Armed police called to Margate and Newington following Ramsgate robbery

Armed police carried out enquiries in Margate and Ramsgate Photo Thanet from my perspective

Armed police are in attendance on Margate seafront and in Ramsgate following a robbery at  Coral’s bookies in Newington Road, just before 2pm today (February 19).

It was reported cash was stolen during the robbery. No injuries have been reported but witnesses state that a weapon was seen during the incident.

Following further information received, officers supported by the firearms unit,  attended Marine Terrace, Margate where they arrested a man just after 3pm in connection with the robbery and he was taken into custody.

It has been confirmed that officers are still searching for a second suspect.

Patrols remain in at Newington Road and Marine Terrace while enquiries are continuing into the incident. No weapon has been recovered.

Photo Thanet from my perspective

Visitors at Dreamland and neighbouring Cinque Ports pub and other venues along the stretch have been told by police to stay inside. Former councillor Iris Johnston is at the amusement park with her grandson and said staff have been told police were called to reports of a man with a gun.

She said: “We were about to leave when we were told not to. We were told there is a man with a gun.”

Resident Jane Harmer is also inside Dreamland. She said: “Dreamland has just made another announcement. Police advice remains the same, people to stay inside the building. People can leave if they want to but the police advice is not to leave. Dreamland can’t let anyone in either,police instructions.”

Another witness said there are armed officers, police dogs, unmarked cars and road blocks in place. A police helicopter is also reported to be in the area.

Photo Jodie Nesling

Armed officers are also in Ethelbert Crescent, close to the bowling alley.

Resident Bex Gibson said: “It is all going on outside my flat. I discovered a police dog outside my front door and went out to be met with this (below). I spoke to one of them and all they’d say is they are looking for someone that’s hiding.”

UPDATE 4.40pm: Visitors at Dreaqmland and other venues now advised it is safe to leave


  1. I’m in the high street and all I can hear is the helicopter, unfortunately can’t see or hear much more than that.

  2. I’m no where near so cannot see or hear anything. However, I thought why not join in and add another pointless message to go with all the previous ones.

    • I feel neglected, because I can’t hear any helicopters.
      I can hear a car driving past. Maybe it’s got armed robbers in it?

  3. I’m surprised that Barry or Marva haven’t replied that the helicopter should be adhering to an imaginary 20mph zone, with Marva then talking rubbish about Labour.

  4. Let me understand.
    So there is just ONE guy with a “gun”, who most likely owns a CO2 not a real gun capable of doing any damage. He had no plans to injur anybody, just to take the cash. So you call down a fucking SWAT SQUAD whith DOGS, block of ALL of the roads, don’t let people out of Dreamland/Pubs and lie that there is a GUY with a gun running around that wants to injur everybody. Oh my ducking god. There was not enough funding/money for margate police station? Now you probably see why. This is what we pay them for. SWAT team for one DRUGGIE that’s probably in his basement, smoking some more dope????

    • And if the gun is real,and the person with it – accidentally or on purpose – uses it and someone is injured or killed? I’d MUCH rather the police overreacted rather than underreacted to such an incident in my home town…

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