Black Lives Matter protest takes place in Margate

The protest is underway

By Jodie Nesling

Around 500 people, including families and children, met at the Viking Play Park today (June 7) in a show of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. That number continually grew throughout the afternoon as the protest moved from Cliftonville to the Margate Steps, resulting in a gathering of at least 2,000 people, possibly more.

Protests have been held worldwide in response to the killing of  black American George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Photo Carl Hudson

Derek Chauvin, a white officer, pressed his knee into Mr Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes during an arrest while he was handcuffed face down on the ground. Officers involved have been suspended and charges brought.

Cruise ship singer Alice Obee

Organised by People Dem Collective, participants to the ‘Margate to Minneapolis’ march have met at the Viking Ship play park in Ethelbert Terrace, Cliftonville. Protesters have walked along the coastline to the Margate steps, opposite The Parade, to then kneel for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

Sarah and partner Kevin

One of those at the demo is Sarah Dryden who has travelled from Whitstable to take part. She said: “We’re here not to be silent and to march in solidarity. It all needs to stop.”

Ward councillor Mark Hopkinson said: “”I’m really pleased to see the people of Thanet showing their solidarity with the global movement exploding right now against racial injustice.

Photo Carl Hudson

“The horrendous killing of George Floyd is only the tip of a huge systemic problem that affects us here in the UK as well. We all need to make our voices heard against it.

Photo Carl Hudson

“This protest is part of Thanet’s proud history of anti-racist activism including the fantastic “Calling Time On Racism” campaign that encourages Thanet pubs and venues to make sure racism in any form isn’t welcome.”

Concerns have been raised over an organised gathering during the need for social distancing due to the covid pandemic.

Current covid restrictions allow individuals to meet in  groups of up to six but all must social distance and meetings must be outside where the risk of transmission is lessened.

Earlier this week Health Secretary Matt Hancock appealed to the public not to attend gatherings and demonstrations in groups of more than six.

Prior to the event organisers of the protest asked those taking part to wear protective masks and to practice social distancing. Some at the event say although there are many wearing facemasks the 2m social distancing guidance had not been followed by all due to the size of the crowd.

Restrictions initially put in place on March 23 have been eased over recent weeks but in the south east the R rate – the number of people the virus may spread to from an infected person – still stands at 0.97.

This rate needs to be below one to decrease transmission. The south east figure is the third highest in the country behind the south west at 1 and the north west at 1.01.

A second protest is planned for next Saturday from noon with a march from Ramsgate town centre to Margate seafront. This will again be followed by kneeling for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

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Participants next weekend are asked to wear protective masks, follow social distancing and bring food and water. They are also asked to wear black with one colourful item.

The demonstration in Margate ended at 1pm, 90 minutes after it began.

There were no reports of trouble during the protest and police attendance was not required.

Photo Ian Venables

A spokesperson for the event said: “The organisers had masks and gloves to give out free to those who wanted them. Most had brought their own and every effort was made to keep people safe while protesting an incredibly important matter. I heard “keep to social distancing” as much as the crowds protests.

Photo Carl Hudson

“There were a lot of people passionate about ending racism, Hopefully it goes beyond the here and now, and we start to tackle systemic racism here in the UK as well as globally.”

Prompted by today’s protest Caroline Dyal, of the Portraits of Margate project, has also shared this video (below).

She said: “My husband Rohan Dyal wrote and performed this song. It is about his family Guyanese history. He wanted to share this song again to raise awareness.

“The issues surrounding the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement are many and complex. One important aspect is that of slavery and how it was carried out over centuries particularly by the British Empire and in America. This song tells a story of an Indian family and their descendants as they move from India to the West Indies under the British Empire and then finally to the UK . The animation was created by James Frost.”

By Frank Leppard

The song can be purchased by clicking on the following link:-

All proceeds go to the Coram Foundation which supports vulnerable children throughout the UK including those who were left to fend for themselves due to the Windrush scandal.


    • Too true… It seems it only matters when you need to go to work or send kids to school…ie get the country back on its feet… If it’s a protest then it all goes out the window

    • Why don’t you go and complain about the people turning up to the main for a jolly on Bank Holliday?? What was their excuse?

