Councillor’s call for action over assaults, vandalism and ‘increasing criminal activity’ at Dane Park

Cllr Gary Taylor wants action over the increase in criminal incidents at Dane Park

Dane Valley ward councillor Gary Taylor says police and the Thanet Community Safety Partnership must take action after a catalogue of incidents at Dane Park.

In the past two months there have been assaults, fires, vandalism and issues with Traveller encampments at the Dane Road park.

The historic site has been used by the public since opening in 1896 and has been the focus of a community tree planting effort.

It also has the grounds of Thanet Colts youth football club which recently merged with Ramsgate FC youth.

Cllr Taylor is due to bring the issue up at a Thanet council meeting on July 9 when he will ask for action due to “increasing criminal activity and anti social behaviour notably in Dane Park and parts of Dane Valley.”

Yesterday two 13-year-old girls were attacked by a large group of teenagers and earlier this month police cordoned off part of the park after a reported sexual assault.

Cllr Taylor said: “The park has many positives and has been a lovely open space to exercise or relax, really noticeably during lockdown. Hundreds of trees have been planted, bringing our community together, plus there are wonderful volunteers who help litterpick. I want Dane Park, which was given to the people of Margate many years ago, to be simply safer and an enjoyable place to be.

“But yesterday we had a horrible attack on innocent young people who had been enjoying Dane Park. A few weeks ago there was a sexual assault by the children’s playground. Another assault also took place on a lady who had been sitting on a bench.

“There has also been bullying and intimidation of young people just walking through the park by other youths.

“A couple of Thanet council bins have been set alight maliciously and through stupidity with a portable barbecue. Last weekend an attempt was made to break into the Dane Park Kiosk.

“From time to time stolen mopeds and motorcycles have been found burnt out. In certain areas of the park we still have needless littering and the bottle bank in Park Crescent Road at the  edge of the park suffers constant fly-tipping by it.

“Some of the tree cages have been vandalised, causing one dog recently to rip his body on protruding metal wire.

“On top of all this we recently had  Travellers descend onto Dane Park with 26 caravans, which caused mayhem and angered law abiding residents.

“ I shall be asking next Thursday at full council for the Thanet Community Safety Partnership and the police to put Dane Park on the agenda for discussion and action. Enough is enough.”

Police are investigating yesterday’s (June 29) assault on the two girls. Witnesses can call police on 01843 222289 quoting 29-0826.


  1. Good Luck with that Gary! Something needs to be done, true. Will TDC give the necessary help to organise something(?).
    Feral youth is to blame for most of the offences stated in this report. I think I would make a start there. Police action needed….
    Then perhaps peaceful, relaxing days in Dane Park will return soon…

    • It’s not just Dane park, Its rampant in King George V park, it’s pretty much all Thanet parks and beaches. Drug dealing in plain sight of everyone, getting pissed and then smashing glass bottles for fun, snorting laughing gas and leaving behind hundreds of metal canisters and balloons.

      These feral kids are not afraid of the weak punishments they are given. Until there is a deterrent this will continue unabated.

  2. Definitely requires action of some kind, but there are limited options. What could be done? Extra patrols, but never guaranteed to catch the culprits at the right time.
    Extra night time lighting, but this could attract further gangs at night.
    Tougher punishments, but this is limited, when the offenders are below 16 years of age. Parents could be punished, but this has little knock-on effects (bad parenting).

    Perhaps volunteer groups patrolling the area/s, but with limited powers.

    This will be difficult to achieve in the area.

  3. There seems to be an increase in teen lawlessness lately! I have been brushed 3 times lately by one on an electric scooter, who delights in coming up behind people and startling them, as he brushes past them laughing! The scooters are illegal, and so quiet they can’t be heard coming. He sometimes has another younger boy on the scooter at the same time, he is going to seriously hurt someone, or himself soon!

    • Let’s hope it is himself that is hurt, a broken leg would suffice! People like that are idiots with no respect for others (especially with the Covid situation) and should be treated accordingly, knock him off the scooter and then break the scooter would be my advice, oh and then laugh just as he does to others. Is the only way people like that learn, being nice and trying to reason with these types is pointless. Pain and suffering is the only way to get through to them.

  4. I am sure if the police recruit a few more special constables preferences to those who live in that area it would help a great deal
    It could be their area to patrol. Special’s have all the same powers of regular police officers. It was sickening to hear of the two girls who were attacked and the sexual assault. I remember poor Sonia Berry she was murdered there, we don’t want another.

  5. Perhaps if the council adopted a permit only for residents and day trippers had to purchase permits to go on the beaches there might be some money available to have park wardens. Perhaps we could re invest. Let’s look for constructive ways to deal with these problems we have and perhaps we might be able to stop these problems before they happen!!! It’s so sad that these girls couldn’t enjoy spending time in the park…We have to look at ways of protecting our amenities..

    • Did you not think before making a comment?

      Residents permits to enter a park, or go on the beach.

      Thanet residents do not own the beaches.

      Wake wake.

      Have you got lost from your village?

  6. Can you also do something about the drug addicts injecting themselves in the bushes in Dane Park. They’ve moved from the rocks area, since it’s been thinned out, to the bushes near the bowling club gate.

    • Perhaps with permission Sir you could set up a group to clear this area or you could ask ABC A Better Cliftonville to help although we are only Cliftonville

      also Cllr Taylor I think you need to have a public meeting only too glad to bring positive out of negatives and make Dane Park Up and active for the right reasons

      Yes, it is overgrown. It needs a good sweep and over hanging vegetation needs to be lessened but not chopped.

    • I will get him involved too Barry lewis what say you to a public meeting first so that residents can iron out their issues and concerns and how KCC can improve.

      What we need is you Barry …

    • another outrageous statement to make

      parents bring their children up however does not mean they are to blame

      having fuck all to do in thanet has a god damn lot to do with it actually

      starting putting funds into the park and tidy it up and raise funds and get them involved and turn things around

      Cllr Taylor only too glad to come on board and lets get this park active

      sick of hearing children are feral sick of hearing lock up the parents no wonder half of thanet has mental health with starting with some of these adult posters and I work in mental health

      stop attacking an issue you know nothing about

      lets be positive and give dane park the recognition and life it deserves

  7. I don’t know where the George V Park is but I go regularly to the George V1 Park with my dog and have only met friendly people and their dogs. Maybe I should get my glasses checked – or test them on a driving trip to a local castle

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