Twelve bed hotel plan for Harbour Street building

Image Phil Dadds Design

An application to create a 12 room hotel above Harbour Street Bazaar (Heaven and Hell Gifts) in Ramsgate has been submitted to Thanet council.

The application has been submitted by property owner Richard Lawson with plans from Philip Dadds Design.

The proposal is for a change of use from retail with storage to the 12 bed hotel with the shop below.

Balconies at the first and second levels and new sash widows are planned with an entrance to the hotel rooms at the front and the side of the building. A new shop front is also planned.

The proposal says eight jobs will be created.

A decision is yet to be made. The application can be found on Thanet council’s planning portal, reference F/TH/20/0685.

The application is the second suggesting alternative uses to retail of property in Harbour Street. In May a botanical garden, commune, florist and café or virtual reality gaming, gym and restaurant were among the suggestions for uses of a refurbished Celandine Hall.

The building, in Harbour Street, has been empty for a number of years and has suffered deterioration but owners, Moxie Management Ltd, were last month been granted permission by Thanet council for refurbishment and alterations at the site.

Following renovations the aim is to lease that building.