High winds cause fallen trees and Tesco Westwood evacuated due to roof damage

Blocking the Sandwich bypass Photo Billie Loveland

Strong winds have brought down trees, ripped part of the sheeting roof from Tesco at Westwood  and are causing flying debris – especially in sea front areas.

Photo Swift Aerial Photography

There are reports of a fallen tree and lamppost blocking the Sandwich bypass, next to Richborough power station,  heading in to Thanet.

Shoppers are also reportedly being turned back from Westwood Cross and Tesco at Westwood has been evacuated.

Photo John Horton

Our photographer on the scene, John Horton, said: “All staff ok, inside of store is fine – but winds are increasing so much the fire brigade has instructed everyone to leave. The roof is flapping like tin foil at the front and wobbling.

Photo John Horton
“Traffic lights are also out at Coffin Corner/ Shottendane Road and a small tree is down in Nash Road.
Photo Swift Aerial Photography
“It’s absolutely horrendous here – winds are at least 50 mph – I’m being battered and blown literally off my feet and have cuts on my hands from the sand and shell fragments blowing so hard in Margate.”
Furniture in the road from the Sands Hotel Photo David Townsend
The fencing at the Pleasurama site in Ramsgate is also down and Alland Grange Lane was blocked by a fallen tree but is now open again. Furniture from the Sands Hotel in Margate has also blown in to traffic on Marine Drive.
Alland Grange Lane Photo Mandy Jay
There are also reports of roof damage at Westwood’s Mountain Warehouse store and fire crews have closed off Tothill Street in Minster.
Margate Photo John Horton
Kent Fire and Rescue Service said: “Due to high winds, we have received a large number of calls regarding fallen trees.
High tide at the Western Undercliff Photo Simon Stait
“If you need to report a fallen tree please contact the appropriate agency for your area. Kent County Council, Medway Council or the Highways Agency. “
Photo \John Horton

The winds are also thought to be responsible for an isle wide power cut. Some homes have now had power restored.

Fallen tree at Dumpton Photo David Burrin

Across Kent Southeastern trains has imposed 50mph speed restriction on all lines. Trees are down on the line between Canterbury and Ashford and Eurostar is running up to 2 hrs later than advertised.

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  1. People are moaning about tesco. being closed , don’t they realize this is done to prevent injury , why cant
    people just have a bit more patience?

  2. Two trees blown down on the railway line between Dumpton Park and Ramsgate. I’ve got a photo if anyone is interested.

  3. Meanwhile whilst Working in another supermarket….. hearing frustrated customers not being able to use their debit/credit cards it was cash only and taking it out on the staff as systems were down. No patience whatsoever. We work really hard to maintain shopping standards for everyone. A little appreciation wouldn’t go a miss

  4. Piece of tesco roof blew over to William Avenue (Dane Valley) and smashed into my car, large dent and scratch on the back and taken off part of number plate. Will take pics later if anyone interested.

  5. maybe change the design of the building did not have that trouble with the old co op hypermarket that was there before.

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