HM Coastguard Margate rescues paddleboarders in trouble at Joss Bay

HM Coastguard

HM Coastguard Margate rescued two paddleboarders in trouble on Saturday (June 6).

The team were tasked by UK Coastguard at 6.49am to reports of paddleboarders in difficulty at Joss Bay.

When crew arrived they spotted two people on one board struggling to get ashore. Officers made their way down to the rocks in lifejackets and were able to assist the two women out of the water with the help of a member of the public who had raised the initial alarm.

The two women were extremely cold and suffered a few minor cuts to their hands, feet and legs. They were assisted back to the Coastguard truck where the heating was on so they could get inside and have their wounds treated.

Safety advise was given and within about half an hour they were well enough to go home.