Tiny kitten ‘dumped with rubbish’ in Acol lay-by

Plum was found dumped on the roadside and is now being cared for by Linda Byway, of Cats in Crisis

A tiny kitten who was found with a pile of rubbish in an Acol lay-by is being cared for by a Cats in Crisis volunteer.

The kitten, thought to be between 8 and 9 weeks old and now called Plum, is thought to have been dumped with the trash off Plumstone Road near the Thanet Earth site.

He was picked up by volunteer Linda Byway who is now caring for him at her Minster home.

She said: “We got a phone call from a member of the public reporting a kitten in a lay-by in the middle of nowhere.

“We drove up there and found him crying in the undergrowth with dumped rubbish. He could have died. He was thirsty, hungry and crying constantly for his mum.  He was scared and shaking.

“He is fine now although a little underweight.”

Cats in Crisis is appealing for people to get in touch if they are aware of a litter of kittens being sold or given away locally,

UPDATE: Cats in Crisis has had lots of offers to foster and rehome little Plum. However, he will be staying with Linda for the time being as he needs to be allowed to settle.and then be checked over by the vet.
At the moment, Cats in Crisis is not rehoming its cats due to the lockdown regulations.

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