Devastated Eileen calls for action after dog dies following plunge into ‘hidden drop’ at ‘Winter Gardens’ slipway

Eddie sadly lost his life

A devastated dog owner says her pet has died after plunging into a ‘hidden drop’ under a deceptively shallow-looking water area at the slipway behind the Winter Gardens in Margate.

Eileen McGrath, 63, was walking dog Eddie along the beach at about 8am last Thursday (June 25) when he went into water at the bottom of the beach slipway, but then got into trouble.

Eileen, who got Eddie from a rescue centre more than six years ago, said: “He ran into the water and as he started coming towards me he then began struggling. The next minute he went under.

“I went in but then got stuck and had to get my Crocs off and go back in. I lifted him up and tried to get the water out of him.

“I managed to get him standing up but he was shaking. I got him to the prom and got my car and took him to the vets.”

Eddie had swallowed a lot of sea water, had hypothermia and his heart was racing. He was taken to a veterinary hospital in Canterbury and kept in overnight.

Sadly the experience proved too much for Eddie and the water he had ingested resulted in kidney failure.

Eileen, who says Eddie helped her with anxiety, said: “He couldn’t cope. I am so upset. I can’t believe my beautiful boy has gone.
“I rescued him and tried my hardest to help him. The PDSA/hospital did their best to help and support him. His body could not cope and was unable to recover from the trauma.

“Eddie was my best friend, he came into my life six and a half years ago. He was a treasured companion, we had lots of fun together. Everyone who met my Eddie adored him.

“He made my life worth living, he got me through tough times. He enabled me to make lots of new friends, he was always by my side.

“We loved each other very much, I don’t know how I’ll survive without him, my heart is truly broken.”

Earlier this month Margate mum Jade Williams had to rescue her son Jay’me, two, after he was playing at the edge of ‘the puddle’ and suddenly disappeared.

The frantic mum-of-two had to pull the toddler from the water. This was at the same spot where Eddie went under.

Eileen says she would like to see signs highlighting the danger or even be closed off.

She said: “There was a sign but it was the size of a postcard and if you come from the Walpole Bay direction you wouldn’t see it anyway. They should fill it in or put boulders there and bigger signs. It looks like a shallow pool but it is not. I am very concerned that next time it could be a small child. Something needs to be done.”

Thanet council has been asked for comment.