Community Safety officers to carry out welfare check for Traveller group in Margate

Welfare checks are due to be carried out

Thanet council community safety officers will visit Travellers currently staying on the authority-owned car park next to Dreamland.

The small group arrived at the site several days ago.

Government guidelines are that to minimise risk during the national coronavirus emergency, unauthorised encampments should not be evicted.

Local authorities are encouraged to adopt a negotiated stopping approach for unauthorised encampments instead.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “ We are aware that there is an unauthorised encampment on council land. Officers from our Community Safety team will be visiting the encampment on Wednesday and will conduct the required checks.

“Information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and what to do in the event that a member of the group is showing symptoms will be provided.

“At this time, in line with Government guidelines, we have ceased evictions of unauthorised encampments due to welfare and safety concerns.”

The Friends, Families and Travellers organisations says that in light of the known health inequalities within Gypsy and Traveller communities local authorities, should take action that is based on the level of risk experienced by these groups.

Friends Families and Travellers have created guidance for people living roadside or on Traveller sites, including an audio version for people with low literacy.


  1. Why on earth was that car park not firmly locked and closed? It beggars belief in this time of a national lockdown!!
    It is not as if this could not have been foreseen – by anybody with half a brain.

    • I agree completely with you Ton. I think it is a mixture of stupidity and greed. Not wanting to miss out on a few quid of parking fees. But now it will cost thousands to clear up their rubbish, and doubtlessly the rubbish they will collect from selfish and gullible homeowners wanting rid of rubbish while the tip is closed. Not to mention the legal costs to move them off in the end, asking them never seems to work.
      But it is not too late now to lock the gate. In the long run it would save money to lock the gate now and have a few security safe letting them out on foot. Or in their vans or cars, but only if they have a caravan on the back, and not coming in again. I really do not see Travellers as Key workers so they should not be popping out in their vehicles. Morrisons is only a short walk away for essential irregular food shopping. Unless these people do not have to follow the law like the rest of us?

  2. TDC seem to be encouraging the travellers to our area by leaving sites open after evictions so they can return. What a waste of money in evictions, security and police use too. Why are these travellers moving about when everyone is supposed to stay static during the lockdown? So watch out while word gets out that no evictions will take place on those usual sites, they will be filling up shortly with caravans in the nice weather.
    On this issue; why are some local guest houses and Air BNB holiday accommodation still running in Thanet when the people using them are not essential workers or refugees? TDC seem to be doing nothing about breaches of guidelines in their borough.

  3. I think it is about time we voted out councillors out thgey are not only costing the ratepayers money they are taking the piss

  4. It may have been locked when they arrived but padlocks magically break when they arrive…I know…it happened at my workplace. Also if they arrived several days ago did they not contravene lockdown ? I guess that they have privileges beyond the law that mist people are not afforded

    • Coincidentally enough the padlocks magically broke on containers at a friend’s workplace just a couple of days ago in Broadstairs. However I’m sure the light fingered padlock fairy’s were wearing gloves and practising social distancing whilst going about their ‘essential’ work during daylight hours…

  5. One rule for them and one rule for the rest of us.

    Last week, visitors to the beach at Broadstairs were turfed off by the police and escorted out of Thanet.

    This week, visitors are allowed to camp out in the car park for as long as they like.

    When did the rules change and why ? ? ?

  6. Community Safety Officers? Who are they? What are their powers and did they replace the wardens that were disbanded many years ago? Can I access them as I’m not a council tenant and what is their main function? Anyone help?

  7. Fair enough that evictions are halted in line with Government guidance but surely the rules around social distancing and reasons for travel should be applied equally to these Travellers and the wider community?

    Or maybe it is far easier to ask a family from London to move on from a beach and plaster it all over social media rather than tackle Travellers going out on unnecessary journeys and not respecting social distancing rules? This is why law abiding residents rightly get the hump. The vast majority of us play by the rules and have to watch whilst other groups (Travellers and residents of Athelstan Road are two recently mentioned) just blatantly ignore them with no repercussions.

  8. Scum,scum,scum they do as they please. Thanet council what a joke, but if it was you or me we would be fined. Time for them all to go vote Thanet councillors out time for some real people who care

    • They do as they please because successive weak governments will not enforce proper legislation. If it was a group of lads or football supporters causing disturbance, disorder etc, the law would be on them in an instant. They are just filth. True gypsies are good people…..this lot are incomparable and should be dealt with.

  9. Disgusting it’s about time this was sorted once and for all and they made to live like decent people do paying their taxes or not allow them to stop anywhere until they are willing to do this. I notice they are happy to live in a council house and claim benefits when they are too old for the criminality

    • What taxes dont they pay? Can you give a proven sample or is it stereotyping BS you are presenting as fact?

      • Council Tax for one Red Line, they don’t pay it in Thanet! Did you see the Dispatches programme the other night? It showed clearly that one third of the so called “Travellers” sites countrywide suffer a massive increase in criminality, especially anti-social behaviour from these people! In one instance they claimed the police were being racist, really? Since when were these drop outs a race?

        Yes, its time the law was strengthened, and these people made to comply with normally accepted social behaviour! Taking your child out of school at the age of 13 or 14 is not normally accepted social behaviour, but its seems to be their choice, but its really child abuse!

  10. Anybody with a driving licence, has to have a permanent address. I presume the people who drove these vehicles into Dreamland during the lock down. Have licences, so have a permanent addresses. So these caravans and motorcaravans must be their holiday homes, send them home. As they would anybody else. If they have no driving licences, arrest them for that and the fact they no insurance. Much cheaper than legal and rubbish cost they will cost us.

    • “If if if”..if a frog had straighter legs it wouldn’t bang its a*she when it hopped. These people have been around Thanet for the last 5 years. Recently in the Lido. They have been checked out by police and council many times in that time one would imagine. Unless you ate implying the police and council are so stupid they didn’t think of doing that. These people have as much right as you or anyone on this page of being protected in the best way they can. Your concerns about these people looking for safe sanctuary in this time of crisis show what sort of z human being you and your ilk on here are. Totally despicable. Get some human compassion you monsters.

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