Wartime ‘munition’ at Minnis Bay blown up by Army bomb disposal team

Army bomb disposal team Photo Bob Hudson

A suspected wartime munition has been blown up at Minnis Bay by bomb disposal experts.

Kent Police were called to the beach at 12.10pm today (June 29) after local detectorist Bob Hudson unearthed the object. A cordon was put in place.

The Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team were called in to deal with the device.

An MoD spokesperson said: “A team were tasked to Minnis Bay in Kent at approximately 1pm today.”

Emergency services called to Minnis Bay after suspected ‘bomb’ uncovered


  1. Why are some people so keen on closing local beaches and depriving the majority of beach users of the various pleasant and not anti-social activities that we enjoy there?

    This suggestion sounds like defeatism.

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