Businesses and MP voice support for Margate pedestrianisation plan

Margate Drone image by Margate RNLI

A pedestrianisation plan for Margate has been put forward with the aim of creating areas where businesses could use the space for tables and chairs to help with social distancing.

Margate architect Sam Causer has drawn up the plan with backing from numerous town businesses.

The idea, which Sam says is open to change, could see cars banned from the stretch of road running from the clock tower to Turner Contemporary during set hours of 6pm-10pm in the week and 10am to 10pm on weekends and ‘festival’ days.

A pedestrian only zone would exist in the Old Town between 10am and 10pm

The temporary measures could be built on to make permanent adaptions.

Sam said: “I sketched out the proposal voluntarily with feedback from a number of local businesses, residents and Thanet council Heritage Advisor Nick Dermott. It is to create a pedestrian-friendly, safe and pleasant environment for retail businesses to operate over this summer in response to the Covid-19 crisis, also providing a testing ground for longer-term, permanent change.

“It is temporary, quick, (relatively) cheap, collaborative, experimental and adaptable. It aims to accommodate the needs and expectations of businesses, residents, visitors, and those responsible for maintenance and provision of utilities.  It is also necessary to create a safe and profitable environment.”

The plan is inspired by one mooted in 2010 when consultants Jacobs were commissioned by Kent County Council to develop a conceptual masterplan for improvements to the public realm of Margate Seafront and Station Approach.

The current proposal, which has received the backing of North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale, is an attempt to embrace the ‘care and respie’ health heritage of Margate.

Sam said: “This proposal builds upon the research and principles of the 2010 Jacobs Report looking at making a pedestrian-friendly journey from the railway station to Turner Contemporary.  In our new digital, online age, High Streets and Town Centres need to adapt. They no longer cater so much for ‘need’ as for ‘desire’ and ‘experience’. Many of our consumerist needs are being met online or at Westwood Cross, allowing our town centre to cater instead for providing high quality spaces for social interaction and well-being, and for this they need to adapt or die.

“Many people and organisations operating in the area are independently calling for similar plans. Some suggest a large one-way system around Marine Drive / Elephant Hill / Hawley Street, for example, which could be interesting to try.  The differences in detail of what people are suggesting is not important – that can be worked out by TDC and KCC officers experimenting on the ground. What all people share is the need to be bold and quick to allow the town to open up, maintaining livelihoods and well-being.

“I do not suggest this is the best solution, it is just a start, open to change. I implore TDC and KCC to look more closely into it, adapt it, enact it, monitor it, reflect upon it and adapt again.

“I am also looking into other areas of town including Northdown Road and Canterbury Road, which have different and complex issues to resolve.”

Pedestrians only for the Old Town? Photo Frank Leppard

Responding to the proposal Sir Roger said: “Not only is this concept worth re-visiting but I raised it myself during our MP’s weekly `virtual meeting` with the Leader and CEO of TDC.

“It is clearly not quite as easy as we would all wish; re-routing the traffic from the station around the back of the town has raised considerable objections in the past and would no doubt do so again and we have to get KCC and the police on board before making radical changes.

“We also, particularly at the moment, need to make sure that we do not deter what little trade remains in the High Street. However, the issue is on the table.”

Businesses including Bottega Caruso, New Street Bistro, GB Pizza and Mullins Brasserie have voiced support for the proposal.

Some have raised concerns that it might result in less trade and cause traffic chaos on surrounding roads but Sam says the plan is fluid and could look at trying a number of different suggestions.

A long-term version of the work could be funded from the £25million earmarked for Margate from the government’s Town Deal Fund. One of the areas outlined in guidance for spending the money is urban regeneration to make an area more attractive and accessible. Another guideline is for local transport, including pedestrianised areas.


  1. Hmm!
    Trinity square from Fort Crescent down to King Street is already difficult to negotiate due to resident’s parked cars (they have the right to expect to be able to park there imo.) , so what will this do to this area including, of course , the other ‘rat run’ of Zion Place.
    Cecil Square will become gridlocked.
    I dread to think what chaos will ensue by closing Marine Drive for most of the day and evening.

