Properties across Thanet hit by power cut

Power cut

Properties across the isle have been hit by a power cut this morning (March 10).

Reports have come from across Ramsgate, Westwood and the villages of the power being down.

A UK Power Networks spokesman said: ” We are aware of an overhead fault in the area. We are remotely diverting power around the fault. Staff are also being arranged.

“We estimate 11:30am-12:30pm to have everything back to normal.”

There are also numerous reports of low water pressure, with some homes in Manston entirely without.

A UK Power Networks spokesman said thousands of homes had been affected, adding: “UK Power Networks engineers restored electricity supplies within 35 minutes following a power interruption in Thanet between 9.47am and 10.20am today which interrupted supplies to several thousand customers. We apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused.”

However, many homes are still affected by the outage this afternoon. Homes also are without water due to the power cut affecting Southern Water’s booster station.

UPDATE: 4.10pm. UK Power Networks say due to the impact of high winds a high number of faults need to be fixed. The company is waiting for engineers to become available to deal with affected areas. No time for power to be restored has yet be given for homes still affected by the outage.

UPDATE: 4.50pm. Engineers are dealing with affected homes but power may not be restored until between 11pm and midnight.

UPDATE: 6.15pm Power restored


  1. Margate and Cliftonville are also affected with no power in places. Sounds like the very strong wind has brought a power cable down.

  2. Kathy, once again can I ask that whenever you refer to UK power networks, please do not us a photo of UK power networks services, they are two separate commercial entities.

      • Thank you Kathy, much appreciated. If you require any information about the difference between UK Power Networks (the regulated DNO) and UK Power Networks Services (deals purely with private High Voltage networks) I’d be happy to let you know.

  3. So, Kathy you mustn’t name a company by its name as you mind offend some twit whose obviously responsible for the company. What part of UK network services are not UK networks services, and who cares?

  4. Re: regular power cuts in Ramsgate: I live in the Paragon area and as far as I’m aware we have already had at least three power cuts in the last 4-5 months. Neighbours say that this is a ‘new’ situation but no one can tell me if it’s going to be permanently fixed soon?! It is becoming something of a nuisance now and the evenings are still cold (my flat is all electric…). Do you know what’s causing the problem in the Paragon area?

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