‘Bold and striking’ hotel, restaurant and retail options being considered for Western Undercliff cafe site

Derelict Undercliff Cafe.

Future plans for the former Western Undercliff café site in Ramsgate could include a hotel, restaurant, rooftop bar and/or shops.

The site was sold by Thanet council at auction last October for £100,000. The sale went ahead despite

A  fundraiser was launched in July  by The Hideaway  – made up of members from the Western Undercliff Regeneration group – to buy the site from Thanet council as a community asset.

But Thanet council  turned down a £50,000 bid from the group.

The property was won by a Maidstone-based buyer who has now sent an email for local groups, hoping members will get involved with future plans.

The email reveals that a survey shows the café will need to be demolished “due to the level of deterioration it has suffered over the years.”

Photo Western Undercliff group

But the buyer hopes to build something “new and shiny” in its place, with plans for something larger and of mixed use over several storeys with the ground floor being used as a café or restaurant.

The email to groups says: “We and our consultant recognise the sensitivity and opportunity this area represents and as such any development proposal we put forward is likely to be bold and striking to enhance the area and assist in rejuvenation – not simply a block of flats for instance.”

Western Undercliff Photo Western Undercliff Group

Possibilities being put forward are retail and offices for possible use by the port, retail and a restaurant with roof terrace / bar, a budget hotel or a boutique hotel,  shops and apartments or, the least likely option but not ruled out, retail with an iconic structure and viewing platforms / plus restaurant such as the Brighton i360 or Seattle space needle.

The email says the developer would also like to have toilets and shower facilities for beach users but this would be dependent on arrangements for maintenance and upkeep.

A public consultation is likely to be held prior to a planning application being submitted to Thanet council.


  1. We wish them well. Hope this is not yet another ‘Pleasurama’, ‘Lido’, ‘Resort’ [Behind Turner Contemporary] plan to be killed off by bad TDC attitudes to anything remotely modern and backed up by ‘conservation groups’ who have nothing better to do with their time than obstructing ALL proposals. Next there’ll be a ‘consultation period’ [probably at an hotel in Sandwich that is impossible to get to without a car]to put the final nail in this latest coffin?

  2. Current West Cliff users must be aware that, although we want this eyesore site to be reused, it must not be at the expense of local user’s. It seems that there are people about that would just allow anything to happen down by the beach. As long as we still have current access with no restrictions then it will be great to see this site come back to life with facilities for the beach.

    • As a local and having lived here most of my life, a restaurant of sorts (and not a greasy spoon) would be amazing. I don’t think that your comment about ‘people about would allow anything’ is obs is not a valid point as whatever happens in that space would have to be cleared by council and all restrictions they havebefore anything goes ahead!

  3. Will be another eyesore no doubt like Royal Sands site include a 60-bed hotel, 107 residential apartments, leisure facilities, cafés,
    still waiting zzzzzzzzzzz

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