    • Indeed.

      KCC commissioned a similar plan a decade ago, spending public money on third party consultants, and then did not implement any of the plans or proposals. Was that because it was unworkable ?

      Nice idea but that is where it starts and finishes when you consider the practicalities of managing traffic flow – both for traffic within Thanet as well as traffic entering and leaving Thanet.

    • yes and sam it is a decade out of date
      and jacobs made biscuits find a club
      so sam what is your cause
      I do not like to hear of this and
      nor do I like the backing of MP he backs a dodgy criminal at the airport his mate TF ffs
      people in this town have feck all space to park
      KCC knocked down garages to build tight houses on top of each other just like the idiot who built his house upon a rock
      if you are imposing this then people and visitors need a car park ffs
      the one by lido is unmanned unkempt and full of potholes but run by the russians
      are you telling people who drive here to feck off back because you think it is a cause of yours sam to destroy parking

      pull up a parking lot oooh paradise get real margate is a shit hole look at the dynamics of people leaving shit on the beach besides the bins go look mr causer
      I oppose your plans and always will you are the cause of most of the ruination here one angry resident

      in fact go and architect the beach cleaning plan first please if you impose to stop parking stop people too one angry resident

  2. At this current (covid) time and to help businesses I think it would be very beneficial providing there is plenty of signage directing traffic to alternative routes

    • Can anybody tell me the alternative route from Westbrook to Margate that does not involve the Victoria traffic lights. If the road is closed from The Station to the Clock Tower. As when this junction is blocked Thanet goes nowhere. When the road is only closed from the Clock Tower to the Market place. The impact is much less.

      • aks those who built this infrastructure …aliens with eyes closed like sam causer with his bunch of architects who design poor shite along with KCC and TDC who have no fecking clue

  3. Congrats sam on starting the ball rolling, I support your ideas in principle, I would be willing to help you in making Margate people friendly.

    • Sam, I’d ask local residents whom would know a lot more than a rather certain sleepy county councillor.

      Its a great idea IMHO

    • Well Barry do you live anywhere near the roads that will be ground to a standstill, there is only three other roads that you could directly get to Margate by:

      1. Shottendane Road
      2: Hartsdown Road
      3: Tivolli Park Road

      Guess what they all merge onto the same road.

    • Barry dear did you see the beach today it was heaving
      did you also walk along the beach to see the shit and more shit of what those that came here left behind and you think by imposing parking restrictions is people friendly
      dear barry
      I use the roads every day and there is no car park and tell me barry what is here a waste of space everything that once was nice but destroyed by tdc kcc and et all and people make the mess

      where are the beach cleaners they need to go out now and collect the rubbish it is a shit hole

  4. I can only assume that Mr. Causer was not a thanet resident when the fire that created Godden’s gap shut the road from the clock tower to the station. Effectively bought thanet to a halt and he proposes extending the no go zone to the turner centre.
    Words fail me. Thanet is busier than it was then in terms of road traffic, if ever there was a daft idea this is it, police station on fort hill would be taking endless detours to get anywhere.
    Might please the seafront businesses it won’t make most others happy. Do we really need to encourage more people onto the seafront to dump rubbish and have a fight?

    • I agree with you
      seen it made my heart sink
      not in control of collecting the rubbish

      waite must resign
      and steve albon go clean the beach please with barry your mate

      it is a shit hole

      • What a great idea, let’s help kill the already struggling town

        Let’s make it even more difficult to get into Margate, and also make it virtually impossible to park.

        Once the chaos is created, we can then concentrate on helping to kill Northdown Road off.

    • I’m actually not proposing to change that part of the road between the clocktower and the station at this point. Check the plan. The 2010 Jacobs report suggests that stretch of road could be narrowed successfully, but nobody suggests it should shut.

