Man charged following checks on Thanet delivery drivers

Kent Police (Image Thanet Police)

A Margate man has been charged as part of work by police and partner agencies to tackle unroadworthy delivery drivers.

During the evening of Saturday 27 April, police from Thanet’s Community Safety Unit teamed up with Home Office immigration enforcement officers to speak to as many food delivery drivers as possible, checking vehicles were correctly insured and in a safe roadworthy condition.

In total 15 delivery drivers and riders were spoken to by the multi-agency team.

After officers stopped a car in New Street, a 50-year-old man from Margate was arrested and charged with drink driving and driving while disqualified. He was due to appear at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court today (April 29).

A further two drivers were arrested in connection with immigration offences and dealt with by the Home Office.

Inspector Jim Woodward of Thanet Community Safety Unit said: “In the interest of their own safety and that of other road users, it’s important that delivery drivers adhere to the rules of the road, are properly insured and ride roadworthy mopeds, motorbikes or other modes of transport.

“We’ll continue to ensure Thanet’s roads are safe for all and, where possible, work with partner agencies enforcing other areas of the law, as we did on this occasion.”


  1. Only 15 Drivers stopped and 3 arrested. I thought it would be more. I can not believe most of them have insurance for driving for working. But I suppose most of want cheap deliveries of our take aways. So you can not have it both ways.

    • To be honest insurance companies are running a con on it. The amount they charge to run burgers around is a joke, but there are a lot of drivers who actually do things properly and take the job seriously. Unfortunately where it’s easy to get hold of an account there are people who abuse it and Thanet chat allows people to post rubbish about them with no evidence. Also people don’t realise alot of the problem drivers are from takeaways using their own private drivers who often aren’t doing things properly.

  2. Immigration offences – (not surprised)
    Margate residents block asylum seekers removal- (not actual Cliftonville residents that see the drinking and harassment on its streets and sea front)
    When is this ever going to end

  3. 1 in 5 employment are not checking credentials properly if they are eligible be it insurance, license, baned driver permit to work/employment in the UK etc, whilst I have no problem with those seeking asylum etc working they must have permission/permit and at the moment I don’t think they can work whilst waiting for the confirmation of right to stay 1 in 5 that is high ratio of 150 approx food delivery people it could mean 30 are not legally allowed to do the work employers are not doing things properly what happens if they have an accident while delivering.

  4. Were any electric scooters confiscated? They are a menace, and are illegal, including a maniac who rides an electric bike on the pavement, without a helmet in and around the Ramsgate Viaduct area of Margate road, Ramsgate! None of them are insured, and frighten me because at my age with multiple disabilities, if one hits me when I am on my mobility (I am insured) Scooter, I am dead!

    • As a disabled person, e-scooters and all bikes riding on the pavement concern me. The biggest issue that I have with these delivery drivers is their parking. I live in margate high street and cannot travel down it in my wheelchair as the delivery drivers all park on the pavement. It isn’t safe for me to travel in the road due to the speed they go at. I’m trapped in my property from 5pm onwards despite the high street being a no parking at anytime location.

  5. Please plan your meals ahead and stop using these TV advertised delivery services. These large firms pay (dividends to) their shareholders. Not their drivers. It is an exploitation of the less fortunate by the greedy. Modern slavery in my eyes. Will not change soon as ALL parties always take on the middle class. Not the ubermensch. Pun intended.

    • Really, just about every publicly listed company pays dividends , does your request to apply to those as well? Surely it would be much better if people planned their meals so as to not need fast food delivered morning noon and night, skip the reconstituted goo masquerading as food eat better and be healthier.
      So long as people want the quick lazy option there will be people willing to deliver it. In the meantime given the 20% hit rate of criminal activity associated in this exerciseperhaps the police should sit outside the various fast food establishments and stop all the drivers,riders.

  6. I’m not able to walk to my local Chippy so I have it delivered on a Saturday. So all those stupid comments about people being lazy is untrue.

    • John 558 well said not all are lazy I’m in same boat as yourself but my wife cooks people forget that sometimes it’s cheaper to get a meal delivered than cook it take a decent curry you need all spices etc and then how long you are standing cooking it some of us couldn’t do it for the price including delivery if stay clear of the multiple take aways like McDonald’s who charged service charges on top of delivery then your local takeaway is your best bet when you can’t get to the shop not all of us are lazy. Quietly confident should be quietly ignorant😠

      • An inability to consider the nuances of the English language perhaps exposes your ignorance. I didn’t say that everyone that orders delivered food is lazy. I specifically referred to the lazy ordering food, there’s a difference. Just as there are those that choose a delivered food order as an occasional treat. In moderation few things are of any great harm.

        However there are too many people who just can’t be bothered to prepare a decent meal and gorge of junk food purely for convenience, having no care for their well being.

  7. How far away from Althestan Road Cliftonville it is the police station in Margate …literally yards!!

    If they want to catch people with no licence tax ins etc all they need to do is drive a 100 yards to that road and they’ll find dozens !!

  8. There are again, plenty of non UK registered vehicles being used in and around Cliftonville for over the period they are allowed, some being used over a year or longer here without being reregistered with the DVLA and 6 months should be the maximum stay according to them. I have seen foreign number plate cars delivering food from McDonalds in Margate, that cannot be legal. These need to be stopped also by the police.

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