, and you wouldn’t even have to do anything. You’d just have to stop standing in peoples way. Why oh why won’t you do that Lesley? Why is racism so important to you? Are you still not understanding this? I’ve tried using very simple words for you this time Lesley, do you understand it now?

  18. Hey Keith, down here! I’m sorry, the “reply” button on your comment seems to have vanished, so I’m having to reply here. In answer to your comment; yes I am using the same type of responses a lot! A lot of racists have similar opinions, so you can expect a lot of repetition. It’s sad, but what can you expect when so many people have their opinions fed to them by The Sun?

    Anyway Keith! We were talking about racism in Thanet. Now in contrast to every single black person in Thanet, you think that there’s no racism here. Which is, of course, exactly what a racist would think, but I digress. The question is, what evidence would you accept that black people in Thanet experience racism here? What would have to happen for you to believe that?

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