      • Ah, but the motor car is king! You mustn’t do anything to suggest that motorists can drive and park, wherever they want whenever they want (even though they actually cant). Every motorist knows it’s his fundamental right to park right outside their home, to drive along an otherwise empty road, and to park right outside their destination. And, of course, no other motorist has that right.

        Be part of the solution, not the problem. Leave your car at home (where it spends most of it’s time, anyway) and walk, or take public transport.

      • Great idea, let’s narrow the roads, make it even more difficult for tourists to get in to town. No doubt this will deter some people from visiting Margate. This will have an effect on local businesses, less people, less trade. Yes, let’s get it done ASAP.

  5. Just read more of his twaddle, the traffic on the proposed roads isn’t going into margate to shop, its people going about their daily business and going to a from work. Totally detached from reality in the absence of a total rethink of thanets road network.
    I realise that Marva is going to say we need less cars, but short of pricing people off them it ain’t going to happen.

    • We certainly do need fewer cars. Perhaps petrol prices should rise- after all, train and bus fares have increased a lot.

      • love I work in mental health and I need to take people safely to places so will be buying a car ta muchly roads were meant for cars No oh shit horse and cart for you love

        do not forget the mandellas lol

  6. Obviously this Sam Causer has no idea reference the traffic in Margate you shut the sea front then all the traffic wiil end up at coffin House corner leading round to the tivilli traffic lights grid locking Margate. I presume he has moved here from elsewhere otherwise he would know this would happen. Reference the emergency services you could forget about them getting anywhere if there was an emergency. Unfortunately Covid has happened but its not just the businesses on the seafront that have suffered so why should they get any special treatment.

  7. Most of the comments on here show just how much in thrall to the motor car we are.
    Let’s try to imagine what the seafront and the Old Town would be like without the streets being jammed up by cars going nowhere.
    Reclaim the streets!

    • Not at all, but as a coastal the road network is somewhat constrained, by all means bulldoze the whole of thanet and start again to make such a scheme work. Also make sure you can attract enough jobs to the area at the same time.
      The road sytstem here teeters on the edge as it is, one accident closes one of the bigger thorough fares causes chaos, the new road planned for the back of garlinge will help but another from westwood to somewhere around lord of the manor also required by the time all the planned housing is built.
      Lofty green dreams are one thing reality another.

    • I suppose you are right that it does not matter about all the gridlocked traffic. Who needs all those silly ambulances and unnecessary Fire engines. Let them sit in traffic. If people die, it will not matter because the hearses, trying to get to the Cemetery will be stuck in the same traffic jam.
      Lets reclaim the streets!

      • Let’s make cars more expensive to use and let’s improve public transport so that it is a damn sight more attractive – more reliable, more affordable and more of it, with joined-up timetables. After all, most of the car-related complaints on these comment threads are about the fact that there are too many cars on the roads.

  8. Me and my husband run a cafe on hawley street for almost 5 years now. We live on top of the shop. The traffic is already a nightmare and the cars/busses/bikes are so loud that we constantly have more than 68 decibel in our bedroom. We have a 9month old. If marine drive is closed of more traffic will go via hawley street. More cars, more fumes..more sound, less sleep. Hawley street is like a tunnel and so so noisy. Marine drive is far more open and is much wider- marine drive can handle the traffic perfectly.
    Not more traffic for hawley street/ cecil square!
    That would also mean no pedestriants would or could due to traffic cross from lombard street or kings street over to our side of hawley street – and here is a lovely row of shops that need the footfall! We would be hidden by constant traffic.
    Close of hawley street and direct traffic via marine drive up to cliftonville.
    Open just from cecil square going left just for morrisons customers.

    Alternatively build speedbumps on hawley street and a pedestrian crossing on hawley street on the stretch between lombard street and love lane and put one way system in place combined with marine drive, to relax the roads.
    A pedestrian zone in just the old town is great – but what about market street carpark? Just residents parking? That would be greatly appreciated, but include our stretch of hawley street, not like with the new residents parking scheme of kcc where we have been forgotten like we dont exist.

