Man found deceased following welfare concern report

Emergency services were called this morning

A man has been pronounced deceased at the scene following a welfare concern report to Kent Police this morning (May 7).

Police and the fire service attended an address in Truro Road at 6.15am following the report of concern.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called following concern for a man at a property in Truro Road, Ramsgate at 6.15am on Tuesday 7 May.

“Officers attended and a man was pronounced deceased at the scene. The death is not currently being treated as suspicious and a report will be prepared for the coroner.”


  1. Without sounding callous, if people don’t want to talk about what’s troubling them to their nearest and dearest then they won’t go and find help with a stranger.

    If you look closely you’ll see the signs that your friend or loved one needs help. Offer them the time needed, because 10mins talking is better than a lifetime of regrets!

    Hope the families get the support they need at this time from real friends and not finger pointers.

    Start talking about your feelings and make it normal and stop feeling like you’re not “a real man” if you talk deeply and cry.

  2. No amount of talking will do if someone is so unhappy about life and dosnt want to be here. Talking will not stop them killing themselves

  3. A few years ago my neighbour died without anyone knowing! He was a recluse, and a hoarder, he was a retired school teacher, but avoided all contact. I knew he was neglecting himself, because occasionally he would ask me to do a bit of shopping, so I got to see inside his bungalow! I contacted KCC Social Services, and his GP, and social services would telephone me every 6 weeks or so, to say they had contacted him, and as he had “capacity” and refused all help, there was nothing more they could do. One Sunday evening the police called, and asked me when I had last seen my neighbour, and I honestly couldn’t say. They broke in, and found his remains, and he had been dead for several weeks! Fire & Rescue removed his body, but the fact is, if someone doesn’t want help, there is little anyone can do! It inspired me to wear a “Lifeline” device which I can use anywhere, and it locates me within 10 meters of where I may be. They also give me a call 3 times a week to see if I still have “Capacity”, its worth ever penny of £6.00 a week I pay for peace of mind.

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