Parking tickets issued as roads by Botany Bay become packed with vehicles – and a spot of bother at Palm Bay

Tickets issued Photo Frank Leppard

The warm weather today (May 30) has attracted visitors to isle beaches – but many of those who travelled by car to Botany Bay ended the day with a nasty surprise.

Photo Frank Leppard

Enforcement officers have ticketed numerous cars for parking breaches following complaints from residents in areas including Foreness Close, Percy Avenue and Kingsgate Avenue.

Photo Frank Leppard

Since lockdown restrictions were eased residents said they have had to patrol their roads as visitors blocked driveways and vehicles to find parking spaces so they could visit the Bay.

Photo Frank Leppard

Last week there were also complaints of visitors leaving beach areas “covered in faecal matter and stinking of urine.” As of today public toilets for all the isle’s beaches were reopened.

Photo Rob Yates

Visitors have also enjoyed the sun at Margate beach, where one resident said there appeared to be good social distancing, while at Fort Mount (Palm Bay) there was some interest from onlookers as several vehicles appeared to be stuck in the incoming tide as they were attempting to pull in skis.

Daisy Kelly-Granger

A digger drafted in to help also hit problems. All the vehicles are now clear.

Onlooker Daisy Kelly-Granger said: “It was like a comedy. One getting stuck after the other. Even the huge digger. Thankfully they all got out in the end.”

Plea for action over vehicles blocking Broadstairs road ‘putting properties and lives’ at potential risk


  1. Any chance of TDC sending those Enforcement officers to Broadstairs High Street to issue on the spot fines to the litter louts?

  2. Litter enforcement officers are not parking officers. I hope there were plenty out dealing with all the issues in all the towns. At least that way there will be a little income coming in.
    What’s up with these people that keep driving on the soft sands and in the water getting stuck? That’s the second time in two weeks.

    • Got to agree about the litter enforcement. If the council employed more enforcement officers they would pay for themselves within weeks with all the filthy scum throwing their crap in the streets of Thanet.

      You don’t see a litter problem in other tourist areas like Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and North Yorkshire. For some reason the people in Kent are some of the most disgusting filthy people in England and seem to want to live in a crap hole.

  3. There are notices warning drivers that this is a private road and a penalty notices will he given. There is no excuse. Why should local residents who live in the street have to suffer.

  4. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with them – they are ignorant, irresponsible and arrogant individuals that have no respect or decency.

  5. You can send the enforcement officers to garlinge to help with car’s parked on yellow lines and double parking and driver’s like footpaths too,the times l have seen people in mobility scooters having to go on the road to get around the car’s parked on footpaths

  6. How unfair! Us Broadstairs people stay away from the beach to be good citizens then, idiots from wherever come here and ruin our little Haven with their disgusting toilet habits. These toilets were closed for a reason. Cant tell everyone how peed off I am about this. Give people an inch and they take a mile. Government’s fault for telling everyone they can get in a car and visit beauty spots!

  7. We have lots of beautiful beaches all around Thanet, what is it that attracts people to Botany Bay? If you want to get into hotel its a nightmare(luckily they are closed at present), it is always gridlocked round there and I cannot blame the residents complaining.People please go to all the other beaches around the area and leave Botany alone

    • (A premises) is open for guests (and they’re definitely not all key workers). He’s taking bookings on bookings dot com. It’s full and leaked a mockery of all the local places following the law.

      *For legal reasons this is edited. A premises cannot be named as breaching/breaking legislation without corroborating evidence/charges

  8. Brilliant news that several more cars belonging jet ski owners got stuck in the sand and full of sea water.

    Clearly none of them have learned from the well publicised instances that happened a few weeks ago.

    I seems they are all struggling to share the same brain cell . . .

    • Spot on.
      It’s more than a little worrying that such demonstrably stupid people are in charge of high powered fast moving craft tearing about our bathing beaches.

  9. council close Toilets not providing life guards not emptying rubbish bins not providing for people yet charging to park issuing fines wake up smell the roses your council is corrupt to the core next they will charge entry to the beaches . The Government has said we can go to the beach then we sho expect our taxes to provide toilet facilities and sanitation , not winge about doing so

    • The government has said a lot of things which are patently not based on sensible impartial advice from scientists and doctors.

      Too many people have taken them at face value and are now behaving as if the crisis is over.

      Can “Roy” provide evidence proving that our council “is corrupt to the core”?

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