    • Hi Sarah, great feedback thank you. Yes, traffic is way too fast on Hawley St, so I suggest a 20mph zone in the town, like Faversham have just done, should negate the need for speedbumps. Also, the suggestion is to close MArine Drive only in the weekday evenings, and perhaps weekend afternoons (can be only evenings as well if necc) so your daytime cafe on Hawley St shouldn’t be affected at all. Or move to Marine Drive where your view will be much nicer! I know it’s a real struggle on that corner. I’ve seen many businesses come and go there in my time. The ones that stay longer are the studio / businesses, like Zoe Murphy, hairdresser and the grey office whatever it is. They seem to stay, but places that need people to enjoy the space theyre in do seem to struggle being on a fast main road.

      • As said Sam, we are here trading 5 years, we have seen many businesses come and go. A move to Marine Drive is a funny suggestion as not everyone can just move and I guess there are just so many properties of a size and price that would fit our needs. There hasnt been anything on the market that would suit for a long time.
        Anyway, from your proposal it looks like a closure of Marine Drive was proposed for weekends 10-10 plus bank holidays.
        On days like carnival or pride parade when traffic goes via hawley street traffic comes to a standstill, so thats not really an option. But the idea of a 20mph zone would make sense.

        • My main point is to experiment, monitor and adapt. People seem to be overlooking that pretty fundamental point..It’s very easy to experiment with A-frame signs and cones, as other towns are doing. And moving premises, yes, of course, it’s difficult from an individual point of view, but it remains an inconvenient truth that there are better and worse places to open a cafe. In a seaside town, a view of the sea, or a piazza at least, is a good start. Happy to hear you think a 20mph zone in Margate is good. It has so many merits.

          • I can not believe you are telling a business of 5 years just to move as it might be more convinient. What about all the other businesses on the road? There is a second cafe, a tattooist, a flower shop, two lifestyle shops a jeweller, a barber, a health and massage place, a chinese take away with take away drivers stopping regularly in front…everyone moving then, empty premises galore to make way for more traffic.
            And all the people in the flats living on this road? Standstill traffic all day in front of the houses? Ah yes, let them move to the seafront too, their view might be nicer too.

  9. it is subsidised to anne gloag is stagecoach she owns the monoply of bus service think she had finger in competition commissions pie n eye
    her brother souter owned infratil of the airport and he ruined it
    she then ruined it even more and so did the magna carter of musgrave who sold it to theatrical TF who onced owned it in the beginning and bosom pals with Gale …he will not get the airport open because he is a known criminal and Gale is in conflict with him and yeah sticks and stones but I tell the truth of the story ..shit aint it!
    your planners allowed all this
    your councillors allowed it too some past and present
    the busses are expensive £4.50 for a day rider £14.50 a week that is £56 a month to anne gloag and her offshore leaks entities
    infratil was also offshore leaks
    nothing cheap about hiring out criminals hell bent on money laundering and land banking or other worse crimes like buying arms

    and sam you are the cause er

  10. It really is a daft idea. When the seafront is closed to traffic on special days throughout the season for carnivals, scooters/motorbikes, GLB day, etc the rest of Margate gridlocks. So if this plan came to fruition there would be gridlock again, especially at weekends when it’s busier. There is at present nop alternative road to take the traffic away from where it is trying to go so it’s a non-starter this. It has been planned before then torn up because it cannot work. Produce a new bypass and then you are getting somewhere. And buses are no good Marva as they won’t be able to smash through all the tables and chairs on their route.

  11. The goverment had a chance to do something about cars during lockdown but as usual all talk no action
    Now car use back up to 70%
    Cheap efficient public transport please

  12. Great for cafes and restaurants but other local businesses will suffer as customers and businesses cannot collect and deliver goods – antiques, dry cleaning and art galleries. Already there are groups who gather on the piazza and on the Margate steps who drink morning till night. Every evening 30-40 + young people on steps causing havoc till gone midnight, then police called. People aren’t social distancing are using alleyways, doorways, seating etc as toilets. The rubbish from cafes already is awful. There is limited parking for residents. The majority of residents work and need a car especially if in the social care sector.

