Community Safety officers to carry out welfare check for Traveller group in Margate

Welfare checks are due to be carried out

Thanet council community safety officers will visit Travellers currently staying on the authority-owned car park next to Dreamland.

The small group arrived at the site several days ago.

Government guidelines are that to minimise risk during the national coronavirus emergency, unauthorised encampments should not be evicted.

Local authorities are encouraged to adopt a negotiated stopping approach for unauthorised encampments instead.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “ We are aware that there is an unauthorised encampment on council land. Officers from our Community Safety team will be visiting the encampment on Wednesday and will conduct the required checks.

“Information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and what to do in the event that a member of the group is showing symptoms will be provided.

“At this time, in line with Government guidelines, we have ceased evictions of unauthorised encampments due to welfare and safety concerns.”

The Friends, Families and Travellers organisations says that in light of the known health inequalities within Gypsy and Traveller communities local authorities, should take action that is based on the level of risk experienced by these groups.

Friends Families and Travellers have created guidance for people living roadside or on Traveller sites, including an audio version for people with low literacy.