‘Don’t abandon pets -get help’ plea from Thanet rescue organisation

A plea to contact local organisations if you are struggling to look after your pet

A Thanet-based animal rescue centre is urging people to get in touch, ‘no questions asked,’ if they are struggling to care for their pets.

Cats in Crisis has recently helped after two discoveries of suspected dumped kittens and says there are concerns that others not discovered may have died.

Mary Knott, from the charity, is now urging people to get in touch with the relevant organisations rather than feeling they have to abandon their pets.

She said: “Local rescues are extremely concerned about recent cases of dumped and abandoned kittens. Some kittens have been found but what about those that have not? They have been left to die.

“We implore you, if you have kittens you no longer want or able to care for, No questions asked, we will take care of them. Please do not abandon.”

The plea comes on the heels of the discovery of a kitten – now named Plum – who was found with a pile of rubbish in an Acol lay-by last month and kittens Brutus and Maximus discovered in a storage bin near St Nicholas-at-Wade a fortnight later.

Find help from the organisations below

Cats in Crisis 07796633306

RSPCA 01843 826180

TAG Pet Rescue 01843 822931

Cats Protection 01227 360432