      • I was not at the protest, but in the YouTube clips in this article, you can clearly see lots of people not wearing masks and nowhere near 2 metre apart. Covid-19 is still going strong. Will these be the same people protesting when we are made to Stay indoors again and to only being allowed to go out once a day for exercise and not travel to see family and friends?

          • I live directly opposite this protest .there wasnt no social distancing at all.people bring new born babies,amd other children .yet police have arrestedpeople during cv19 for swimming,sitting on a bench and fishing.this shows the police have not one bit of control.many of these thanet people slated others for breaking cv rules yet showed up for a this protest.idiots parked their cars right of the bend of ethelbert crescent puttt other motorists at risk .im all up for a protest but it seems like one rule for one thing and one for another.will our police now arrest any that does a cv protest in thanet .I dont agree on taking children to a protest,I educate my son and daughter on the right things to do and not to be racist without putting them in the thick of it.and as for thethe papers to agree on this but not agree on beach goers flouting cv lockdown when the same should apply to any protest during this so called cv 19 pandemic.

        • Its obvious that those leaving negative comments are not black or brown and do not have family that are black or brown. Your ignorance is abhorrent to the people that suffer racism and that have children being racially abused by the teachers at school! Covid is on everyones mind… everyone is taking it seriously. Everyone was socially distant and nearly all wore masks. It was because of covid and the lockdown that our children saw a blackman brutally murdered live on social media by the very people in society that are meant to protect them. So sorry to you that shield your children from the truth, sorry to you that are frightened of a second wave (which is inevitable by the way)and sorry to you whose lives are not blessed to have black or brown people in it! Because NOW is the time to speak up… NOW is the time to call out systematic racism… NOW is the time for change!

      • I did not see anyone not wearing a mask, & where I was everyone was keeping respectful distances. It was great to see so many people turning out to show support.

      • You will always get a second & likely more waves with viruses, this just makes it a lot worse. The NHS & statisticians can to some degree estimate what a second wave will be if people behave, things like this & the insanity we saw in London makes those numbers hugely unpredictable.

    • Can’t see any so social distancing there, what was the point of this 11 week lockdown now its all gone to pot, now let’s all give a big clap and re welcome the 2nd wave of COVID-19

    • Fantastic to see so many people out to support this cause whilst observing social distancing measures. Almost everyone wearing masks too. If only the same can be said for those people travelling to the beach on sunny days or even in most supermarkets. Well done everyone.

    • Oh Sandra, what a sad existence you have, I’m so so sorry for the loss of your compassion, humanity and basic decency. Darling there are support groups you can reach out to to deal with your bitterness. Get help my love, you’ve shown the world you desperately need it.

      • Dobby, what a pompous patronising individual you are.
        I hope you feel happy about endorsing the spread of Covid19.
        Let’s hope you don’t need to have help from intensive care.
        In future, please direct your sneering comments at someone else, darling.

  1. Great show of support to the black community. Excellent organisation and respect to social distancing. All credit to the organisers.

  2. I congratulate the people on this march and am absolutely disgusted by the first two comments on this post.

  3. Unlike beach goers, shoppers & those generally hanging out in Thanet – blatantly disrespecting lockdown stipulations – these demonstrators against police murdering BAME people with impunity in the UK & the US were for the most part not only observing social distancing, as best they could under the circumstances, but wearing face masks & many wore gloves too – as evidenced in the images & videos. Making a selfless, highly principled stand against fascism, white supremacy & institutionalised racism in the American & British police aught to be applauded, not derided.

    • To Matt Shoul
      You prove to me our police our biased against black people and I will believe you I think our police do a wonderful job in this country.

      • Oh my love. It’s alright petal. You’ve got a bit of attention. Now let’s deal with all this anger and bitterness shall we. Or let’s just call it out for what it is, total ignorance. I could spend hours listing the abuses to black people, but you know what Matt my love, there’s this wonderful invention called the internet. Or as they may call it round your parts, the inter web. Now, what you’ve got to do my darling, is tap on to that bar at the top, the bit that does the searching -“Police brutality UK”. Alright Hun? Mwah x

    • It is totally without merit to say British policeman are institutionally racist. This is just a pathetic lie.

      • Its not just about police brutality! its about protesting against endemic racism in our country and world wide.

