Fire crews called to another four suspected arson attacks on vehicles in Ramsgate

Car blaze Photo Thomas Thacker

Fire crews attended four suspected arsons on vehicles in Ramsgate this morning (May 2).

Blazes were reported in Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road, and Grange Road between 5.18am and 6.22am.

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “Firefighters used prying tools to access the engine compartments and high-pressure hoses to extinguish the flames.

Photo Heidi Moran
“Kent Police has been made aware as all three incidents are thought to have been cases of malicious ignition.”
There have been a series of suspicious vehicle fires in Ramsgate over the last few weeks. On April 15 a man was arrested in connection with arson attacks on 12 vehicles. He was released on bail pending further enquiries.
Photo Casey Cook

The 18-year-old was taken into custody on suspicion of arson following the spate of fires during just one night. on April 11. These included a Ford Transit van  in Broad Street and a further seven vehicles alight in the area of Marlborough Road and Vale Square, and four in Clarendon Gardens.  Fire crews were also called to Camden Road.

Kent Police has been asked for further details about today’s fires.


  1. If someone is arrested for arson, a major crime, close to murder, why was this man released on bail? It beggars belief, or is it something to do with the police not being able to find a cell for him due to Coronavirus?

  2. Britain’s judicial system is a farce. I really do feel for the police, they catch the criminals and then the courts leave these dangerous criminals in t he community. It must be soul destroying having to arrest the same scum knowing within a few hours they will be back on the streets committing the same crimes again.

  3. The blue Renault behind the black car is my partners, who is a community nurse in Thanet, and thanks to this idiot that means another NHS worker will not be able to carry out her duties until a replacement car is sourced ( awaiting news from insurance)

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