There But Not There display to honour the fallen of Chatham & Clarendon Grammar

There But Not There

Members of the public are invited to view the There But Not There display at Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School in Ramsgate.

The Chatham site library will feature Tommy sculptures bearing the names of  the school’s fallen.

More than 95 former students lost their lives in the Second World War. There will be articles and first hand accounts on display.

Sue Hurrell, from the grammar, said: “Last year Chatham Site Library became home to a number of silhouettes, the Tommies. They were installed to  bring the names in our past out of the Book of Remembrance to sit amongst us to commemorate the Armistice  Centenary of the First World War. In the half-light the silhouettes could not always be seen although when walking around  the silent room they became clearer for a moment, or, out of the corner of your eye a glimpse of a head and shoulders appeared . I must admit it was slightly eerie.

“Anyone who has been in the Library at Chatham will understand that at 8pm on a dark evening, even amongst the books and art of today you can feel the age of the building; making you think about  the people  who have spent time in that wonderful room through the years. However, as I placed the names and  the detai1s of the life and death of each of our fallen by a silhouette they took on their identity and whilst very sad to reflect on their short lives I found it very moving and a privilege.”

There But Not There is open to the public on Saturday, November 9 from 10.30am to 1.30pm. Entry is free.


  1. Shame to have just seen this on Sunday. My uncle (ex-Chatham House) lost his life when the master of a British oil tanker on 19th Feb 1942. This was when the Japanese attacked Darwin in Australia only he and two of his crew lost their lives and the ship sank where it was anchored. RIP GC Bates

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