      • Oh Ricardi, What a fabulous name. Well Ricardi, as I’ve helped all the little petals who can’t seem to resist being covertly racist, guess what! I’m going to help you out too, you lucky lucky trollette. Just simply google UK Police Brutality et Wullah me darlin! Instant results! Your welcome Hun, mwah x

    • Except more white people are shot by police in the US than black people every year-but why let facts/reality get in the way of a narrative/agenda. Also why are they choosing this hill to die on-a career criminal who among his long rap sheet once held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly is now an American icon? Shows what a clown world we now live in.

      His autopsy showed he was high on Fentanyl & Methamphetamine & was committing a fraud at the time-the only reason the cops were there. Afraid most of these people are not interested in justice-the officers were fired, the guy who did the deed has been arrested & charged with second degree murder so justice is being done, but purely in virtue signaling & jumping on the latest social media SJW outrage bandwagon, it will be something else in a few weeks time. Wonder how many of them have ever paid tribute to MLK-a real black hero? Likely none of them.

      At least aside from London we didn’t get the looting, burning & violence we have seen in the US where the BLM movement are deciding to put BAME shopkeepers out of business by smashing up their stores, looting trainer, electrical goods etc, burning buildings etc & even shooting a former black ex cop in the head & all these wonderful people then stood there streaming his death on Facebook rather than dialling 911 for an ambulance.

      Of course these Oppression Olympic Victimhood brigade while pretending they are Hattie Carroll or Rosa Parks swan around with smartphones that cost several thousand dollars,trainers that cost several hundred dollars, designer clothing etc while looting more-oh the poor repressed babies.

      • Steve, you know it was simply a case of differing opinions regarding the risk of increased covid 19………..and then you came out with all that insight-less twaddle and exposed yourself as a narrow minded bigot who cannot see (or perhaps chooses not to see) the larger picture. The fear emanating from you, and some others who have felt it necessary to be critical of the demonstrators, is palpable and obvious. You know that this movement threatens the cosy little world inside your head. As the homeland of that most racist of U.K. political parties (UKIP), and somewhere that the hatred stoking opportunist (Farage) likes to visit, Thanet has become synonymous with racism. Thank you to all who marched peacefully in Margate this weekend. I have serious mobility issues but having been reminded by Steve and the other humility and empathy lacking haters here that bigots will always try to justify their views, I will make every effort to join you next weekend for at least part of the protest. Keep it up and make a difference for my kids and grandkids please. There are more of us than there are a Steves. Be heard above the haters and remind them of that fact #blacklivesmatter

  4. Too many selfish idiots believe that COVID is not a problem for them because they are under 40, these people either have no parents or grandparents or just don’t care about the older members of their family or friends.

    I wonder if the protesters will feel guilt if they unintentionally hospitalize or kill someone through their reckless gatherings that goes against ALL scientific advice at this moment in time.

    Let’s just hope that these protesters who think they know better than scientists and doctors aren’t the catalyst for another surge of COVID.

    • Oh ‘Concerned’, I’m feeling rather concerned. With your eyesight my petal. Are you NHS or can you go private? Tri-focals? Because everyone had those lovely masks on, unlike the legions of UK Gammons here on a bank holiday. But ‘concerned’ what’s really really worrying is you seem to have missed the biggest thing in front of your face, the Point of the demonstration my love. Now there’s a spec savers or a lovely private optician in Ramsgate, pop yourself down, treat yourself. Maybe a thick rim with a chain? All the best hun, Mwah xxx

      • Protesting the message that black lives matter and then herding in mass groups during a pandemic that actually effects the BAME community disproportionately is a bit preposterous isn’t it darling or is the irony lost on you. Ignoring all the scientific advice is your choice but when you can help spread a deadly disease by your actions then your both ignorant and selfish. The end doesn’t always justify the means.

        As for your racist comment about white men (uk gammon) you should be ashamed. Racism is a two way street and you by your comment are definitely part of the problem. Your racist comment will only stoke racial tensions further.

        Enjoy life behind your rose tinted glasses. Take the glasses off, look in a mirror and you will see a racist bigot looking back at you.

    • It didn’t seem to be a concern to the guy that wrote the rules and who advises the Prime Minister did it?

  5. Bad people prevail when good people do nothing. Today we saw good people protesting,safely and peacefully, and from this great, inclusive platform we can banish those that choose division, untruthfulness and hatred for ever. Viva Thanet!

