A photographer’s car that was stolen twice in 24 hours has been found (again)

The window was smashed during the first theft

Police have found a car that was stolen from Ramsgate,  dumped at Whitstable railway station.

Thanet photographer Eleanor Marriott issued an appeal for help after her classic 1968 Morris Traveller car was taken by thieves twice in 24 hours.

Eleanor parked around the corner from Ramsgate railway station on Thursday (July 30) but on Friday found out the car had been taken sometime during the evening and then dumped nearby in the pay and display parking area on Station Approach Road. The window had been smashed and the ignition was damaged.

Eleanor said: “When I reported it the police said that CSI might want to visit it so I should not touch it and should leave it there until the next day.”

But the car was stolen again some time between 5pm Friday night and Saturday morning.

The Isle of Thanet News published an appeal for Eleanor and brilliant readers notified us of sightings on the Hengist Way and then, this morning, one person said he had seen it at Whitstable.

Eleanor called police and they confirmed the vehicle was recovered from Whitstable railway station at around 8am today (August 3).

Eleanor said: “I think it turned into a hot potato with all the publicity it received. Police recovered it from Whitstable station at 8.30am. It’s now at a recovery centre awaiting forensics.

“I really didn’t think I’d see it again. Thank you to everyone who helped.”


  1. Glad you got the car back – I only live around the corner from Whitstable railway station. As a classic car owner myself, can I recommend you fit a battery isolator device in your motor? They aren’t expensive – about £15 – and come a with a big red key which, when removed, shuts off the battery from the rest of the car. It means it can’t go anywhere and also protects your car’s 50+ years old electrics from overloading. Also very handy if you are working on the car and need to turn off the power for a short time.

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