Repairs to Westgate’s Christ Church URC clock tower to get underway this Spring

Westgate Christ Church URC

Work on Westgate’s Christ Church URC’s £50,000 repairs to its clock tower base will begin this Spring after successful fundraising.

The Westgate Bay Avenue church, which was officially opened in April 1884, needs repairs to the base of the clock tower due to erosion of the sand stone. The hands of the clock in the tower have also been stuck and out of action for a long time.

Due to the tower being situated over the church steps the repairs are a matter of urgency.

The United Reform Church has received half of the amount needed from the Southern Synod, which knits together 160 churches in the south-east. More funds have been raised following an appeal last year.

Minister Revd David Yule said: “We knew as a church that the raising of funds from within the congregation was beyond our limited means and that was before Covid 19 struck. Funds were sought from individuals, our denomination and from other fund giving bodies.

Revd David Yule. and Christ Church members

“For what seemed a long time we waited but we are glad to say that virtually the whole cost of the project has now been met. The United Reformed Church Southern Synod have agreed to pay in excess of 50% of the cost. The sterling work of our fundraiser Pat Robson, along with the members of the finance and property committee, has managed to raise an impressive amount from various groups. Even the builders WW Martin, who first erected the church over 150 years ago, have contributed to the fund.

“The church feels that it has reached the point where it can go ahead with the work and so you can expect the scaffolding to start to appear in the spring, weather and Covid permitting. The clock will also be brought back into service whilst the scaffolding is up. For this we give thanks to all those who have generously contributed and offer praise to God for His continued providence.

“This doesn’t mean that the appeal is closed as there is still a short fall that the church will need to cover and as so many of us are finding the side effects of being unable to meet together and work together during the pandemic means our funds are lower than usual.

“But we look forward to being able to meet safely in the future and offer the service to the community our welcome in cafe, our lunch club and our worship provide.”

If anyone would like to help the appeal they can write to Chairman, Property Committee, Christ Church URC, Westgate Bay Avenue, Westgate on Sea.

Although the building is closed the church fellowship is there to help. Get in touch with Rev David Yule 01843 836018 or find  Christ Church Westgate on facebook.

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