  6. Some people are congratulating the crowd on social distancing but they can’t have been watching the videos in this report. Sure, many people are wearing masks, and some even gloves, but social distancing clearly was not possible. Thanet has one of the highest levels of infection in the South East. The UK has the second highest number of deaths per million of the population in the world. Schools are still disrupted, the elderly and those with co-morbidities are still at a very high risk of death if they catch the virus. And, ironically, so are members of our BAME communities. Mass meetings are playing into the hands of the government who will blame the general public when the death rates start to rise again. But that’s OK because they know we are too stupid to realise that.

    • All this nonsense will likely push the number over 1 & it will be full lockdown again with lots more deaths & an NHS overwhelmed-especially if we get another heatwave like 2018 when the QEQM was beyond breaking & boiling point, or even 2019.

  7. Þhe number of deaths in police custody over last ten years. 140 whites 1⁰ blàck and 10 other

  8. What systematic racism?? There are and will always be isolated cases but the uk police force behaviour is exemplary compared to other countries. There is no like for like comparison and trying to day so just whips people up for np good reason.

    • Where were the protesters for the white children being kidnapped, abused, raped and murdered by black and Asian grooming gangs with the blessing of police and social workers

      • Silent as usual, it is like trying to talk to a ‘modern feminist’ about FGM or ‘honour killings’-they don’t want to discuss that as apparently women posing in bikinis/topless & putting them out of work or from earning 2-3 grand a photo shoot to forcing them onto minimum wage jobs they hate is where their concern lies.

        Just like the agencies, government etc spent decades shouting racism against anybody exposing these grooming gangs, now the same is being done for these people attacking people in the streets, damaging property, burning buildings down, looting etc. We have police & police chiefs in the US getting down on their knees saying sorry for being born white, one yesterday even laying face down, white executives resigning their positions to give them to non-white to make up for all the ills in history etc. Pathetic.

  9. Well said Sirchin. The English police force is one of the best in the world. Our police officers have to deal with violent offenders on a daily basis and suffer physical attacks on a regular basis while protecting the general public. most ordinary people couldn’t do the job they do.

    It’s just a shame the protesters fail to acknowledge the positives the police perform in our communities and instead stereotype the whole police force as racist.


  10. Been indoors for 12 weeks now
    My wife is afraid to go out, these idiots just made life hworse. The government should ban movement for pleasure and set a 21.00 curfew

  11. Where were the protesters for the white children being kidnapped, abused, raped and murdered by black and Asian grooming gangs with the blessing of police and social workers

  12. Where were the protesters for the white children being kidnapped, abused, raped and murdered by black and Asian grooming gangs in the UK with the blessing of police and social workers and it is still happening in almost every town


    • Oh Jimmy, you big softie. Are you the same Jimmy on Tinder? Big St George cross hanging from the window of your council flat? Lovely quality cotton babes. Anyway Jimmy my petal, it’s all alright my love, let’s get you the help you need. Now I’m no psychic (tho I did help our Sandra find her earring down the back of the sofa), but it seems to me your a little, tinsy bit bitter and angry with how your life has turned out. That’s alright petal, but you should have got your head down at school shouldn’t you babes? So how about the adult education centre? There’s all sorts of courses you can do or even a bit of basket weaving. You’ll be back to your old happy self in no time. Honestly Jim-Jams, get yourself a nice hobby, you’ll be much happier than all this Hatred you spew out.Your welcome Hun, mwah xxxx

      • Funny how you appear at this time as a not very clever troll. Nobody with any good energy does the rather simplistic passive aggressive trick. Nobody says petal. It’s rather amusing to see you revealed in touch clumsy way. Articulate better in future.

    • Isn’t sexy enough-just white women being sold into sexual slavery by Eastern Europeans. Much better to bleat on about hundred of years ago, while of course also ignoring the inconvenient history of the white slave trade-from 1530-1780 over a million Christians were enslaved by Muslims as just one example, but that doesn’t get taught in schools or make it onto the news shows/documentaries. Just like more white people being shot by police in America every year doesn’t fit the media & BLM agenda.

  13. It is sad to see so many completely gulled by the black racist element of international socialist revolution.

    Start your reading with Stokely Carmichael inventor of the propaganda myth of institutionalised racism. Free your minds.

