Concerns Thanet could face further Covid restrictions when ‘lockdown’ ends

The virus rates are rising

Thanet council says the district could face the threat of continuing restrictions when the national lockdown is reviewed in December if Covid infection rates continue to rise.

Before national ‘lockdown’ was enacted on November 5 Thanet was in Tier 1 (medium alert) with the main restriction being the ‘rule of six.

However, the isle now has the highest Covid rates in Kent and the south east and has passed many of the North East areas that had previously been put into high alert restrictions, according to data published by government and Kent County Council

Today’s (November 13) figures on the government coronavirus dashboard show 103 new cases reported for Thanet (down on 160 yesterday), making a total of 635 between November 7-13. This is a rise of 323 (or 103.5%) on the figure for the previous seven days.

The total number of people in Thanet who have had a confirmed positive test result as of November 13 was 2,323.

There were four deaths within 28 days of a positive test for Coronavirus reported for the week to 13 November for Thanet. The total number of people who have died within 28 days of testing positive for Coronavirus as of 13 November was 123. Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate but may not be the primary cause of death.

Case data for the week ending November 9 published by Kent County Council says the rate of weekly cases in Thanet per 100,000 people now stands at 377 – taking the district above the rate for Swale and making it the highest in Kent and the south east. Government dashboard data has that figure at 343.1 per 100,000 for the seven rolling days to November 8 (timelag on data).

The England average is 254.5 for the same time period. The latest R number for the healthcare region of South East is estimated at 1.2 to 1.4.

The figures are updated daily, although there is time lag on some statistics. They can be found on the government dashboard here and here and the KCC page here

East Kent Hospitals Trust data

As of November 5 818 East Kent Hospitals trust beds were occupied and of these 27 were confirmed covid patients beds up from 3 on October 5

Mechanical ventilation beds occupied 36 – of these 5 are confirmed Covid patients

There was just one admission for a Covid confirmed patient between November 1-4

Six inpatients were diagnosed with Covid November 1-4

There were 8 discharges for Covid confirmed patients November 1-4

From November 1-12 (November 8-12 provisional data) 12 Covid-related deaths have been recorded within East Kent Hospitals (main hospitals Margate, Ashford and Canterbury)

A total of 481 covid related deaths have been recorded at East Kent Hospitals since March 1.

Data compiled by HSJ show a 3.5% Covid patient rate at East Kent Hospitals, which is among the lowest in the country.

Thanet council leader Rick Everitt says the whole community needs to take action now to reduce the spread and lessen the risk of high tier restrictions when the ‘lockdown’ ends on December 2.

He said: “Although we have been in a slightly better position than the national picture, this no longer the case. The fact is that the number of cases in Thanet has risen sharply since mid-October and we need to take action to respond as a community. If the numbers don’t fall we face the threat of continuing restrictions when the national lockdown is reviewed in December, which will have a further effect on everyone’s lives, as well as the local economy.

“Case numbers are up across the entire district, not just in one particular area and there is impact across the whole community not just one particular group of people. Everyone must step up and act in a way that protects them, their loved ones and their neighbours. We cannot afford to be complacent and assume that we won’t be affected because we’re not a big urban centre. We’re looking at the data to see where the most affected areas are and will be working with a range of local partners to get the message out and reach the people we need to.

“We have a duty to respond to this pandemic together. The effects of COVID-19 can be devastating. We mustn’t forget how many people in our community have been affected by it, the number of people who have lost loved ones, have lost their livelihood or have struggled with their mental health.

“Ultimately our success, and the threat of further restrictions, depends on each one of us doing what we’re being asked to – staying in, not spending time in other people’s homes, keeping six feet apart from others, covering our faces and washing our hands well. These are all things we must do, they’re within our power but it will only work if everyone plays their part. They are tiny acts of collective resistance against the virus that will result in it being suppressed.”

Cllr Everitt said Thanet council will be working  to keep the community informed and provide practical help through its website, social media, local community leadersand media.

The authority will support any Test and Trace activity.

