Priory infant children explore traditional games and toys from the past

Skipping fun at Priory

Year 1 children at Priory Infant School in Ramsgate have been learning how youngsters played in the past.

Their project was launched via a magical toy time machine where the children took turns to put in modern toys and out popped an equivalent toy from the past.

They were surprised to see a very old plastic doll and construction toys made from metal.

The pupils had lots of opportunities for making, carefully cutting and sanding dowel, they made colourful spinning tops.

After looking at traditional toys, the children designed their own roll along toy. Wheels and an axel were skilfully attached and flying unicorns, rockets and cars were whizzing across the carpet in no time!

Taking inspiration from handcrafted toys, many of the children have been making their own toys out of found and recycled objects and have enjoyed bringing these in to show and tell.

Traditional playground activities such as skipping, hop scotch, marbles and clapping games were also a hit.

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