Remembrance 2019: Poppy displays adorn Thanet

Photo Frank Leppard

Beautiful poppy displays to mark Remembrance have been created across the isle.

In Ramsgate poppies adorn the railings at Albion Gardens, Destiny peace memorial and St George’s Church gates. In Westgate an amazing poppy trail and Tommy sculptures can be seen across the town, displays adorn Minster and Birchington and even the Antony Gormley sculpture at Turner Contemporary has a poppy.

For the past two weeks, leading up to Remembrance Sunday, all the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts of 1st Margate (St John’s) Scout Group have been learning about the importance of remembering all the brave people who have gone before us.

As part of this, with the help of their Young Leaders and Leadership Team, they have made and painted a number of wooden soldier silhouettes and poppies. These are now proudly displayed on the front lawn of their HQ in Durban Road, Margate.

All this hard work goes towards Badges and Challenge Awards. On Sunday the whole Group will be on parade at the Margate Remembrance Service.

Claire Wood, from the scout group, said: “We would like to thank a variety of people for donations and help on our group project – Roe Timberframe, B&Q, Brewers decorators centre, Mr and Mrs Payne, Mr and Mrs Harvey and Mr R Miller.”

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Photographer Frank Leppard has been across the isle to capture the displays.

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  1. I think all the people who have put so much effort into showing the respect we in Thanet have for those who have gone before is fantastic I would like to say a big thank you for what they have done. We shall remember them. Thank you one and all.

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