Cllr Everitt added: “Our focus at the moment is on galvanising the entire population of Thanet to come together and protect their loved ones and the communities they live in. We will keep working closely with Kent County Council, Public Health England and the NHS to deliver a joint response and to make sure that when the national lockdown ends we’re taking the appropriate level of measures locally and that the public are kept well informed about these plans.

“I am hopeful that if we all work really hard, together, for the next few weeks, we may be able to avoid unwanted continuing restrictions but only if we protect ourselves and each other.”

Kent Public Health said rising covid infection rates are evident across almost all districts in Kent and the increase appears to be predominately amongst people of working age, which means there is a higher risk of community transmission.

Thanet has two Covid testing centres, a drive in at Manston and a walk/drive in at the car park by Dreamland.

Explained: Three-tier Covid alert levels for England

Andrew Scott-Clark, Director of Kent Public Health, said: “Cases are rising across every area in Kent and we are seeing more outbreaks in the community – especially Thanet and Swale – and among working age populations.

“Although we are still below the national average as a county, it’s really important that we protect the most at risk people among our older residents and this is important now, before we reach the end of any national restrictions. KCC is working closely with Thanet District Council and partners to manage and respond to the Covid pandemic and we will ensure the public are kept fully informed as plans for the county, post national lockdown, are established.

“We are also working with partners towards a local Test and Trace system which will be aligned to and support the current NHS national system and we hope to have it in place by the end of November. The Kent Local Tracing Partnership will continue to be an element of the national one and will utilise the experience of the Kent Together helpline, using call handlers to contact people that the Government Test and Trace system has not been able to reach.

“Alongside this we are in the process of finalising our plans and liaising with the Department of Health and Social Care to request supplies of Lateral Flow Devices (rapid testing). Mass asymptomatic testing is a significant undertaking that requires planning and whilst it is an important part of managing the pandemic, it is not the solution and any testing needs to be alongside all the other public health measures such as social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands.

“The main thing people can do is to follow the national restrictions and self-isolate if they have symptoms or have been advised to self-isolate. If you have symptoms, book a test. Play your part to help protect Kent and Medway – more information at

School cases

Covid-19 data

This month has seen positive cases confirmed at schools stretching from Ursuline in Westgate to Newland, Ramsgate Arts Primary and Chilton in Ramsgate, Upton in Broadstairs, St Gregory’s in Margate and King Ethelbert in Birchington.

There have also been cases at Sandwich Tech, Dane Court, St Saviours, Northdown, Birchington, St George’s and Newington.

Others that have been affected since schools fully reopened in September include Chatham & Clarendon, Northdown, Hartsdown, Newington, Royal Harbour Academy, Minster primary, Bromstone, Dame Janet Primary in Ramsgate, Garlinge primary, St Anthony’s School, Ellington infants,  Dane Court, Cliftonville primary, St George’s CofE and St Ethelbert’s primary.

Manor House nursery and Thanet Early Years nursery, by Newlands, have also been hit with cases.

It is understood Garlinge primary has again been affected with a case in Year 4 today (November 13).

Awaiting a vaccine

The government has ordered  40 million doses of a new Covid vaccine being produced by pharmaceutical firms Pfizer – which has a base in Sandwich – and /BioNTech.

The vaccine has been tested on over 40,000 volunteers and interim results suggest it is proving 90 per cent effective at protecting people against the virus. But those findings need to be peer-reviewed.

The tests were split between vaccinated individuals and those who received a placebo and results indicated a vaccine efficacy rate above 90%, at 7 days after the second dose.

This means that protection is achieved 28 days after the initiation of the vaccination, which consists of a two-dose schedule.

The Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine is one of 11 currently in the final stages of testing.

The companies now plan to apply for emergency approval to use the vaccine by the end of November – and a limited number of people may get the vaccine this year.

Military and NHS staff are on standby to roll out a Covid-19 vaccine across the UK.