    • Ah yes, a man who hated all whites except Hitler-whom he considered a genius, methinks he might not like Jewish people either. A Man who fought against racial integration & to eject white people from the freedom movement-he would fit in pretty well with what is going on in the US today.

      Seeing all the white simps/cucked chumps on their knees begging for forgiveness for stuff that happened hundred of years ago & stuff today that also has nothing to do with them, white cops down in submission to people who want to kill them & white rich men so shamed at being white & so desperate to virtue signal on social media they are resigning their positions in war & peace style speeches to give to non whites the cissyfication of the world is becoming complete-we have been seeing it for years with the disgraceful white male shaming Gillette advert, men wearing skinny pants, getting their eyebrows cut & waxed, giving their money to financial dominatrixes, simping for Onlyfans women, the endless white knighting on social media etc.

  14. Oh Richard, that’s a bit deep ain’t it dolly? What’s causing you all this pain? Dodgy Kidney? Hives? Can’t get the top off your bottle of special brew. Well my lovely, let’s get you calmed down and sorted out. Did you manage to get any qualifications? Because my friend Jean works down at the mortuary, they are crying out for trainee make up artists. I bet you’d be a whizz with a bit of blush and some formaldehyde. It might take your mind off all this Racism you’ve got yourself involved with. So, I know it’s scary, retraining and re-educating yourself, but I believe in you Dicky boy, I really do. Go for it petal and stop all this racist nonsense you silly sausage. Mwah x

  15. Black lives only matters when a life is taken by a white person, black kill black no outrage, black kill white, no outrage, white kill black world goes mad , pathetic, this isn’t about racism its about taking control

  16. Thanks to you 500 morons for helping to spread Covid 19. All for something that didn’t even happen in this country, where the guy has already been arrested & charged with murder & you are now potentially killing hundreds of people, thanks to your need to virtue signal.

  17. To all those seeing the negative: there are many, many more of us that want systemic racism to end than those that don’t. Things will change. Black lives matter. The younger generations are antiracist and proud. Bring on the future.

    • For40000 people who died of thè vrus they have no futre and thier familieß a missing a loved one. Go home and proteat on line

    • If the future is what we have seen recently with thugs-black, Asian & white roaming the streets attacking property, shops, looting, attacking people, making the police supine & creating total anarchy, while barking out ridiculous entitled demands then you can keep it.

      If anything these events will being something ‘kool’ for many of the younger generation of attention seekers, permanently offended/oppressed, Antifa terrorists, it will get older people’s backs up & a lot of the younger ones as well who don’t like being told they should feel guilty for being born white-isn’t that racism? Or does it just work one way?

      • It’s an old trick to divide and rule and cause division with agent provocateurs and organised protests with the same memes etc. It can be seen in most protests. Humanity needs one and other. We are all one. We need to honestly look each other in the eye and recognise this whatever colour or gender or species we are. Love not trolling hate. That’s the real power.

    • Carly Jeffrey, what a pathetic generalisation of older people as racist. I hope to god you don’t work for the NHS as your views come across as abhorrent.

      It’s bizarre that people such as yourself who act so self righteously are some of the most bigoted people on the planet. You carry on protesting for solidarity and acceptance all the while you discard and offend others.

      If someone such as yourself is the future then god help us all.

    • Carly What do you think about Bohr Effect further research re black vulnerability to restraint and Covid ?

      I know your history of ignoring statutory duties in law, ignoring high court rules and ignoring medical science so at least you are consistent in your manipulations to bang the leftie revolutionary drum.

      Isn’t it good news that KCC is now preparing to test Pegwell nature reserve for toxic environmental hazards ? I wonder if caring Karen, caring Carly and co have tried to promote blood serum tests for PFOA and PCBs .. as part of the inquiry into QEQM maternity tragedies ?

      I hope along with Dobbin you read about vile black racist Stokely and read on to see fellow international socialist revolution travellers. Of particular interest “IRSP” and that you reflect not only on your sidelining of law and medical science, to enable you to use your failed stroke unit campaign as a platform to beat the socialist revolutionary drum. But also reflect on your sidelining of cabinet office threat guidelines that should be reflected in CCG risk analysis.

      Thanet should reflect on why Corbyns loonie left Islington mentors moved to Thanet and joined Thanet Labour.

