Ramsgate woman jailed for manslaughter and four men sentenced for murder after man lured to his death in London

Christina Manen

A Ramsgate woman has been sentenced to three years after being found guilty of manslaughter and four men jailed for a total of 89 years for murder after luring a man to his death in London.

Karl Black, 43 of Cassiobury Road E17, Jahoe Allen, 33 of Kings Road UB8, Ayyub Kigoz, 18 of Salop Road E17 and Jabir Sitar, 21 of Clacton Road E17 were all found guilty at the Old Bailey last month of murdering 25-year-old Jordan Briscoe in Tottenham in March 2023 after luring him to the scene on the premise of a drugs deal.

Christina Manen, 36, of Lancaster Close, Ramsgate, was found guilty of manslaughter.

Kigoz was also found guilty of robbing Jordan around the time of his death of his mobile phone.


On Tuesday, 30 April, they were jailed as follows

Black – life imprisonment with a minimum term of 27.5 years

Allen – life imprisonment with a minimum term of 25.5 years

Kigozi – life imprisonment with a minimum term of 17 years for murder, plus two years for the robbery, to run concurrently

Sitar – life imprisonment with a minimum term of 19 years

Manen – Three years imprisonment

Claudette Briscoe, Jordan’s mother, said: “Our dearest Jordan was only 25 years old. He is not coming back and those sentenced are responsible for Jordan not being with his family and friends today. Our lives will never be the same due to the senseless actions of these men and woman.

“We would like to thank the police investigation team and the prosecution team for all their hard work”.

Detective Chief Inspector Linda Bradley, who led the investigation, said:Jordan’s family remain devastated by his loss and our thoughts are with them.

“These four men carried out a pre-meditated and violent attack after luring Jordan to the scene. They all gave evidence during their trial, but tried to blame each other. The jury saw through their lies. Our investigation showed that Black planned the attack with others and used Manen to lure Jordan from his home address.

“We are pleased the jury accepted our evidence and that these five defendants will now face a significant amount of time behind bars.”


Police were called to Arnold Road, N15 at around 10:15pm on Sunday, 5 March 2023. Officers began first aid, alongside colleagues from the London Ambulance Service, but Jordan was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at hospital.

A post-mortem examination found the cause of death to be sharp force trauma to the chest.

An investigation was launched and specialist murder detectives worked tirelessly to piece together the events of the evening.

A phone belonging to Jordan, which was found at the scene, showed he had sent a message to 21 recipients earlier that evening, offering cannabis for sale.

Call records revealed that shortly after sending the message, Manen rang Jordan and then sent him a message with an address of where to meet so she could purchase drugs.

In reality, she was not even in London and was luring him to an address, knowing others would be there to meet him.

CCTV shows Jordan leaving his house to make the deal. At around 9:53pm, doorbell footage recovered by officers shows a group surround and talk to Jordan for around 11 minutes, asking him about drugs, his name and age and his religion.

They then move out of the camera’s view and carry out the fatal attack. One person can be heard saying ‘let’s go let’s go’ before they are captured leaving the scene.


The team gathered CCTV from before and after the murder, which showed the group meeting up at Black’s address in Cassiobury Road, before heading to the ambush site, several miles away. Whilst Black had planned the attack, he tried to distance himself by remaining out of Arnold Road, but close enough to control what was happening.

Just before they left E17, Allen is seen outside of the house appearing to do a jabbing motion towards the stomach area, pre-empting what was about to happen.


Jordan’s girlfriend told police that a man wearing a ski mask had come to her home to say Jordan had been involved in an altercation. He told her it ‘wasn’t looking good for him’, before asking if she found him attractive.

He then led her towards Arnold Road where she came across the police cordon. Officers were able to match the description she provided with the CCTV images to conclude this had been Jahoe Allen.


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  1. So drug dealer gets lured to his death and 5 other possible drug dealers or at best 5 wrong’uns get locked up for a long time, good result.

    • Not as good as it could have been. Why wasn’t the woman who lured him to his death given the same sentence? If it wasn’t for her he would still be alive but all the judge gave her was 3 years for goodness sakes.
      Hope his family appeals.

      • 1. Because she wasn’t there taking part in the murder.

        2. Because she is female(women generally get more lenient sentences) & likely grassed on the others/cooperated to lessen her sentence further, while the rest likely all did the nuh comment interviews.

        3. The sentences for the other four are all variable depending on their age-the oldest got the longest, all the way down to the youngest getting the shortest-with 2 years tacked on for robbery to bring him level with the 19 year old.

  2. maybe the woman should have gotten longer time she be out in year n half not right at end of day she was just has bad aiding n a betting knowing full well what she was doing no difference in my eyes she got of light I feel for the family and their loss RIP young man glad that the lads got a good hefty time now they will have time on their hands to think about what they have done locked away for long time

  3. These vermin ,all need a lethal dose of poison,to rid us of their parasitic contribution to society.

  4. 3 years for her is far too short. She knew what she was doing. A man would have received a proper term for it.

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