Police investigate report of teen mob attack on two girls in Margate

Image Kent Police

Police are investigating after a report that two 13-year-old girls were attacked by a mob of teenagers in Margate.

The girls, one of whom is diabetic, had gone for a walk together at Dane Park when a gang of 15 youngsters of around the same age are reported to have surrounded them.

A report has been made to police that the gang of boys and girls then assaulted the pair while recording it on mobile phones.

A family friend of one of the youngsters said: “It’s vile, innocent well behaved, clever intelligent little girls that don’t even go out usually but they went for a short stroll and got attacked and told to apologise for being themselves. After begging them to stop they apologised, screaming, and they still continued to beat them.”

One youngster managed to call her mum but the gang dispersed before she got to her daughter.

The family friend said the girls have previously been threatened via video calls. She added: “This has to stop.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police received a report at 2.15pm that two girls suffered injuries following an assault in Dane Park, Margate.

“Officers attended the scene and enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances of the incident.”

Witnesses can call police on 01843 222289 quoting 29-0826.


  1. Absolutely disgusting and nothing will be done I wouldn’t like to be in there shoes bullies are weak

  2. Anne and Rebecca totally agree on you on this one.you may not agree with me before the EU our youngster had displine and parents were allowed to teach them right for wrong I never needed CV because of the thought of punishment from parents since Blair brought in the human rights act and do gooders that what’s happening today no respect for anyone or anything.

    • The Mods & Rockers fighting on Margate beach with weapons back in the ‘good old black & white days’ must have been a figment of our imaginations then. As for the human rights act it offers basic protection & the UK had signed to the European Convention On Human Rights in the early 1950’s-Chruchill was a great proponent of it, Blair just introduced a far superior one. For those who like to bleat about it being used by criminals/immigrants etc, just remember it also protects you from being fitted up by the police & many other things you would be the first to be complaining that your rights have been violated & trampled on, if you were the one unlucky enough to find yourself on the wrong end of a bum rap. You might also want to life those rose tinted glasses & remember that post WW2 was actually the peak of UK crime.

      • Well said. Plenty of very violent and unsociable behaviour in the 60’s and 70,s and I fed many people look at the past though rose tinted specs! Literally dozens of police vans along the seafront in some days- but in them days there were more police about. We need more on the streets. It used to stop me and my mates in our tracks as they were visible and a deterrent.

    • 100%spot on. Couldn’t have said it better my self. Young kids are quick learn their rights but not their responsibilities.

      A lot of Young people (NOT ALL) are no longer afraid of our justice system and have lived their lives with no discipline, zero responsibility and have been spoilt and shielded by their parents. When there’s no deterrent no wonder these kids act like there’s no consequences for their actions.

  3. Disgusting cowardly behaviour by a gang on two innocent girls. This has happened a few times in and around Dane Park recently, being reported in the isle of thanet news and other online news services.
    We do not see any police on the streets in Cliftonville so all these gangs and other crimes go on without worry of being apprehended. Why didn’t somebody step in and help the girls against these vile thugs that think it funny to film their crimes? there are usually others in the park during the day.

    • Because stress can make sugar levels drop which is not good when someone especially a child suffers from diabetes, I’m sure that these girls were stressed by what was happening to them

      • But it has no relevance to the story, they were not attacked because she was diabetic.

        Ridiculous reporting, just non-essential information, to make people feel sorry.

          • That’s a ridiculous response, they didn’t know she was diabetic

            Did they see her, then decide to attack her because she was diabetic?

          • But they didn’t, because they didn’t even know she was diabetic.

            You give a pointless response.

            Look at the report at km online, doesn’t even mention she is diabetic, because it’s not relevant.

          • KM doesn’t mention it because they didn’t talk to anyone involved, they just saw my report (probably) and asked police for the comment. I assume they may well have known she was diabetic because they have threatened her via video call (in my report. You won’t find that in KM either)

        • They did know she was a diabetic was one of the reasons why they bullied her

          • Oh, yet another idiot trolling around.

            Look at the report, if you are able to actually read, it does not state anything like you say.

            It does not say they knew.

            I knew there were a lot of idiots in Thanet, but I never realised this site attracted so many, like yourself.

            I really can’t understand, what it is that you don’t understand. Read the report, it’s black and white.

    • She’s a type one diabetic I know the girl she has been shielded and first time out what you don’t know is an attack like this can make her heart rate race sugar level plummet and diabetic attack come on

    • This is my daughter that was attacked who is type 1 diabetic. please read about type 1 diabetes and how certain environments, incidences could have serious consequence on a type 1 immediate health… her sugar levels have still not stabilised not to mention the cuts she has will take alot longer then someone without an auto immune disease. plus the risk of infection. not to mention she wears an insulin pump that has a cannula that was ripped out of her body. thankfully this very expensive bit of kit has not been damaged only scratches but will need to be replaced incase of any internal cracks to the cost of 3k on the nhs… not to mention her mobile phone which she uses to measure her blood sugar levels via a sensor attached to her arm. her mobile phone was taken and thrown thankfully she retrieved but is damaged which she uses as a medical device.

