Caught in the act: Man slapped with £400 fine for dumping waste in resident bins in Cliftonville


A man has been issued with a £400 fixed penalty fine after being caught on CCTV dumping goods in resident bins in Cliftonville.

The Thanet council enforcement team said: “This man was spotted by CCTV dumping unbagged large waste items into resident bins on Edgar Road, Cliftonville. Eight minutes later, our Streetscene officer attended and he has been warned about fly-tipping and issued a FPN of £400.”

The action follows complaints from residents in nearby Athelstan Road who are also experiencing flytipping and over-flowing rubbish at the paladin bins either end of the street.

They say trade waste and rubbish from those who are not residents is part of the cause of regular rubbish spillage and overflowing waste. The bins are for resident use, not general public waste.

The Athelstan Road Tenants and Residents Association is campaigning for removal of the bins in favour of using the street’s rear gardens, which all back onto the unmaintained alleyways, which were the Victorian solution to storing and collecting the street’s rubbish and which are wide enough for a vehicle as wide as a Ford Transit van.

Ward councillors Alan Currie and Heather Keen have been in discussions with council staff about tackling the problem. Streetscene enforcement staff have put signs in place warning of hefty fines for fly tipping and stickers have also been used stating the bins are for bagged domestic waste only after complaints of trade waste being dumped at the site.

Thanet council says the Street Scene Enforcement team is endeavouring to focus on the paladin bins at specific areas to “try and educate, enforce and deter against daily abuse.”

Council will not enforce Edgar Road flytip penalty after concerns raised over man’s vulnerability

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  1. I’m not sure about this. So this man is fined for putting rubbish into a rubbish bin. ? Where does it’s say on the bin he can’t put rubbish in the bin. I could understand it if he put the rubbish on the floor, but in the bin???

    • I agree with ann’s arguement here

      As one of the enforcement officers said to me at an ABC meeting it is better in the bin than dumped on our streets. This was someone in bath road and she dumps loads of it in the private area behind the old MFI building so the tenants cannot use their bins. Whilst I agree better off in the bin not in bag loads

      Dear Alan and team….can we please enforce people to break down cardboard and to have a cardboard bin
      May I also suggest that the bins have locks on them or better still all at the Waste department we need to look at getting better bins full stop that would break down the rubbish already?

      see you on a soon to be litter pick starting at the end of this month Sunday 26th of July and the September clean with Keep Britain tidy which I am an ambassador for!

      • The residents pay a monthly fee for these bins to be emptied, as you pay for your household waste to be removed by your council.

      • Thanet councils handling of waste removal services and manston court road waste processing site is a huge inefficient joke .
        They make it harder and harder for people to get rid of waste materials , and spend millions on what they think are improvements ..,the reality is they make Thanet dirtier by there ludicrous making getting rid of waste 100 times harder ! Red tape and jobs worthy hats , and speech’s that help no one ..
        Look at the inadequate bins in car parks and on our beaches and in hundreds of locations . Why are some equipped with the big black wheelie bins and others don’t get any ! Absolute madness

    • I do see the point but the bins are for residents, not the general public. They have stickers on them to that effect because residents then have overflowing bins each day where everyone else is using them. It is a bit like someone coming along and filling your bin up with a load of trash they don’t want instead of either using their bin, the tip, or the proper trade waste disposal scheme. Although, yes, at least he got it in a bin and not in an alley somewhere

      • I have a neighbour who has a business and he brings his waste home to put in his domestic wheelie bins which he overloads then sneaks around to use our bins too when nobody is looking. He is a nasty piece of work and we reported him to TDC but they did nothing so he continues to use our bins and probably other neighbours too.

    • In Ellington Park Ramsgate, people put their domestic rubbish into the park bins , because the bins aren’t emptied regularly the bins overflow, dogs mess included, not very hygienic, so this man should not be using other peoples bins

    • Would you say same if it was your bin and you get your own rubbish in because they filling it up

  2. Local tennants are allowed to use these bins for domestic rubbish in black sacks only. It says on the bins bagged waste only. It is obvious this man is putting unbagged non domestic waste in the paladin bins which is not allowed. We need TDC streetscene officers to catch more fly-tipping in these streets and the surrounding areas as it’s disgusting living amongst all this crap. We’ve see an increase in mice, cockroaches and other nasties recently. Anything that can be done to reduce fly-tipping is a good thing for Cliftonville.

  3. Legal definition of fly tipping.
    Fly-tipping is defined as the ‘illegal deposit of any waste onto land that does not have a licence to accept it’. Tipping a mattress, electrical items or a bin bag full of rubbish in the street causes a local nuisance and makes an area look ugly and run down.

    Me being an awkward cow, if that was me who had been given a £400 fine I would not pay it and want it to go to court.
    I would argue. 1. It was put in the bin therefore it was not technically in law it was not fly tipping.

  4. I haven’t got a problem with this as long as the Council are consistent in their zero tolerance approach. When the Travelling Community start being fined for leaving rubbish everywhere and their own bin men get fined for leaving crap all over the streets when they collect the bins then fair play.

    • Thanetian blind you make a good point, fairness is the whole thing I stick up for the gypsies quite a bit as I grew up around them school etc and they do get away without paying any fines so it should be everyone given the same treatment.

  5. I think you will find what is allowed in the bins, on the bins there are notices on the bottom corner of the paladins you can read more there unless they have come of, because of bad weather and removing them so if caught they claim ignorance of rules. I hope they catch more people for fly-tipping and heftily fining them. I agree it’s a bin for rubbish (bagged rubbish) and yes it is better being in a bin and not on the street but it its not the right thing to do when it’s not bagged, cut it up next time and bad it 5or 6 black bags is cheaper than a £400 fine or even a £10 fine and they can’t see what is in it!!!, I know still doesn’t make it right but she /he at least did use their brains and bin it.

  6. Some of you that appear to disagree with what has happened to this rubbish dumper would be up in arms if it was similarly happening near to your front doors! The man was depositing rubbish contrary to the local by laws, whether you can properly call it “fly tipping” or not. It is still creating a BLOODY EYESORE for those living in that area. Get real and stop making excuses.

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