Police attend two car collision at Westwood

Police at the scene Photo Roy Foord

Work is taking place to recover two vehicles following a crash at Westwood this morning (May 7).

Emergency services were called at 10.41am to the collision in Margate Road, near to Homebase.

Photo Josh Roberts

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police is currently at the scene of a collision involving two vehicles in Margate Road, Broadstairs.

“Officers were called to the incident at 10.41am on Tuesday 7 May 2024. One driver reported a minor injury. Work is ongoing to recover the vehicles.”


  1. Problem with this roundabout ,is drivers get in wrong lane .Coming from Ramsgate to Margate get in the inside lane which is for going to Sandwich ,the outer lane for Margate.Due by mistake of deliberately,they head towards Margate and change lane( me thinks most it’s deliberately,not willing to queue). No particular age group does this ,it covers all age groups.Maybe cameras to catch the illegal land changers

    • Kent County Council seem to have a policy of painting lane directions on the road, rather than erecting traffic signs.
      The result is that vehicles use the wrong lane because they can’t see which one they should be in – with potentially nasty consequences.
      The St Nicholas roundabout, approaching from the Thanet Way is particularly bad for this.

  2. Ray, that’s exactly what happens all the time at that roundabout often cars come out of the “Link” (where sports Direct card factory is) they can’t get into the outside lane so they get to the roundabout on the inside lane and try to push through to the Margate Lane.

  3. Getting worse Westwood cross-The stupid council that allowed WESTWOOD CROSS to built and all the houses going up-TOWN CENTRES – Like GHOST TOWNS WELL DONE.

    • All councils Labour and conservative, are to blame ,the genie is out bottle ,cannot be put back again .A decent council would find the answer, don’t expect TDC to do so though

  4. KCC answer is let’s stick another roundabout in ,that will sort it ,to much traffic, to much building results nowhere to go so let’s cut in and hope the other driver stops.

    • Traffic will only get worse,just think of all those 12-16 year olds coming to Thanet and will want to drive,in the next few years and again in the next generation

  5. When I was learning to drive, I was taught to stay in the inside lane if going left or going straight over, ( unless you were entering a dual carriageway).
    Unfortunately people don’t read the new road signs, ( unless you take it literally, as on the road markings, it does say, ” Can’t let turn ), Can’t meaning Canterbury

  6. No, it’s got a sign on the Thanet Way. It’s just the idiots that don’t want to queue use the left lane to go right. Who would have thought that it would be the right lane?

  7. Love people blaming everything other than the idiots driving.

    The car stopped in front for a Police car and the idiot behind wasn’t paying attention and hit them.

    • You go by bus with snotting and sneezing people,passing on their germs,I will stick to my car,a much cleaner vehicle

  8. I haven’t been on isle of Thanet news for a while.. come back on and M.M is harping on about buses and hating cars as per last year. Come on, please change the record.

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