Second Ramsgate bookies robbery suspect arrested

Armed police in Allenby Road on Friday Photo Becky Westcott

Police have arrested a second suspect today (February 23) following a robbery in Ramsgate on Wednesday (February 19).

A 29-year-old man was arrested in Ramsgate at 12.35pm on suspicion of armed robbery. He currently remains in custody.

Armed response in Margate Photo Thanet from my perspective

The first suspect, Luke Twyman, 29, of Lancaster Close,was arrested in Margate on Wednesday after officers and an armed response team swarmed to Marine Terrace . 


Visitors at Dreamland, neighbouring Cinque Ports pub and other venues along the stretch were told by police to stay inside as they carried out the operation. Following the arrest of Mr Twyman the search for the second suspect, understood to be his twin brother Ben, continued in Cliftonville and in Newington.

On Thursday armed units and police officers closed Chichester Road, Lancaster Close, Kingston Close and Coppock Close as part of the search for the second suspect.

Residents trying to get into the roads were turned back and told it was ‘not safe.’

On Friday, February 21, armed units swooped on an address in Allenby Road as part of the investigation into  the  robbery at Coral’s bookies in Newington Road.

Photo David Townsend

Police dogs and the helicopter were also involved in the search which lasted for several hours. However, no arrests were made at that time.

The same day (February 21) Luke Twyman appeared in court  on charges of robbery and possession of a firearm.


  1. and one of those came knocking at my door begging for money selling stuff from a bag claiming he was collecting money for the homeless Luke Twyman who has kids and now those kids I feel for

    • Got to love the way people just judge the whole mans life on ONE mistake!and I said one like that because I know very well and for him to even consider doing something like that there has to be something VERY wrong it’s completely out of character Because every single thing that man does is for his family

      • So he’s not the Luke Twyman from Ramsgate that’s before the court regularly then? Because there’s someone living in Ramsgate who’s the same age and has same name that’s well known to the criminal justice system.

      • Billy – are you seriously suggesting that it is now acceptable within civilised society that a man is permitted to carry out an armed robbery provided that he only does it once and that the proceeds are for the benefit of his family – because that is what you are effectively saying ? ? ?

  2. Billy, both Ben and Luke Twyman have been in and out of prison since they were teens. Where on earth did you pull that info from? Your arse? Both need locking up for good, they don’t care about their kids. None of them. Kids are better off kept away from them for good.

  3. Billy you obviously do not know Ben or Luke Twyman. They have both been in and out of prison since they were teens. Both need locking up for good, they will never stop committing these crimes which have only got worse every time they are released back into society.

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