Second series for grime-busting show which co-starred Ramsgate’s ‘Cleaning Queen’ boss

Grimebusters Brennan and Jonathon

A TV series co-starring a Ramsgate cleaning business boss has proved so popular it is back for a second season.

Filthy House SOS ran over six episodes on 5 Star earlier this year with leading roles taken by Jonathon Turner, from Ramsgate, and fellow host Brennan McDonald, from Rochester.

The duo are the new  ‘Kim and Aggy’ touring the country to clean up some of the grimiest homes you could imagine and staying in them for up to three nights while they work.

Performing arts graduate Jonathon, who co-owns  Cleaning Queens All Purpose Cleaning, was cast as the ‘bad’ guy to Brennan’s ‘good guy’ in the show.

Amongst the challenges were one house where the woman hadn’t cleaned for 10 years and whose daughter’s room was full of animal cages and another home where a mum-of-three was struggling with hoarding.

A 23% hike in the viewing figures during the series saw episodes also air on Channel 5.

Speaking to The Isle of Thanet News when the show first launched Jonathon said: “Emotionally the biggest challenge was a woman whose dad had died and her mum had dementia and she also worked full time. She didn’t want to get rid of anything that belonged to her dad. It made me think of my nan.

Jonathon (second from left) Brennan and TV crew on the first series of Filthy House SOS

“Cleaning wise, there was one house where the woman hadn’t cleaned for 10 years. We went in the kitchen, swabbed the microwave and it was glowing purple from the bacteria. I waved it at her, off camera, and said ‘do you want to eat this?’ When she said no I said ‘then why are you putting your sausages in there?’”

Now the show is due for a second run with filming taking place between July and September. Production company Gobstopper is looking for volunteers who are desperate to get their home cleaned.

To have your home grime-busted email [email protected]