Parking tickets issued as roads by Botany Bay become packed with vehicles – and a spot of bother at Palm Bay

Tickets issued Photo Frank Leppard

The warm weather today (May 30) has attracted visitors to isle beaches – but many of those who travelled by car to Botany Bay ended the day with a nasty surprise.

Photo Frank Leppard

Enforcement officers have ticketed numerous cars for parking breaches following complaints from residents in areas including Foreness Close, Percy Avenue and Kingsgate Avenue.

Photo Frank Leppard

Since lockdown restrictions were eased residents said they have had to patrol their roads as visitors blocked driveways and vehicles to find parking spaces so they could visit the Bay.

Photo Frank Leppard

Last week there were also complaints of visitors leaving beach areas “covered in faecal matter and stinking of urine.” As of today public toilets for all the isle’s beaches were reopened.

Photo Rob Yates

Visitors have also enjoyed the sun at Margate beach, where one resident said there appeared to be good social distancing, while at Fort Mount (Palm Bay) there was some interest from onlookers as several vehicles appeared to be stuck in the incoming tide as they were attempting to pull in skis.

Daisy Kelly-Granger

A digger drafted in to help also hit problems. All the vehicles are now clear.

Onlooker Daisy Kelly-Granger said: “It was like a comedy. One getting stuck after the other. Even the huge digger. Thankfully they all got out in the end.”

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