Kittens rescued from ‘airtight’ storage bin in St Nicholas-at-Wade horse field

Brutus and Maximus are being cared for by Melody

Two kittens are now being cared for after being discovered in a storage bin near St Nicholas-at-Wade.

The black and white kittens, thought to be 12 weeks old, were discovered by horse field owner Melody Montadley in the airtight box which is used for storing horse rugs and food.

Melody is now caring for the kittens – who she has named Brutus and Maximus – at her Palm Bay home with help from Cats in Crisis volunteer Natalie Sharpe-Defloor.

She said: “The kittens are in an ok condition but are extremely scared. I found them in my storage box in my horse field. They are now at home with me. Cats in Crisis have been giving me a lot of help and have offered to cover vet fees. Maximus was shaking a lot but they are bit more playful this morning so I am hoping the shaking was just nerves.”

Linda Byway, from Cats in crisis, said: “These two babies were found at a local yard not far from where little Plum was found.

“They were in a storage bin used to store horse rugs and food, so airtight and watertight. There is absolutely no way they could have got there on their own and they simply would have died when the air ran out.
“They were petrified to the point that, although hungry, they wouldn’t eat. We wonder what these two beauties had done to deserve such a fate.”

Arrangements are now being made for the kittens to be checked over at Eagle Vets.


  1. Unfortunately there are a lot of sick twisted people in Thanet who have no empathy for animals. Glad the kittens are ok and just hope they catch the sick freak who left these poor defenceless animals to die.

  2. I thought there would be others out there as it’s not usually just one kitten. I hope there was no more that the foxes got. Poor little things treated like that, they never asked to be born. There is no excuse as animal rescue charities would have helped if called.

  3. Well Done Cats in Crisis volunteers for all their hard thankless work.Thanet really has more than its share of cruel sadistic…that unfortunately cross all social and financial classes, not just companion animals either as I know having been peppered with shot, windscreen shot twice while inside vehicle having rescued innocent but injured wildlife often deliberately driven at or over by SICK BULLIES WHO HAVE TO PROVE HOW POWERFUL THEY ARE,YEAH RIGHT PICK ON A PUNCHBAG OR GET OUT FOR A RUN TO RAISE MONEY FOR CATS IN CRISIS WHO ARE TRUE VOLUNTEERS.Look up charity commission website to see where your donations are spent, sure you will agree, CIC Thanet deserve it.

  4. I will give the benefit of the doubt & say that seeing they weren’t injured/neglected that whoever dumped them likely were actually trying to keep them warm & dry & not hurt/kill them, but didn’t realise it was an airtight place they were putting them. Maybe some youngsters found them abandoned & thought they were doing the right thing.

    But just proves the old adage that you should get your pets neutered & you shouldn’t buy a pet just for Christmas. If you cannot cope then there are always places that will help, you don’t need to do stupid things like this.

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