Weekly cases per 100,000 people (week Nov 3-9)

Thanet 377

Swale 311.2

Dartford 247.8

Gravesham 246.9

Tonbridge and Malling 179.3

Maidstone 164.7

Dover 154.1

Canterbury  149.3

Sevenoaks 140

Folkestone and Hythe 115

Ashford  113.1

Tunbridge Wells  102.8

Figures from Kent County Council 


Council support

Community Helpline for anyone who needs additional support at this time. The number is 01843 577 330 and the helpline is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Funding for local businesses will open  week commencing 23 November

There is a Facebook Group to provide local businesses with information, help and support:

Thanet ‘lockdown’ 2: List of essential help services

Thanet mum’s call for better parent guidance as positive Covid cases rise in schools


  1. Maybe Thanet would be a good place to start giving out the vaccine. Where were those who died? Home? Hospital? Care Home?

  2. Hardly a surprise if you visit any of the towns mentioned including Birchington & Westgate on Sea the sea fronts have all been full with day trippers and Cyclist with the carparking spaces full especially on sunny days. If you allow people to travel from big Citys to small resorts unchecked it is inevitable that some will bring CV19. Incidently Thanet council has lost in excess of £500k in car parking fees this year due to free parking just a thought as council tavx will have to rise.

    • It’s got little to do with day trippers from big cities. That was in the summer. The huge rise in infections began in the autumn, when schools and colleges went back.
      I really don’t see what impact cyclists could have. They, as a matter of course, are at least 2 metres apart.

    • One good way to be infected Den, is when using a Superstore Shopping Trolleys AFTER every use! I have checked and some stores are not disinfecting the handles of trolleys, so the next customer to use it can be infected! There is no point disinfecting a trolley as people enter the store, because if they have the virus, and one of the symptoms is a cough, and five minutes later cough into their hand, they will then infect the handle ready for the next user! I have tried to bring this to the attention of many authorities, but have been told the government neglected to add anything in the current Rules, to insist stores disinfect trolley handles AFTER every use, Duurh! Another fine mess you have got us into Boris!

  3. A couple of months ago I was on here complaining about the lack of social distancing and people not wearing masks on buses: I was told that I was over-reacting, as infection rates were very low. Now look where we are! It doesn’t pay to be complacent.

  4. In early April, deaths were rising exponentially. By mid April, the tide had turned, andcthe death rate began to fall quite rapidly.
    Because at the end of March we went into strict lockdown, and it takes about 3 weeks for CV to work through.
    In early summer, restrictions were eased. We were positively encouraged to eat out and go back to work.
    And death rates began to rise again.
    And the govt did nothing.
    Until it was absolutely clear that the pandemic was out of control.
    We’re supposed to be in lockdown again. We’re only supposed to go out if we really must. But if you’ve been out (and clearly most have) you’ll see that the streets are as busy as ever.
    I really don’t understand, though, why things are so bad in Thanet.

  5. Most of the shops are open through this second lockdown, which doesn’t help by drawing people out of their homes. How are non-essential shops opening? Aren’t the Covid-19 wardens supposed to do anything apart from walk the streets in their fancy uniforms?

    And why must we have an image of Grahame Garden from ‘The Goodies’each time the council has something to say? Isn’t there a better image available?

  6. Things are bad here because to many ignoring advice, selective spoken English and very poor council that would rather spend money on being PC and arts then cleaning streets, toilets and for filling legal requirements. They would rather fine then fix shame on you Thanet councillors

  7. And still nobody asks the right questions in respect of the statistics.

    377 people in Thanet tested positive in a week.

    Is this 377 out of 100,000 tested or 100,000 of population ?

    So 99,623 tested negative – does that make sense ?

    It should surprise no-one that as we now have two testing centres in Thanet – testing has therefore doubled – so the number of positive cases has doubled.

    Time for somebody to start analysing the figures and not just publish meaningless statistics.

  8. Go into Tesco’s in Ramsgate and you will see the reason for the rise in cases, idiots refusing to wear masks and ignoring social distancing. Go into most petrol stations and corner shops in Thanet and again these selfish fools refuse to wear masks and social distance. Perhaps if the police in Thanet actively targeted the people flouting the rules then cases wouldn’t be skyrocketing in Thanet.

