Two teenagers remain in custody following ‘disturbance’ on Margate seafront

Disturbance on Margate seafront

Two teenagers remain in custody following a disturbance on Margate seafront last night (May 30).

A large police presence attended after a fight erupted amongst a group of people close to the steps off Marine Drive and The Parade.

Kent Police was called to the incident at 9.12pm and two arrests were made, including one male accused of assaulting an emergency worker.

Officers attended and a dispersal order was put in place to clear the area and deter further disturbance.

A 19-year-old woman from Margate was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence and being drunk and disorderly.

A 17-year-old male from Margate was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker.

They both currently remain in custody while enquiries into the disturbance continue.


  1. People are acting as though this is all over!! I have news for you, it very much isn’t and we do not need thugs making more work for the Police and NHS at this very crucial time. How irresponsible of them. We would love to visit our beaches and bays but acting as sensible citizens we are STAYING AWAY!! How would you feel if you went home and gave this virus to your nan or grandad and they ended up in hospital fighting for their life. DONT BE SELFISH AND BE PATIENT UNTIL THE TIME IS RIGHT AND DO NOT VISIT THANET BEACHES!!!!!

  2. Unfortunately, the message from the government in general and Boris in particular has been inconsistent and vague right from the outset.
    Initially, we were asked, if we wouldn’t mind and it’s not too much trouble, not going to pubs, cafes and restaurants and so on. As the death toll continued to rise exponentially, the message became firmer, and lockdown was imposed. Unless you were a politician, a Cabinet adviser or a member of SAGE, in which case you could go where you liked, whenever you liked.
    No sooner had the “R” number been pushed below 1 (a mighty 0.9!!) than we’re told lockdown is being eased. You can have BBQs. You can play football but only if you’re a premier team. You can play rugby, but you can’t cuddle your grandchild. Unless you both play rugby, and have a scrum.
    The nonsense with Dominic Cummins and Boris’ refusal to do anything about it is for many people the last straw.
    If ever a country needed a strong, stable and morally credible government ….

  3. Andrew, I agree with you. Shall we start a ‘parlour game’…name a UK strong, stable and morally credible government. I am to young to have experienced one, I think!

  4. We have a huge problem with Helium bombs they need to be banned sooner rather than later…….

  5. Went for a leisurely walk via Botany Bay today and oh my god! Who gave the ok to disregard all safety aspects of this pandemic. No one gave a toss about social distancing. The queue for the toilets showed people queueing without social distancing. Thank god they opened the loos as the beech and nearby verges have been used as open air facilities. It definitely makes me loose faith in the human race as selfishness rules. I’m looking forward to the day when I can go and hug my grandchildren who I haven’t seen in ages..With this sort of behaviour throughout the country we can expect to see another surge in the Virus and that makes me feel angry. Thank you in advance you selfish and inconsiderate morons.

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