Council team takes action over Margate ‘dog waste’ hotspot alleyway

The alley has been cleared Photos Jamie Horton

Thanet council’s enforcement team has sprung into action to clear up a ‘dog mess’ hotspot in Margate.

The team has cleared the alley next to Salmestone primary and nursery and stencilled a sign on the footway to remind dog owners to be responsible.

The action follows a report by The Isle of Thanet News last week about the growing problem of discarded dog waste along the public footpath.

The path runs from Tivoli Road to Salmestone Road, alongside the former Margate Sands Railway line. Dog mess littered the ground and black bags containing the waste were discarded alongside the pathway or thrown over the fence. At the bottom of the path by Tivoli Road a mound of bags was building up on a section of brickwork.

Photo Jamie Horton

Salmestone head teacher Nigel Pantling said last week the front of the school was clear of any mess but he would encourage dog owners to be responsible.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “The alleyway has long been a hotspot problem area and the team regularly visit it. They have now redone the stencil, signage has been revamped and new signs are going up and they are working with the dog warden to see what kind of pro-active enforcement can be carried out.”

Photo Jamie Horton

Thanet District Council has a zero-tolerance to littering and dog fouling in all public spaces.

The minority of dog owners who offend could be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £100.If the penalty notice is not paid, Thanet council will take an offender to court and a fine of up to £2500 may be payable.

Thanet District Council has worked in partnership with Tikspac to install 30 dog waste bag dispensers around parks and open spaces. There is also a dog waste bin alongside the green at Tivoli Road and bagged dog waste can be put in any public litter bin.


  1. None I suppose but drop a cigarette but and get £100fine dog poo is more harmful yet nothing is done about it ,But just because a smoker is considered a pepper they are easy targets , typical council pick on people for making an easy mistake I am not excuseing us smokers but let’s get some sort of priority!

    • An easy mistake !….oh I have smoked my fag and some how it fell on the floor when finished with , an easy mistake, cobblers why should tax payers money be spent on picking up behind a disgusting habit, and dog shit. Both should be fined the same but as TDC is broke it’s just vale threats

    • How many people have been fined for dropping a cigarette butt?

      What’s “a pepper”? Thanks.

  2. Where are these dog waste dispensers that TDC have installed? At least two have been removed from George V1 Park and another two along the Royal Esplanade. Yet again more lies from TDC

  3. The council informed the public two years ago that all wardens and officers would be fineing offenders for offences of spitting, dropping fag butts, littering, drinking alcohol, dog poo, etc but has this been the case? We know they had a private company on and off fineing people dropping butts but what are the statistics for fines given for all the different offences? Cliftonville West has a terrible problem with disgusting dog poo and spit all over the pavements. How about sending those officers up there.

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