Caught in the act: Man slapped with £400 fine for dumping waste in resident bins in Cliftonville


A man has been issued with a £400 fixed penalty fine after being caught on CCTV dumping goods in resident bins in Cliftonville.

The Thanet council enforcement team said: “This man was spotted by CCTV dumping unbagged large waste items into resident bins on Edgar Road, Cliftonville. Eight minutes later, our Streetscene officer attended and he has been warned about fly-tipping and issued a FPN of £400.”

The action follows complaints from residents in nearby Athelstan Road who are also experiencing flytipping and over-flowing rubbish at the paladin bins either end of the street.

They say trade waste and rubbish from those who are not residents is part of the cause of regular rubbish spillage and overflowing waste. The bins are for resident use, not general public waste.

The Athelstan Road Tenants and Residents Association is campaigning for removal of the bins in favour of using the street’s rear gardens, which all back onto the unmaintained alleyways, which were the Victorian solution to storing and collecting the street’s rubbish and which are wide enough for a vehicle as wide as a Ford Transit van.

Ward councillors Alan Currie and Heather Keen have been in discussions with council staff about tackling the problem. Streetscene enforcement staff have put signs in place warning of hefty fines for fly tipping and stickers have also been used stating the bins are for bagged domestic waste only after complaints of trade waste being dumped at the site.

Thanet council says the Street Scene Enforcement team is endeavouring to focus on the paladin bins at specific areas to “try and educate, enforce and deter against daily abuse.”

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