  9. Government advice states, “if you have symptoms, isolate yourself at home and get tested.” HOW? If you are too poor to have a car, you cannot travel to a testing centre without infecting the driver and passengers on public transport, or infecting a taxi driver. If you own a car and are sick, should you be driving at all?

  10. To many shops open. people are Christmas shopping ie Tesco’s Sainsbury’s Asda the range B&M home bargains wilkos and more family out shopping not for essentials items Christmas shopping at this rate not Christmas or new year .we will as suffer.

  11. I took a test 14 days ago and still no result! When I rang about it after 10 days of waiting I was told my test was probably lost. Nice one!

    • Have you tried contacting the local press under your real name? They may (or may not) be interested in your story!

  12. The positive numbers have risen because stupid, bored compliant people with nothing else to do have submitted themselves to testing, despite not showing any sign of illness.

  13. Council Leader – We are worried about people’s livelihoods.

    Also Council Leader – We are going to put up the Council Tax to the maximum we are allowed by law from next April. Oh, and hike the fees and charges by the same amount.


  14. This Happens because Thanet people just do n0t listen TO THE RULES just look around and see how many people are out and about most do not cover up , I know several people that still mix with other house holds , but they me call me the idiot for moaning , They cant see the long term affect it has , it will just take longer to go away .

  15. The schools need to be shut when there are positive cases and children kept indoors to isolate instead of going out to westwood cross and McDonald’s and spreading the virus. Have the parents of these children been fined for letting there children out to infect everyone else?

  16. People are Christmas shopping and sending kids to school all over the South East. There must be a specific reason Thanet is so bad. I hope the statistics coming back from the testing centres are being analyzed and that for once Thanet Council will be proactive or we will be in isolation for months.

  17. There is a much bigger picture to look at here. A freedom of information request to Public Health England (PHE) has recently revealed that positive testing does not necessarily indicate an active virus infection – PHE does not separate active transmissible cases from non active or nontransmissible cases. i.e. Positive testing does not necessary mean one’s infectious. Yet we have destructive lockdowns and social isolation. Many medical experts world wide are warning of the dangers of false positives in testing, and others ask how ordinary flu is differentiated or whether flu jabs result in positive test results. Many are highlighting the dangers of lockdowns being more destructive than the virus in terms of illnesses not treated, destruction of businesses and the economy as a whole, crises in mental health and increased suicides, psychological harm to our young people – and society as a whole, education lost, extreme distress of elderly in care homes and the unprecedented infringement on civil liberties as highlighted by Lord Sumpton. Blaming young people or parents is very wrong. Blame politicians and officials of all political colours for going along with this, and kudos to the politicians and other medical experts and scientists and care home whistleblowers speaking out now and protestors world-wide.

    • Fascinating.
      Many more experts, world leaders, politicians and so on are desperately locking down to a greater or lesser extent.
      As an exemplar of good practice, just look at New Zealand.

  18. We in thanet are nearest to France and the virus does seem to travel from east to west . What we have here now could soon be all across Kent and London. So it is even more important that we all follow the rules and keep each other safe. Thank God Boris has finally got rid of Cummings the parasite that thinks he can do as he likes and sod everyone else

  19. On my way to work yesterday morning Friday 13th I saw 100 odd school children outside st George’s school broadstairs Not one of them had a mask and not 1 of them was social distancing they was all messing about and in large groups inches apart from each other couldn’t believe my eyes mark my words there will be an outbreak In that school soon and as for tescos manston and Westwood it’s a joke no social distancing at all many shoppers without masks mum and dad shopping with 2 or 3 kids with them. Is there any need for that a whole family out shopping I think not, this isn’t a lockdown it’s a joke no wonder why we are the highest in Kent for infection rate

  20. TDC response? Close half the public toilets and keep £400k of grants given by government for COVID support this year for bailing out next years defecit.

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