Upton pupils take part in mindfulness sessions for Mental Health Week

Mindfulness session at Upton

Children at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs are learning techniques to help them experience soothing and calm.

They took part in guided mindfulness sessions to celebrate the importance of mental health awareness as part of the recent Mental Health Week 2020.

Year 3 teacher Isobel Reed, who worked with Year 4 colleague Billie Danson to deliver the sessions, said: “Pupils explored strategies we can do to keep ourselves calm.

“Every class took part in a mindfulness session across the week. Children learnt breathing and other sensory techniques that they can use to focus on the present. Mindfulness will form a daily part of Upton life from Term 4.”

Head of School Darci Arthur said: “Managing our children’s emotional literacy skills and feelings is paramount and we pay great care and attention to their emotional and physical well-being.

“Encouraging and supporting them to embrace new skills through mindfulness techniques that improves focus and reduces stress and worry further enhances our wrap-around care at Upton.”

The Place2Be children’s mental health charity that provides counselling and mental health support and training in UK schools, was behind this year’s nationwide Children’s Mental Health Week theme ‘Find your Brave’ that ran during the first week of February.

The charity said: “Life is all about taking small brave steps every day. Bravery could be about sharing worries and asking for help when you need it, trying something new or making the right choices.

“Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes and is different for everyone. Bravery can be about sharing worries and asking for help, trying something new or pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Finding your Brave can build your confidence, self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself.

“Life often throws challenges our way. Bravery isn’t about coping alone or holding things in. It’s about finding positive ways to deal with things that might be difficult, overcoming physical and mental challenges and looking after yourself.”

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