Man arrested and witnesses sought over serious crash on Shottendane Road

The road was closed for several hours

Police are appealing for witnesses to a serious crash on Shottendane Road – Garlinge end – yesterday (May 24) which resulted in two women being airlifted to London and another taken to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford.

Shortly after 9.30am a black Vauxhall Astra was involved in a collision with a white Toyota Aygo at the junction of Garlinge High Street and Shottendane Road.

Emergency services attended and two women who were in the Toyota were taken to Kings College Hospital where they remain in a serious but stable condition. Another woman who was a passenger in the same car was taken to Ashford for treatment.

A 23-year-old man who is believed to have been in the Vauxhall was arrested on suspicion of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and remains in custody. He was also taken to Ashford  hospital for medical attention.

Prior to the collision, the Vauxhall had been involved in a pursuit involving Kent Police and, as is standard procedure, a mandatory referral has been made to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Officers from Kent Police’s Serious Collision investigation Unit are carrying out enquiries to establish the full circumstances and urge anyone with information or relevant dashcam footage to call 01622 798538 or email [email protected] quoting reference SM/HG/53/24.

Any video footage can be uploaded via our online portal


  1. Having witnessed the police chase I think it is shocking that the police man chasing did not know this was the inevitable outcome. Both vehicles racing through Garlinge high street at dangerous speeds. The only outcome to this kind of chase through a heavily built up area on busy roads was disaster.

  2. completely agree sarah, this has happened 3 times already in thanet just recently. it’s disgusting the way police chase people in cars when they have all the details of the car. thanet is so busy with traffic and just last year the police chasing a 21 year old resulted in the loss of his life. there is way too much traffic to be pursuing a car they have no real reason to at them speeds and on these congested little roads

    • Because they have details is why they want the driver to stop. Was it a car on false plates? Was it linked to serious crime? Do we allow those who don’t want to operate legally on the roads to have free rein because there may be an unfortunate outcome to a chase? Do we give up on law and order? And if we do will there be even more accidents and bad outcomes as a result?
      The driver in this instance if the details are correct needs locking up for 20 years for not stopping when they should. In the absence of real deterrents there’s nothing to hold such people in check.

    • Not really. What’s disgusting is drivers who don’t stop when required to by the police. They are 100% to blame for any accident that ensues.

  3. Absolutely stupid to blame the police for doing there job, we need more police in Thanet to combat the crime from these criminals that wreak other peopled lives. to many stupid people think that it’s the police in the wrong. If it was your friend or relatives hurt or killed by these idiots would you still blame the police???? NO IS THE ANSWER, they run and speed for a reason there criminals and deserve the to be jailed. Well done to the police for doing there jobs and hope the lady’s all the best for their recovery

    • I think what’s ‘stupid’ is to assume everything the authorities do is correct with out any actual information! Fortunately this is why there will be an independent investigation into what happened! Of corse I would blame the driver in this situation but I also think the police chasing them has contributed to the outcome. No one wants criminals to not be apprehended but not at the cost of others.

      • Then the logical conclusion to your argument is that you never chase a driver that refuses to stop, just in case there’s an incident where someone gets hurt. As a result every ne’er do well that is requested to stop by the police will just ignore it, knowing they won’t be chased. So you then have to judge wether the increase in illegal driving and crooks merrily going about their business is going to result in more incidents than those resulting from police chases.

        • I have also at no point said I think police chases are wrong just that the situation needs to be safe and in this case it was not! I witnessed the chase as I said and in this particular situation the outcome was inevitable.

          • But where do you draw the line between safe and unsafe? The result was not inevitable the black car could have chosen to stop at any time, no one can foretell precisely where every other road user, pedestrian or passer by will be at any one time or predict how the vehicle being pursued will behave. There are risks in every activity the point at which those risks are curtailed has to be viewed in the whole picture not in respect of an incident where things go wrong. Hindsight is a wonderful thing , but it’s easy to be right looking back at what’s already happened.

  4. We want Police to do the job and moan about it when they do it, why is it the Police at fault why not the fool in the car, the Police are here to up hold law and order.

  5. Let’s up the punishment for failing to stop. Make it a major offence as the conclusion as here can be horrendous Sure they may not stop anyway but might prevent a few of these situations

  6. You break the law you pay the price. First there human rights should be removed because they, there actions inflict life changing injury’s to the innocent people they involve through their behaviour. It should apply to all crimes

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