Police appeal following beach brawl in Viking Bay

Fighting in Broadstairs

Police are appealing for witnesses to a large beach brawl in Broadstairs yesterday (May 25) to come forward.

The fight between two groups on Viking Bay, reported in The Isle of Thanet News yesterday, broke out at around 4pm in front of families on the beach.

Kent Police was called at 4.15pm. No serious injuries were reported.

Anyone with information is asked to call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/88034/20.

You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555111 or using the anonymous online form at Crimestoppers-uk.org

Resident John McCormack said: “This happens every year on a bank holiday and residents are sick of it! Medway Madness descends on Broadstairs beach. I knew it was going to kick off, I’ve done the door long enough and that’s why we left! I can’t fight 20 people. The atmosphere was ruined,especially for families there.

“In a gang they become very brave but put them in a boxing ring, then it’s a different matter.

“When they arrived and started blowing up balloons I thought someone’s having a party on the beach. Shows what I know, apparently the balloons are drugs. They all came down with cases and cases of bottled beer.

“I’m Thanet born and bred. Every year it’s getting worse here. They have no respect whatsoever for everyone else on the beach.”

The brawl was just one incident that marred the bank holiday with other residents making complaints about visitors urinating and defecating in beach and prom areas and cars blocking other vehicles and driveways in Broadstairs and Palm Bay as hundreds of people flocked to the beaches.


  1. Just watch the devious bearded guy in the greyish shorts who previously manages to hit a few while they are down or unable to defend themselves! SLIMY

    • Complete Bully… And a coward! I can not stand these people that come from behind or strike when your down! He didnt stick around long but managed to abuse several people violently! Hope he gets caught…

  2. My advice to the police and council is to have zero tolerance of alcohol on any beach.
    Beach enforcement officers are needed.. Fighting with no respect to other beach users. Place a 1 year ban on those in photo

    • Apparently it was nitrous oxide that they inhaled which had the “drunk” effect. People have reported seeing them blowing up balloons with it and inhaling the gas. You see those discarded gas canisters all over our streets. They should be banned totally.

  3. This is so Broadstairs, Chads everywhere.

    Is this the official end of social distancing?

  4. I agree with Rebecca. Certainly we need more police monitoring the beaches for antisocial behaviour and alcohol consumption and nearby residential areas for parking issues. Local people should not have to put up with this. The visitors from other areas would not tolerate fights breaking out in their localities or cars blocking their drive-ins, so why do they think it’s acceptable to subject the area they’re visiting to it? It’s almost like an invasion on a small scale! It shows people at their worst and most selfish when they descend on a beach with alcohol and drugs, and do whatever they want while sticking two fingers up at anyone who challenges them. We need extra police enforcement now!!!

  5. as long as they brought the drugs and alcohol locally then its a bonus for our economy as for the police all working from home

  6. It will be difficult to identify anyone in the video if they are from Medway. Maybe this should be uploadd to the BBC News South East to see if they can put it foir all to see. Put on Youtube also and ask for identities. Someone will know them.
    Why oh why can’t TDC pull their finger out and put beach inspectors on the beaches to enforce regulations? This lockdown of council workers is causing problems when they are not available to do their usual tasks. We local residents need support from beach enforcement to parking enforcement. The council needs to recruit more officers to be dispersed to problem areas at the drop of a hat. Fine, fine, fine. These people have plenty of money whilst on furlough to go on trips to the beach and leave their car badly parked in these streets nearby, they have plenty of money for booze and drugs too so they can pay a fine. This need to be standard policy so we can be sure problem will be dealt with urgently. Wardens needn’t be within 2 meters of anyone whilst putting fines on vehicles. Put signs up in streets warning visitors they are at risk of fines, wheel clamps and removal of their vehicles if badly parked, and do it. Charge them to get their cars back from the pound. They won’t do it again! Put signs up warning that their is no alcohol and drugs allowed on the beaches also.
    If we can see what needs doing then why can’t the council? Why don’t they act on any ot this and earn themselves some money from the fines while they are at it. Can they afford not to when closing essential services because of lack of funding. It would make sense to do what other areas do. We will keep having issues like these if the council ignores it. Answer is to vote in people who would be hot on this and other issues, like toilets for example next time as at present it looks like the council is just asleep or dead to the world whilst everyone else carries on.

    • Sadly I think it’s the lack of respect people have for others these days. I understand all your moans and groans. They do have bay inspectors and most of the time they are drunk by the bar at the back of Viking bay which I have witnessed on numerous occasions. Trouble is these days there is so much knife crime and hatred people are too scared to get involved or say anything. I mean there are so many issues at the beaches in Kent, no dogs on beaches – signs everywhere, dogs on leads etc these never get policed either. Such a shame as our beaches are beautiful but they have become a place for anti social behaviour.

      • Surely the bars are all closed currently – so,how can the bay inspectors drunk at them? And,how can you witness this when the bars are closed?

  7. In a situation like this one, you would have needed 20 Police, armed with ‘repeater Tasers’ or stun guns.

  8. The nitro oxide canisters are all over Thanet, boxes and boxes of them are dumpedin Thanet parks and streets daily. These canisters are a menace and are harming wildlife and the environment but the kids who inhale this poison simply don’t care.

    Unfortunately a lot (Not All) of today’s younger generations are selfish scum who only care about themselves and don’t give a toss about nature, the environment or the rest of society. The me me me generation suck.

  9. Concerned

    There are a lot of very very good young people out their doing great things.

    This , me,me,me is across all age groups

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