Police respond to group disturbance on Margate seafront

Police at the scene

A police presence is currently in Marine Drive, Margate, after a fight broke out this evening (May 30).

The disturbance erupted nears the steps with police attempting to contain a large number of people.

Earlier in the evening officers were spotted on the seafront conducting bag searches and speaking with a number of people.

Photo Carl Hudson

It follows similar scenes at Viking Bay when a brawl between two groups broke out over the bank holiday.

Kent Police has been asked for further details

UPDATE: Two teenagers remain in custody following ‘disturbance’ on Margate seafront


  1. People unable to control themselves after being couped up for months. So much for social distancing. They don’t think of anyone but their own selfish ego’s. It’s not a place to be at the moment.
    We’ve noticed in Margate and Cliftonville that drug dealing is rife on the streets while the law enforcement seems to be thin on the ground because of Covid-19.

    • Yep all through the lockdown I’ve seen people not social distancing and now it’s even worse. People are doing it less they act like it’s all over and back to normal which it isn’t.

    • Police in thanet are scared of anything to do with crime it’s embarrassing. As for thanet it’s not because of lockdown being over. Thanet is a dump and crime is rife. I’m from East London and felt safer there.

    • Junkies are wearing masks up millmead waiting to score kinda of ironic u ask me don’t wanna due of covid but dodgey hit of smack is ok pmsl they need putting down

    • You just wait until primark opens the fight for the “I survived Covid” t-shirts will be epic

  2. Probably all the kids sniffing balloons and gas bottles.
    They need to be kept in lockdown longer than the rest of us.
    Also,why are McDonalds giving out balloons anyway??

  3. Would love to see these people in prison as they would have no choose but isolate the selfish ess of these people is mind blowin should close all beaches and keep nicking and fines for all untill they get the hint its NOT SAFE you idiots

  4. I hope there were arrests made this time? Unlike the debacle at broadstairs last week….

  5. There is so much aggression, lack of empathy and feelings of self entitlement among many of today’s youths.

    With a childhood of no one saying NO to them, having everything given to them and wanting for nothing, a legal system with no real deterrent and parents who fail to parent and are friends first, parents second has created for many youngsters a sense of self importance and Aura of invisibility.

    Scenes like this mass brawl are commonplace all throughout the UK on most weekend evenings. Society is going downhill fast.

    • Well said ?????bring back discipline… My grandkids rule their parents and I hate it but when I go round there thay are bloody angels because I give them my stern look and thay know when nan is pissed off

    • Even 20 years ago the police would have turned up identified the main trouble maker waded in and detained him with a bit of truncheon policing, rest would have got the message and either moved on or been next in line. When you can’t use a bit of aggression to deal with violent disorder you really have lost control. So the thugs just do as they please.
      Politically correct policing is all well and good but only if the miscreants act by the same rules.

  6. Tue 27th I was beaten by large group on Margate kings steps police did not respond. This is terrible situation

  7. Back in the day it was mods & rockers,yes i remember !

    Nowdays its just low life cowardly scum who have no respect,they buy cheap & often fake class A&B at ease. They get wound up and release their anger at will.
    Kind of a daily occurrence,seen it all before and will see more and more. Alcohol abuse is often blamed but its really the availability of cheap high’s.

  8. The Police Force do not help. They are too concerned with politically correct agendas and less concerned with actual law enforcement . Those in charge should be ashamed of themselves . A lot of good Officers do not act for fear of being accused of discrimination , racism or some other such rot.

  9. Through Out isolation, Margate police have been car sharing in groups of up to 5. Have watched most days as they drive from police station down to the winter gardens in 1 car then they all get out into their own cars (everyday). I was also stopped and told to get out of my car, by 2 of these officers last week, no glove, mask, or social distance…lazy, incompetent , entitled kebab munchers!

  10. so again the police are called at margate main sands and at dreamland as well as viking Bay because there’s a certain minority that feel they have to have loads of alcohol which fuels tempers and drunken behaviour. Genuine families with young children are having to watch these sort of people act in this violent way but they think it’s highly amusing and funny. Police are stretched and qeqm hospital where my partner is a nurse have to deal with covid and are now dealing with boozed up thugs enough is enough.

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