Route for Black Lives Matter march changed to end in Broadstairs

The demonstration in Margate Photo Carl Hudson

A Black Lives Matter demonstration tomorrow (June 13) will now travel from Ramsgate to Broadstairs rather than Margate, as previously advertised.

The event, which follows on from a march going from Cliftonville to the King’s Steps in Margate last weekend, will meet at Ramsgate bandstand on the East Cliff at noon and proceed to Broadstairs bandstand in Victoria Gardens.

Worldwide demonstrations have taken place in response to the killing of black American George Floyd after a police officer knelt on his neck for just under 9 minutes during an arrest in Minneapolis.

The officer has been charged with second degree murder and officers who were at the scene but took no pre-emptive action have been charged with aiding and abetting murder.

BLM march organisers Photo Carl Hudson

At the destination of the event, organised by People Dem Collective, participants will kneel for 8 minutes 46 seconds in silence – the amount of time police officer Derek Chauvin had his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

Participants are asked to wear protective masks, follow social distancing and bring food and water. They are also asked to wear black with one colourful item.

Organisers request:

  • Make sure you wear PPE (face masks and bring hand sanitizer etc)
  • If you have any symptoms of covid please stay at home
  • No alcohol/drugs policy
  • Respect social distancing guidelines (if turning up with friends or family make sure it’s a maximum of 6, as organisers to try walk in groups of six)
  • Remain calm, collected, respectful of others, this is a peaceful march
Photo Carl Hudson

Concerns have been raised over an organised gathering during the need for social distancing due to the covid pandemic.

Protesters say they will social distance but for those who have concerns these areas of Ramsgate and Broadstairs may be busy during the protest times.

Last weekend in excess of 2,000 people took part in the protest. There was no trouble at the event and a police attendance was not required.

Current covid restrictions allow individuals to meet in  groups of up to six but all must social distance and meetings must be outside where the risk of transmission is lessened.

Previously Health Secretary Matt Hancock appealed to the public not to attend gatherings and demonstrations in groups of more than six.

The restrictions are based on the R rate – the rate of transmission of the virus from a carrier to others. This needs to remain below one to avoid further ‘lockdowns’. In the South East it is currently at 0.97.

Government data reports 40,883 deaths in the UK where a COVID-19 test was positive. In Thanet there are 662 positive cases. Sadly 131 people have died in Thanet up to May 29 (deaths registered up to June 6),  with 78 losses in hospital, 44 in care homes, 5 in the hospice and 4 at a person’s home.

EDITOR NOTE: This article is to inform Thanet residents of a change of route. Those who want to be involved may want to know this, those who want to avoid crowds may also want to know this. Due to the vast amount of time it takes to moderate comments on this issue, the comment facility has been turned off on this rare occasion.


  1. Why has this been allowed for another weekend.? Black lives are not the only lives that matter, why are they stating the Obvious. All lives matter.

    • “Why….allowed”? Because we cling to the idea that we are a free country so there is no reason NOT to allow a march.
      Yes, all lives matter but it’s the black ones that seem to have been overlooked for too long.
      If my bad back improves I will attend the march on behalf of other white people who need help to adjust to the new world. And don’t want to go back to an all-white fantasy England that never existed.

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