Friends of Botany Bay and Kingsgate appeal to help keep the beaches clean

A request to keep the beach clean

Members of the Friends of Botany Bay and Kingsgate community group will carry out a beach clean this evening (May 31) and are appealing for residents to join them.

The group is also putting an ‘art installation’ in place aimed at reminding people to use toilet facilities and not the beach if they get caught short.

The group were at Botany Bay yesterday (May 30) but say very few people on the beach wanted to help clean up when asked.

One member said: “Many of us have got more than a little bit fed up picking up the constant onslaught of litter left by the more anti-social visitors to the beach.

“Yesterday, we headed down with some signs and asked visitors to do their own beach cleaning.  Very few were willing to do anything. Most of those who did were local residents, however there were a couple of visiting London families who pitched in, which sort of made it worthwhile

“We’ll be there today with our litter equipment and signs from 5.30pm and will be asking residents to come down and lend a hand. We will also politely ask visitors to remove their rubbish when they go.

“We will also be placing the art installation at the entrance to the beach for people who have difficulty distinguishing a toilet from a beach.”

Last week there were complaints of visitors leaving beach areas “covered in faecal matter and stinking of urine.”

Yesterday public toilets for all the isle’s beaches were reopened.