    • what a joke of course black life’s matter but EVERYONES life matters the Self-righteousness is shocking you are contributing to peoples death by spreading the virus!

  18. Wow! What an amazing turnout! That is such as positive thing! I’m glad to see lots of the people masked and obviously this took place outdoors but it does still concern me that so many people came together due to covid :(, I hope it doesn’t spread infection! I do see the need for this protest to take place but generally speaking I’m very much against mass gatherings at this point in time. I hope all involved get away without contracting the virus. Stay safe people. Black Lives Matter x

  19. To everyone here and abroad.stop now. step forward,and enrol in the police force,change things from within the system, encourage your children to become police officers.l want to say thank you,to every police officer,and that you shouldn’t have to waste your time and resources dealing with these idiots.most of you only wanted to hide your identity,hope you’re keep wherein them ,when you go shopping.

  20. Carly, is this the same younger generation that has zero respect for the police or authority, the twenty somethings pissed out their heads smashing up the local towns after a night out, the skunk smoking morons drug driving wasting their lives and taxpayers money, the violent teenagers having mass brawls on beaches and town centres, teenage mums with zero money having kids to get a council flat, countless imbeciles inhaling laughing gas leaving the empty containers for animals to eat and destroy the countryside , the generation of youngsters too lazy to use a bin and instead use the street as a waste bin, the stay at home millennials who are over privileged and still live off the backs of their hard working parents, the same kids who have had everything given to them yet earned nothing for themselves, and the same morons who are prepared to risk the lives of the BAME community and their own parents to protest even though every piece of scientific and medical evidence says it’s the wrong thing to do ??

    Yes Carly, bring on the future where the inmates run the asylum, what could possibly go wrong

  21. I finding it completing disgusting the arrogance of these people to ignore the social distancing and all the hard work and sacrifice the people of this country have made to rid the virus! It really is a complete joke and these participants should ashamed of themselves.

  22. Absolutely brilliant to see such a respectful protest, most people were wearing masks, keeping the distance with stewards there to continue to remind them of social distancing rules and handing out masks to anyone who didn’t have one.
    When the protest was over everyone left quietly and calmly.
    I hope that this show of compassion within the community goes some way to help push Thanet forward in their attitude to people of colour.

  23. I have just about had enough of all this.
    The humbug and bunkum trolled out on this website shows quite clearly that not every one has got the message about kindness and tolerance, which is supposed to be the hall mark of the British social experience.
    Yes, the protestors probably are in breach of the guidance, but no more than the throng that has visited the beaches of Thanet these past few weeks. At least it was for a purpose. So wrong action, right cause, in this case, is the most that needs to be said.
    I will now address the bigot brigade. Terms like ‘Moron’ ‘White simps -cuck chumps’ and all the other nasty terms used, say more about you than those in this protest.
    As for the unforgiveable racism used in this HYS,I can now see that we have to root out bigotry and racism where ever it is found, with some firmness.
    People whether BAME or not, wear both halo’s and horns and to selectively quote criminal cases with racial overtones as evidence of white superiority is both offensive and mendacious. A very famous case is prominent now, do we quote its story as evidence of white criminality, of course not.
    There are two programmes about to view on TV. One is about the Windrush scandal where the police, immigration and the Home office are shown in an appalling light (how many of you can prove you have lived in the UK to the standard asked of that man; not many I suspect), and the second is about the post office, who knowingly withheld evidence in a criminal case before a crown court to sustain the conviction of a pregnant BAME woman for theft and fraud.
    Many of our institutions are in need of structural reform, to root out institution biases in terms of class, race and wealth. The pandemic has shown in the starkest terms how badly, some of these malfunctioning organisations are failing all strata’s in society.
    As for Covid-19 more people have died in 3 months than were lost in the Blitz in 5 years. The responsibility for that lies not with these protestors but Central Govt. Seeking to point fingers at the protestors is a poor attempt to excuse a failing, incompetent govt for allowing the genie out of the bottle already. A local MP has fully accepted her failings and called herself a hypocrite; this is in complete contrast to an influential govt advisor who brazened out his Covid transgression and in the process turned the govt into a laughing stock.
    Finally Corbyn; leave the man alone, let him till his allotment in peace. It is both pointless and meaningless to say ‘things would be worse under Corbyn’; we will never know, as Mr Johnson was elected with a large majority, the buck stops with him!

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