Met Police officers arrested over allegation of inappropriate photos of scene where sisters Bibaa and Nicole were killed

Bibaa Henry (left) and Nicole Smallman Photos Met Police

Two Metropolitan Police officers have been arrested over allegations that they took inappropriate photographs at the crime scene in  Wembley in relation to the murders of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman.

The two sisters, whose parents live in Ramsgate, were killed in the early hours of Saturday 6 June. Later that day, they were reported as missing to police when they did not return home. Their bodies were discovered on Sunday 7 June.

On Wednesday, 17 June the Met Police Directorate of Professional Standards was informed of allegations that non-official and inappropriate photographs had been taken by officers at the crime scene.

An immediate referral was made to the Independent Office for Police Conduct which has launched an independent investigation.

Two Met Police officers were arrested on Monday, June22  by the IOPC on suspicion of misconduct in a public office. They have since been bailed to return pending further enquiries.

Both officers – who are based on the North East Command – have been suspended from duty.

Commander Paul Brogden said: “I am horrified and disgusted by the nature of these allegations; a sentiment which will be shared by colleagues throughout the organisation. If true, these actions are morally reprehensible and anyone involved will be robustly dealt with. I am limited in terms of being able to comment further about the matter at this time in order not to compromise the IOPC investigation.

“Senior representatives from the MPS and the IOPC visited the parents of Bibaa and Nicole to inform them of these serious allegations and confirm that it is now subject to an independent investigation with full co-operation from the MPS.

“This deeply disturbing information will no doubt have created additional trauma for a family who are already grieving the devastating loss of two loved ones. I can only start to imagine the impact of this; and I’d like to sincerely apologise to them for this further burden.

“I know that the wider community will share our shock and repulsion at these allegations and whilst our focus remains with Bibaa and Nicole’s family we are also listening to the concerns our communities and key stakeholders will want to raise about these allegations.”

A mandatory referral has also been made to the IOPC to consider the actions of police between the time a number of reports were made by family and friends that Bibaa and Nicole were missing and the time they were found. The IOPC have taken the decision to independently investigate, and the Met Police Service is providing full support to that investigation.

The parents of 46-year-old Bibaa Henry and 27-year-old Nicole Smallman are Chris and Wilhelmina Smallman, known as Mina, who live in Ramsgate.

Mina is a retired British Anglican priest  and was appointed as a trustee to Ramsgate’s Project MotorHouse in 2017.

Earlier this month they issued a statement appealing for help to find the person who killed their daughters.


  1. Dear England.

    These are your cops, your government and you love it.

    Keep licking those dirty boots.

    Sympathies with the family, a horrid situation. Welcome to Gammon UK PLC

    • Yes, let’s ignore the 99% of police officers not taking inappropriate photos of murder victims & pretend the 1% is every cop in the UK.

      • Yeah Steve.

        “Not all cops” right.

        “Not all men”

        “All lives matter”

        Sit down and educate yourself. Allowing to say terms like the above is not understanding the issue. Especially when the same people touting those phases dont use the same logic on the other side.

        The police needs massive reforms. The “good” police stand by and use terms dark “dark humour” and “we cannot afford to get attached or effected by crimes like this”

        We keep allowing the same things to happen and we do it by saying “not all…” are bad.

        The system is broken.

  2. They will both be found not guilty and given a pay rise and promotion for there outstanding work they have done whilst working for the corrupt British UK Police force. Police investigating the police seriously when will that change. RIP

  3. Yet more corrupt police, no doubt will be investigated by their mates within the same police force.

    If proven to be true, it is incredibly difficult to apprehend, how the parents must be feeling.

  4. This is appalling how must the parents of these two lovely, young women be feeling? In addition to their grief at the murder of their daughters they have this abomination to process.

  5. Gammon is bacon. Will I be arrested in Sainsbury’s for asking for pack of Gammon. Maybe we should clear all the shelves I’m all the supermarkets. Just in case. Bacon lovers of the world United. Free the bacon

  6. I do recall a number of the usual ‘commentators’ expressing outrage about the Black Lives matters protests, the taking down of the Colston statute and declaiming very loudly about our ‘outstanding police force’ and how we should always support them.
    They seem to be very silent on this subject.
    Our police are often hardworking, courageous and even handed, but not always and sometimes in their dealings with BAME persons their standards fall to unacceptably low levels as here.
    We must face facts, the police must face facts, and root out bad behaviour and racism, in what ever form it takes.
    Kent had the only black Chief Constable , where are the others?
    I cannot imagine how the family of those two young women must be feeling, but to see their loved ones desecrated by the organisation dedicated to protect them is heart-breaking and I feel for them very deeply.
    The only thing the police can do now is to deliver a heartfelt and sincere apology in person to the family, take stock, and get rid of any police men and women who fail in their duties and most of all find the killer or killers of these two women.

  7. Unarmed police apprehended the man who stabbed, and killed three men in a Reading park recently, with a rugby tackle! Yes, there are always bad apples in every profession, but in this case they are totally reprehensible, and should be severely punished for letting down the good cops!

  8. I really can’t get my head around this story, it is just too awful for words. I don’t think tarring all cops with the same brush helps at a moment like this. Our thoughts should be with the family but this disgusting behaviour by 2 cops should be fully addressed

  9. My deepest condolences to the family of these two women murdered. I was a met police officer from 1972 until 2004 and am simply appalled but the disgusting behaviour of these two officers, who have betrayed the rest of the dedicated officers who work hard to serve the people of London. Despite earlier comments I know that they will be fully punished and dismissed. Meena, I hope that your faith can help you through this awful time and give you the strength to overcome your loss.
    I am ashamed by these two very bad apples in the barrel.

    • Hi David lets see if you are correct on this one or will they just walk free no case to answer like most police officers who go to court are found not guilty or case thrown out. Time will only tell just have to wait now and see what happens?

  10. How sad. What happens in the brains of people that behave like these police officers did? Imagine being in the presence of the bodies of two poor women that have been murdered, and seeing it as a chance to take disrespectful photos and then share them. I do hope that they face severe penalties and do not work in the police force again. When the news cycle moves on, we should keep watching…

  11. Those police officers are disgusting. What makes it even worse is that fact there were 2 of them – which identifies a real problem within the MET with attitudes, behaviour and integrity. They need to be dissed swiftly, the family need to sue and the MET need and should compensate them

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