      • I am sorry to hear about your daughter, I hope she is well.

        There is no mention anywhere in the report that she is a type 1 diabetic, or carrying insulin etc. People are led to just assume, when they read a report, which lacks fiber details.

        Please don’t lecturer, on diabetic difficulties, I have been a type 1, for over 20 years, and know the consequences very well.

  4. Totally agree Steve I feel my rights are taken away when trying to get a doctor’s appointment when you are I’ll they expect you to be I’ll when it suits them you may think differently my point is lack of disapline and respect.

  5. “Damp Squibs” typical of most (not all) of our youth today! 15 – 2 and Girls at that…
    Rotten little poo-heads!
    I fear we have to be more vigilant in our open spaces. Parents still in lockdown, the message has been sent out by these rogue ferals. Watch your kids!

  6. Kathy Bailes

    You may as well say “one of the girls who was attacked had size 5 shoes. It’s totally irrelevant, and because you know it, you remove the reply link.

    I guess this is how a 5 bob reporter works.

  7. Does it matter about the medication if they have sent messages on line they more than likely know her and go to the same school the thing is there were 15 on to 2. In a gang full of bravado gutless pieces of what’s been left on the beaches, if they were on their own they would run away gutless. I hope they are caught and get more than a slapped wrist, show them the errors of their ways and make them understand what could happen if she had a seizure show them a video some will be sick watching it.

    • I totally agree with you Big Chris.

      But the report doesn’t say whether she was a type 1, or type 2 diabetic, treated in different ways, with different outcomes.

      I hope the clowns are caught, but I suspect they will just be told off, and told not to do it again.

  8. Phil, usually when kids are set upon they bully the victim for their money and phone. And anything else they can steal,,clothes, trainers,etc.. What if they took her insulin , and used it, would THAT be her fault if they died . Or if she had suffered a hypo, would they have helped or run away, they are bored kids who need SCHOOL and parents who care !

    • Children are usually bullied because they are seen as being different, this could be all sorts, height, weight, hair style, personality.

      I can say with much certainty that she wouldn’t have been carrying insulin.

      Why do you jump to conclusions, nobody even knows if she uses insulin.

  9. Well done Kathy Bailes thanks for keeping us informed. The critsism of additional information in the report is unhelpful, I for one would rather know more, than less. Keep it up Kathy, you do a great job.

    • I’m in no hole, you should look at the reported facts, not assumptions.

      On the other hand, you could try getting yourself a better education.

      • So glad that you made it out safely, you had us all worried.
        Phil. No debate to petty
        Available 24/7

        • I do find it incredibly difficult, trying to communicate with a person of such low intelligence, like yourself.

          Look at the facts, and evidence presented.

          I would love to be in court against somebody like you, so easy to knock down, and make yourself look ridiculous.

          Nevermind, there is one in every village, hope you find the way back to yours.

    • Oh, have you just woken up?

      It’s quite strange how this site appears to attract chavs, and people with very little intelligence, like yourself.

  10. Being nasty is not you should be saying about people I am no chav and have low intelligence if you used your real name I lot of really intelagent would talk you through the courts you are now an expert on this subject
    Maybe it’s time the paper shut this story down to stop the insults to people and the editor.

    • It’s extremely difficult to read, and understand your comment, with so many mistakes, probably due to your low intelligence as you previously agreed.

      I would suggest you mind your own business, especially when you don’t even understand other comments.

      • Ive bin such a wolly worrying abuot u Philfoolstop. falling up your own hole. You was always gunto make it out safely.
        Nah its clear Yous much too cleva for us lot.
        Your intelligench is wasted on uS.
        Phil. for major of Thanet!

          • Phil the giant troll, being too involved in the comments. Don’t you have your own life? When something of this nature happens to your impotent uneducated phallus head behind I will be there to kick you while your down, exactly as you are to these victims of some of Thanet lowest skanks right now. Your just as bad as the horrible children who did this.

  11. Brian Smith-Stewart, Phil & Thaneteverwas the 3 of you are a laughing stock please for everyone’s sack please stop your back biting of each other. Your making a serious incident into a kindergarten play ground game with your stupidity act like adults and stop this now. If you have anything sensible to add to the conversation please by all means comment but leave the squabbling out for the rest of us. Thank you in advance Chris


    You really are an absolute twat, yet another person who has such low intelligence, you don’t even bother to look at the details in the report.

    Whatever these yobs did or didn’t know about the girls, it doesn’t mention it in the report. You are so dumb, you don’t even understand, now clear off, and grow up, little man.

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