Unexploded World War Two bomb at Manston airport site to be detonated

An EOD team has been called (Stock Photo Keira-Beth Salt)

An unexploded wartime bomb uncovered on the Manston airport site yesterday (March 14) will be detonated by an Army bomb squad ‘in the coming days.’

A Royal Logistic Corps Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team was called in yesterday morning to help Kent Police deal with the device.

It is the second time the EOD team have been to the site this month after attending on March 6 when Kent Police received a report of munitions at the site.

The device found yesterday is a World War Two explosive believed to be a pipe bomb installed by auxiliaries to destroy the airfield in the event of invasion.

An Army spokesperson said, “We can confirm that our bomb disposal team were called to Manston Airport at the request of Kent Police on Thursday, March 14 where an unexploded World War Two device was discovered. There is no threat to life and the device will be safely detonated in the coming days.”

Most other munitions being uncovered at the site by a private team are spent practice shells.

Work has been taking place on the land to increase capacity for it to hold 6,000 – rather than the initial projection of 4,000 – lorries as part of Brexit resilience plans.

Some £4.9million is being spent on work including a new site access and a potential temporary hardstanding and modifications to the new entrance, which was used during a trial run of less than 90 HGVs earlier this month,

It will also pay for lining and signing.


  1. Ok you have to blow a bomb up I understand that, but why couldn’t the traffic be held at the roundabout at sevenscore and Minster for a few minutes while it was blown up. In stead we had road chaos with lorrys trying to get along the country road from sevenscore to Minster !

  2. I think the first thin they need to build is a base for the bomb sqad, they will be spending a lot of time up there.

  3. So finding unexploded bombs and spent ammunition that’s no surprise they haven’t mentioned human bones must be lots of them as well they won’t mention that.

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