    • Hi Mary, this idea actually comes from those companies you refer to. They tell me they would rather have comfortable, safe customers and staff with restricted hours for deliveries and collections. Canterbury High St manage perfectly well, as do other towns and cities all over the world.

        • Hi Sarah, ‘consultation’ has not been carried out. I’m just an individual, sharing an idea at an early stage, in the hope that we can respond safely and quickly to the Covid situation before the whole town goes bust or sick. I do think it’s good to share early ideas for the town to discuss, don’t you? I’d be delighted if proper consultation were to be funded, but that’s a decision for the town at large, not me.

        • ps – it’s great that sharing this drawing has sparked the conversation with those 6 neighbours, so it seems to be working, if the aim is to work out collectively what works and what doesn’t. Forgive me for trying. I could just shut up and let someone else figure it out, or just do nothing.

  13. How provision would be put in place for all disabled people with blue badges who could not walk very far? – they would no longer be able to access several areas

    • Well said Carol Mills.

      I was thinking exactly the same myself, people with mobility problems, would be ruled out.

    • Yes, if you see on the plan I’ve put places for blue badge holders to drive in close to the centre. Some roads could be driven down at 5mph too, for example. My driving concern is that at the moment, as pavements are only 1m or less in many places in the Old Town, it is not technically possible to open at all. So there is nothing for people to visit, blue badge or no. Or have I misunderstood something? Yes, some places are open, but it’s not technically legal or safe to do so in these tight urban centres.

  14. I am not sure where the emergency services and IO include the RNLI in this, would view cutting off the main route between Westbrook and Cliftonville. The summer is difficult enough getting between these to places, Cecil Square traffic light are a joke sometimes letting just 2 cars through at any one time which acts as a bottle neck to and from the seafront. Nash lane upgrade has been promised for decades, coffin corner and Victoria Lights act as another bottle neck, what with the new housing estates popping up around WWX it will only get worse. solve these problems and bottle necks first before pedestranising the whole seafront as Thanet is on the verge of being grid locked.

  15. Lots of people here complaining that these plans would result in traffic having to use the ‘back way’ in to Margate. Has anyone else actually picked up on the fact that the proposed KCC Birchington/Westgate/Garlinge by-pass running roughly along the line of Shottendane Road is due to emerge between Margate Football Club and the Cricket Club. I have yet to see the ‘official’ route from there to Margate, but my guess is a right turn to the one-way system and straight on to Tivoli or right to the Victoria Road lights. Heaven forbid if the planners try and send traffic back to the A28 in the centre of Westbrook to negotiate a right-turn across the old road, or do they propose a mini-roundabout there.

  16. Why don’t you drivers all lobby your MPs for better public transport so that you don’t need to use your cars so much? From what I read on the local e-papers , owning a car sounds like a real pain.

  17. Looking at all the whining by correspondents you are obviously car users who live in the district have you not thought to use other forms of transport. I live right in the centre of Margate and have to breathe in the muck from cars all the time Cecil square blocked by cars all the way down past the station cars from cliftonville coming that way from northdown road also cars blocking roads all along the seafront from Palm bay down fort hill past the old town to the clock tower every day.

  18. 20mph zone, station roundabout to turner centre, elphant hill. Pedestrianise old town and lower high street , 10am to midnight. Marine parade has plenty of space for businesses to operate and the seafront offers more space again, problem arise from those crossing the road not wanting to use the pedestrian crossings etc properly.
    Apedestrianised old town would encourage more browsing and end the endless hopping on and off of narrow pavements.
    Traffic would flow largely uninterrupted and probably in reality no slower than at present. Businesses that already have the advantage of seaviews don’t need any extras wheras those in old town would largely welcome some extra footfall. Cost next to zero, downside lack of access to carpark , but that would be resolved with that proposed for the turner centre.

