Petition launched for zebra crossing on Margate ‘danger’ road

A plea for residents to be able to cross the road safely

A manager at a supported living property in Margate has launched a petition in a bid to get a pedestrian crossing before “lives are lost.”

Victoria Owen has been manager at Cambridge Villa Supported Living for 11 years. The complex works with vulnerable adults with mental health related difficulties and physical difficulties to help them live independently and safely in the community.

The property is based in Eaton Road which, Victoria says, is plagued by speeding traffic on a daily basis.

She is appealing for people to back her call to get council support for either speed cameras to be installed or a zebra crossing.

She said: “Our business is one of many homes in Eaton Road. We are next to a five length building care homeand down the road there is a 50 bedroom care home. Over 80% of the population in Eaton Road are vulnerable adults with learning difficulties, physical and mental health difficulties. The remaining 20% are elderly  or families.

“Eaton Road is very busy and is the most used road into Margate to access the beach, town and many restaurants and shops.

“I have seen horrendous driving with very few drivers following the 30mph speed limit.

“What is disturbing is watching vulnerable adults, elderly and family members attempt to cross this road safely to gain access to the main areas of Margate. This road is becoming a danger not only for a residential area but also for members of the public and even keyworkers.

“I have started a petition to have at least 100 signatures to ask the council for  a safe crossing to be placed on the residential area of this road to slow down the cars and to allow people to cross safely.

“It is heartbreaking that members of the public, especially vulnerable adults, fear to cross just one road. I have taken time to do surveys and thoughts of the neighbours and even made a purposed plan for a crossing to allow everyone cross to these main areas safely. I am asking for support to help me make a difference before a life is sadly taken. “

Victoria hopes to reach 200 signatures.

Kent County Council is responsible for road safety measures such as crossings.

County councillor Barry Lewis said he was aware of the petition and would support an application.

He said: “I am aware of the problems in the road and fully support this lady’s concerns.”

Find the petition here


  1. Hereson Road Ramsgate desperately needs a speed camera near the petrol station. Boy racers on motorbikes and cars are using Hereson Road as a race track in the evenings. It won’t be too long before these speeding idiots kill someone crossing to use the petrol station shop.

    Rather than acting in hindsight surely it would be better to act before Someone is killed. A speed camera by the petrol station would pay for itself within a couple of weeks.

  2. Some years ago the KCC started putting signs up saying “ CCTV area” and it made a real difference then some bright spark told KCC it’s not legal. So they took the signs down. I’m not sure if it was legal or not. One often sees motorcycles buzzing about at all times of the day and night at speed I’m sure some of them are up to know good.

  3. Not a zebra crossing! They give a false sense of security for pedestrians as so many drivers ignore them entirely. There are already far too many in Margate, and I’ve seen too many near misses.

  4. A zebra crossing wont make much difference, there is one on Newington Road by the shops . The motorists are just driving too fast to stop. I nearly got hit /run over 3 times in the past 3 months , just as well i was able to get out the way.
    Speed cameras needed that will save lives .

  5. These are not the only ones bottom of Perkins Avenue with bus stops either side of the road. People take their lives in their hands trying to cross.

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