  19. Local chap totally agree with your comments. I was chair of the Thanet travel forum based on local agenda 21 based on the Rio treaty agreed years ago we discussed and supported this their was plans to do this which I still have the reason why that didn’t happen with the road going behind Dreamland was blocked by flats built in the way of the new road.The parade has ample room but no cars should go through I suggested 10am 6pm during the season.over the years staff working in the coffee shop and other restaurants have to dodge cars running along there. Traders on the parade agree with me.

  20. Local chap the only traffic allowed on the original seafront plan that can be adopted was to allow only buses and taxis including emergency services fire brigade police and ambulances.i see the police cars everyday dodging two many cars on fort hill and town centre.

    • My view is that there is no need to stop cars along from clock tower to Turner Contemporary, there’s hardly a lack of room for pedestrians plenty of contolled cossing points and room again for tables and chairs on pavement, by all means slow the traffic down, but its pedestrian behaviour that causes most hazards. The road is a main through fare, northdown road is not a suitable alternative as since the bus laybys were removed and they now stop in the roadway it causes considerable congestion and encourages dangerous overtaking as it is , add even more traffic and it’d grind to a halt.
      Many of us will be able to remember the various solutions to the clocktower junction , which when they’ve prevented natural traffic flow resulted in long delays, the “ traffic light” fiasco being the worst culprit.
      Keeping traffic out of the old town however would be an improvement for visitors/residents and businesses alike, no need for it to be a complete ban but make it permit only for residents and fixed hours for deliveries etc.

  21. Phil whoever you are not necessary for your carcasm I came to Thanet in 1974 don’t tell me if I don’t like it move how long have you lived here. At least I give my full name not hide behind one name.

    • So it would appear I have been in Margate, a lot longer than you.

      Why move to a town, then complain about congestion, how pathetic can you get. It’s a town where vehicle have to travel, either in or around.

      If you don’t like it, MOVE OUT OF THE TOWN.

      Many vehicles have to travel through, on their way to work or other business, headed towards Birchington, Canterbury, M2 and beyond.

      Let’s create even more chaos, just because you moved here in 1974 and don’t like the traffic, you burke.

      • It doesn’t matter how long anyone’s been living in Margate. The facts are there are too many cars; too much noise and pollution caused by cars; too many illnesses,injuries and deaths caused by car drivers.

  22. A correction to local chap from the clock tower to the bottom of fort hill is called marine drive clock.tower to the station is marine terrace the parade is called The parade road sign next to charity bookshop.

  23. Phil I moved to Thanet at the time from Maidstone working for the papa Adams family who had two restaurants in Maidstone transferred to Margate working for them in the rumpy bar and the clock tower fish and chip shop. Worked long hours seven daYs a week worked for various people prize bingo caller
    In the old HSF arcade and at the. Lido. Winter time I worked for Mecca bingo at that time it was the old classic cinema before these days it’s the old Kent market
    Your comments come across as racist people in the UK can live where they want.No wonder Margate and cliftonville went down the pan some Thanet people think they are still thinking it’s still an island I would have respect for you if you apologize. This is a democracy we are entitled to our opinion. Thanet needs to move on for the sake of the next generation do you know how many ashma sufferers there are. I am elderly myself I use a stroller to get on and use public transport no excuse by some elderly people to say they can’t get out.

    • What a hero you are, using a stroller, you are lucky that you are able to. Shouldn’t make comments about people, who you know nothing about.

      I have no idea why you have mentioned racism, not sure how that fits into previous comments. I hope you are not planning to go out rioting, and breaking windows, calling it a BLM protest.

      Not sure why you mention racism, but if you claim to have been in Margate that long, then take a look at Athelstan Road, Ethelbert Road, Dalby Square, the highest crime rates in Thanet. Who live in those areas? Migrants, who have no respect for any rules or laws, they just don’t apply to them.

      As for your work history, sounds like you have done well for yourself, Papa Adams, Rumpy Bar, Lido, bingo, all long gone.

  24. Phil more insults I still worked after they went please do not insult my intelligence I am 75 years old go out doing. What you say that is the problem with people who hide behind their true identity to insult people who they don’t know either.I am not afraid of people who insult me

    • I find it difficult to believe you are still rabbiting on.

      Who is hiding, and who needs to hide when making comments?
      You should not disclose your full identity on here, as many have chosen to do.

      In my professional career, I have worked on town planning, land use, road design.

      I can tell you the proposed plan will not be accepted, it creates too many problems.

      Don’t bother commenting again.

        • Because

          One should not provide full details on the site, allowing others to identify them.

          One should not put too many details about ones self, leaving one open to fraud. Just a small piece of information about ones self on here, could be linked to a small piece of information somewhere else, leaving one exposed.

          • Why wouldn’t I want other people to know who I am? Using a pseudonym always seems a bit cowardly. Especially when people are rude about others.

  25. Marva Rees I agree with some of your comments their is to many cars on the road.we have good public transport in Thanet the loop to start with connecting three Thanet towns every 7 minutes buses to Canterbury every 15 minutes.local services every fifteen services. We have the best bus services outside London some places you are lucky to have one a day.The problem with car users some say I will not sit next to these common people. Were all commoners. For many years I worked with the bus company TDC and KCC to improve bus services. I am no hero these are things I believe in. As well as our environment.

  26. This is such a great idea, just think of how many hundreds of cars, and coaches, that wouldn’t be able to get to Dreamland car park. I don’t suppose Dreamland would mind losing all that business.

    What’s the alternative? Send them along Hartsdown Road, Tivoli Road.

    A plan that is ten years out of date, developed by clowns.


  27. previously not a reader of the newspaper so my comment is late as this link was just forwarded to me by a neighbour. I have just opened a shop at 1 Lombard street and I live at one of the addresses close and I am confused and devastated by this absolutely ridiculous attempt at pedestrianisation. Not only is fait a complete eyesore in a part of the old town that is largely funded by tourists but there are no plans to properly pedestrianise, just a load of stupid traffic cones to limit already ridiculously limited parking and cause chaos. Having finally been open for 3 weeks after Covid halted the initial launch of my business I was gradually building customers with a terrific day last Saturday but yesterday sales were down by 75% and footfall was massively reduced even though the town was full of people elsewhere, our end of Lombard street just looks closed as their are traffic cones at both ends. It’s completely infuriating that this would be imposed on us. As small businesses in an extremely difficult economy attempting to bring commerce and employment to the local area we know that we cannot expect much active help from the council (I did resort to jet washing my own pavements as they were so filthy, it would not cost the council much to do this in high tourist areas once every six months) but to be impeded in this way, then to add insult I was listed by a council employee who told me this had been done in an attempt to help build trade in the old town……HOW! How is this helping? It looks like a building site in the height of an already reduced tourist season. grrrr

    • Yes, you are correct in what you say.

      When you pass by, it looks as though the whole area has been closed off, due to building works. Little do tourists realise, that this is TDCs attempt at saying “look how well we have done” with no proper planning in place.

      The whole area looks unsightly now, every corner you turn, you find cones, but no vehicles, and very few pedestrians.

      Looks like TDC will achieve running some more business down.

  28. Phil and the others moaning as usual This is a government ruling you and others always blame TDC and KCC this has to be done to protect pedestrians and more room to spread out apart from others during coronaviris. Have any of you go to Canterbury where all over the city centre you have to use your two legs to get about that has not effected businesses at all only problem there is if you go by bus you have to put up with cars crawling along to get into Canterbury did you ever object to Canterbury city council years ago about pedestrianised areas of the city.

    • The difference is that most of Canterbury centre is pedestrianised, Margate (with the exception of top of High Street), is not. The council, at whatever level are intent on making themselves look good, without worrying about the consequences they are inflicting.

      As if the pavements are not wide enough for two people to pass, maybe you should go to Barnard Castle, and get your eyes tested.

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